Josh Yebba

Josh Yebba ShoddyCast

Writer • Director • Narrator • Editor • Co-Founder

Josh has been playing video games for so long, he can’t remember a world without them. In his mind, the only games worth a damn are the ones that feature fully fleshed out worlds, complete with their own histories. The Elder Scrolls games in particular ensures Josh doesn’t see the sunlight for several months at a time. The ShoddyCast has provided Josh the opportunity to share his love for fiction with the world, and he won’t stop until everyone shares that love along with him.



Kyle Yebba

Kyle Yebba ShoddyCast

Community Manager • Producer • Co-Founder

Since the days of his father’s Acer desktop in the 90’s, Kyle has been gaming. Where others grade games by their story and content, Kyle scales them by their mechanics. With his IT degree and affinity toward researching interests, he has brought a more technical mindset to the channel. As the Community Manager, part of Kyle’s job is to make sure the fans are happy. If your question to the ShoddyCast received an answer, it was most likely answered by Kyle.