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ShoddyCast: An Origin Story

The history of the ShoddyCast actually starts with another channel that was doomed by the powers that be and the lack of knowledge of FAIR Use. We planned to do a daily Skyrim show where we’d explain various topics within the game and have interesting bugs, exploits and other humorous outcomes to show. But the show soon died as a result of copyright strikes made against us. Our dreams of starting a YouTube channel as a hobby and potential side job was laid to rest. That is until Guild Wars 2 came into focus.

Some of you may be aware that Kyle was an avid fan of the Guild Wars series. It’s probably the only game that rivaled World of Warcraft in amount of time played. When Josh suggested we try the YouTube game again, Kyle was immediately convinced that this time, we’d pull through. So we created a new channel, but it needed a name. A name that would show that our content wouldn’t be completely serious and that we weren’t afraid to make fun of ourselves. We then decided that it would be fun to have a name that would become ironic overtime as the channel grew to be great. And in the end, we needed a name that would fit that channel should it end up being crap. Lo and behold that after 30 minutes of searching through various thesaurus results we fell upon the English word: shoddy.


shod·dy  (shŏd′ē)


1. Made of or containing inferior material.


a. Of poor quality or craft.
b. Rundown; shabby.

And so the story truly begins in September of 2012 as two brothers, starting a new life in a new state (literally as we both moved to Florida), created a new YouTube channel named ShoddyCast!
Guild Wars came and we specialized in farming and money-making videos. We grew quickly as we started getting featured on various forums and reddit sub-threads. We quickly found, however, that the game wasn’t all we expected it to be and we starting losing interest and wanted another game to talk about. We had heard of Elder Scrolls Online before and neither of us were really interested in it, but then another podcast changed everything. Elder Scrolls Off the Record, formerly Skyrim Off the Record of Quest Gaming Network, gave us their first impressions of the game after being able to test it at Zenimax Studios Online. Josh had listened to it first and then told Kyle about it and we had come to the conclusion that this game might actually be worth looking into.
Kyle continued creating gold-making tips for our current viewers as Josh pulled information about ESO and started making our first ESO video: 4 Things Fans Want From The Elder Scrolls Online. It did fairly well and Josh continued to create these attention-getting videos that might help us segue into the new game.  21 Reasons to be Interested in The Elder Scrolls Online was released and within a couple weeks became one of our most viewed videos. At that point we decided that ESO would be our new game and Kyle began compiling all the information that was currently available on it and we started a brand new show called Elder Scrolls Online Weekly.
There was so much information available at the time that we experimented with having multiple episodes a week. And in-between all of those shows, an idea was brewing. A show that would explain the lore of a game in a documentary style that might be found on the History channel. A show that would feature actual in-game footage that would be stylized as if it were presented in a children’s storybook. On February 16, 2013 the Prologue to Elder Scrolls Lore Series was released and put us on the path to becoming the leading channel for Elder Scrolls lore.
We’ve experimented with many shows after that. Some successful, some not so much. But we’ve grown and will continue to grow as support from our viewers, both financial and through kind words, give us the opportunity to expand our channel and continue to produce the best content we can and keep our viewers coming back for more.


  1. Nick March 18, 2014 1:47 pm  Reply

    Hey Shoddy. I just want to say thank you. I am going through a very hard and stressful time. Whenever I feel like it is all too much, I just put on one of your tes lore videos or ESO weekly because your videos just put me in a happy and calm mood because of the lightheartedness. I know that this is not any way to begin to thank y’all for what you do but this is all I can do for now (I can’t give y’all money because I don’t have a credit of debit card). I know the work that you put into this channel and it is unbelievable how much you care. Overall, I just want to say thanks for helping me through this.

  2. Kvatchking April 23, 2014 3:27 am  Reply

    Hello ShoddyCast. I have been watching your videos since your 21 reasons for ESO video and I have to say the quality of your videos has only become more and more impressive as time passes. Your lore episodes really embodies a historical documentary feel to it and really seems like something I would watch on tv on the history channel. Your fallout series especially has defiantly improved since your first video. Its good to finally see a gaming channel that focuses on the lore and story behind a game instead of just constantly overlooking It and just buying a game for the gameplay or trolling videos. I had began to think of myself as the only person on the planet that actually cared about the storyline in games, and I have to say I am sure glad I was wrong. I hope in the future you guys focus on more then just Bethesda games however, Don’t get me wrong I love the Elder Scrolls and Fallout Games. I literally spent over 500 hours into my first elder scrolls game Oblivion, back in middle school, and I can not wait until the next one. However I find myself wishing you guys doing more games from other companies. Bioware for example with Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. You guys doing a history about the grey wardens and the blights from dragon age I can see be amazing with the constant back and forth of constant risk of extinction and self sacrifice, or perhaps the krogan genophage from mass effect would bring a interesting dark tale of a races rise and fall from power and the overwhelming repercussions of actions. These are just two that came to the top of my head and there are many more in just these two series alone. My point is I would love for you guys to expand into multiple games from many different publishers. In conclusion the videos you guys make and the time you put into them to produce quality videos is greatly appreciated and I am eager for the future of this channel. Best of luck to the both of you.

    P.S. Any chance on you guys doing 2 videos a week…I really just cant get enough

  3. Roy Rodgers May 3, 2014 3:08 pm  Reply

    I Just want to have your babies. I mean your videos are so dreamy.

  4. Angel Vega July 10, 2015 10:25 pm  Reply

    Hey Shoddycast,

    Like a lot of your fanbase, I came to this channel in search of some TES Lore. I’ve been a fan since the earlier episodes of the first season and I must say, as a Lore Whore, you guys put out quality work. We can tell how much you guys love that series and making lore videos. So as a huge TES fan, I was deeply saddened when TES Lore Season 3 was not able to become a reality, thanks to insufficient funds. A real bummer but maybe you guys will *finally* get the funds together for the Lore Series that started it all.

    Thank you, and keep up the stellar work.

  5. Mikaela August 14, 2016 7:29 pm  Reply

    You guys have broken me with your Elderscrolls lore videos! I love them. However you made me think. I’m interested in winterhold and the college. How could a storm string enough to nearly destroy the (then) great city. Even the lore days that the “sea of ghosts came alive”. It literally tore land from winterhold. How did it only effect that one small section of northern tamriel? That storm would’ve been 100s of miles across even if you only consider it a mid level hurricane! So… Thank you? Lol

    You guys are awesome!

  6. Eldar August 27, 2016 2:03 pm  Reply

    Guys, I used to love your productions. But, have to say they have gone to hell, for the most part.
    Too much swearing and bullshit from Austin, parents will ban their kids from watching. Too much obscurity from the Irish Guy(sorry can’t remember his name,) it seems like he is getting kick back from publishers. And, it seems like you are trying to lose a major demographic–the dumb(average) people–who just want to enjoy!
    The stories and the histories are what made the group famous. Changing that is just going to have you get you relegated to the garbage bin. If you have to expand you should expand the games you enhance!

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