Channel Update (10/13/14)

Greetings internet. It’s Josh. The head nerd behind your weekly dose of lore. I don’t type words into the internet very often, because I find it makes my hair fall out to read some people’s comments. Today however, I’m throwing caution to the wind because I want to update you on a few things. Before I get to that though, I need to share some of my thoughts with you. If you’re reading this, I hope you’ll keep an open mind for the perspective I’m about to offer up:

We all have a hobby. What is your hobby? Picture yourself doing that hobby in your head. Now, imagine 100,000 people are watching you do that hobby. Pretty cool huh? You must be doing something right. Now imagine that those 100,000 people all have an opinion about how you are performing at your given hobby. Then, pretend you can read their thoughts, and some of them don’t have some very nice things to say. As a matter of fact, a few of them are downright hateful toward you. You’d like to stop listening to their thoughts, but it’s almost impossible.

That’s what being a YouTuber feels like. It’s a wonderfully terrible thing; mostly good, but in some ways bad. A blessing and a curse.

I can’t tell you how many videos I hesitated to produce because I was afraid of the kickback it would get if people didn’t like it. My rationale brain tells me that I should experiment creatively with my videos, but my emotional brain wants to just play it safe and make the same old videos I know everyone is used to. With every new concept or innovation we introduce to the channel, there’s people that resist it. A few examples:

  • TES Lore: When we updated the visuals people complained
  • Fallout Lore: When we first introduced the show people complained
  • TES Lore: When we changed the narrator people complained
  • DA Lore: When we introduced the show people complained
  • Fallout Lore: When we updated the visuals people complained

With every change, update, or innovation people have complained every step of the way. If you’re one of those people, don’t sweat it, you’re supposed to voice  your feedback (it is the internet after all). I am happy to say though, the vast majority of you have embraced change. Most of you enjoy when we break the mold and do something different, and as someone who likes to shake things up, I appreciate that. I’ve decided as of right now that I’m making content for you, the game changers.

All this to say, I’ve been cooking up this idea for a new lore show, and while it is very different from what we’ve produced so far, something in me wants to create it. I think many of you will really like it, but I know some of you will complain about it. Either way, I look forward to working on it, and you can expect it to hit the channel in the next few weeks.

Now that I got that off my chest, I have a little Patreon Q&A you might find interesting:

“How did you get him [Wes Johnson] on the show?” –Andre M.

It was actually all thanks to one of our fans. We knew months in advance that we wanted Sheogorath to hijack our show and voice his own episode, but we never dreamed of getting the real voice actor. On Twitter we asked if anyone knew of any good Sheogorath impersonators. One of our fans saw the tweet and re-tweeted it to @WesJohnsonVoice. Turns out, Wes has been a fan of the ShoddyCast for quite some time. One thing led to another, and that very same day I was talking on the phone with the Madgod himself. The power of social media is undeniable.

“Just curious. Was Jason involve in writing the [Fallout Lore] season, or did he voiced the main character exclusively?” – Ignacio B.

We have about 5 people working on any given episode of Fallout Lore, and each person has a defined role. Jason simply does the voice over for our main character, who we call the “Mysterious Storyteller”. Although Jason doesn’t write the scripts, he is very familiar with the Fallout universe, having been a fan of the franchise for many years. You can have Jason do voice over for you by visiting:

“I really don’t like the joking aproach that has been going on in the two last episodes of the elder scrolls lore. Sorry if that offends someone. I enjoyed the serious documentary like style and that was also why i chose to be a patreon to show such a valuable channel sharing the great lore of the elder scrolls. Regardless your work is invaluable and you have my respect.” –Varg V.

Thanks for your feedback Varg. This series will always stay true to the team’s vision, but we do read and tally any criticisms people offer up, especially our donors. I’ll try to offer up some insight that’ll hopefully have you understand why we made the choices we did, even if you don’t agree with them.

Our approach with the last two episodes was driven purely by the subject at hand, that being Sheogorath. We could not in good faith have an episode about Sheogorath that didn’t embrace the silly side of madness that made him so popular with fans all over the world. The fact that we featured a cameo from Wes Johnson only enhanced the need for humor.

In summary, we broke the traditional “straight-documentary” style, and replaced it with something that still felt familiar in format, but injected flavor with the use of characters like Haskill and Sheogorath. What would have been the real crime was if we took those canon characters and bent their personalities to suite our own needs.

I hope that makes sense. Everything we do we do for a reason. Honestly, I’m not offended, nor shocked that you didn’t like the joking nature of the Sheogorath stuff. Nothing offends me or shocks me on the internet anymore 😉

“Why are these Dragon Age Lore episodes so short?” -Everyone

In order to support a weekly format without sacrificing quality, we’ve elected to shorten the episodes of DA Lore to about 5-7 minutes. Or goal is to try and fit in as much study of Thedas as possible before Dragon Age: Inquisition releases in November. The season is actually paced to end around the date the game releases. We wanted this lore series to be our most sharable one yet by making it highly accessible for those new to the DA universe. For a more in-depth look at Thedas visit the writer’s YouTube channel.

“What happened to the podcast?” -Some people

Updating our current YouTube shows has been very time consuming. Not to mention Kyle is back in college and I’ve been getting back into Civ V lately. We plan to record another podcast real soon, but as you can probably guess, they’ve become unscheduled.

Bigger fan of the ShoddyCast than most? Check out our new wallpaper.


  1. Stephanie October 14, 2014 5:33 pm 

    Well me personally, I love your show. I may have been one of the people to complain about the TES narrator voice, but it was just cause I was used to the other one, but once I got used to the other one then it wasn’t bad. I really love your work and me, and I’m sure other people online, would be very sad if you leave. I will be expecting more lore soon! (Never let people discourage you!) 😉

  2. Shenanigans October 14, 2014 8:21 pm 

    I’ve always loved your shows. Every now and then you make changes, so what. It keeps the show fresh. Regardless of change, the best part is still the story. How it looks or who tells it really doesn’t matter in the long run. Remember, if you don’t have anyone hating, then you’re not doing your job very well. I will now leave you with Kat Williams perspective on haters! 🙂

    “Understand people are gonna hate you regardless. Get that out of your head, that fantasy world where people ain’t hating on you. You gotta be grateful. You need haters. WTF you complaining about. WTF do you think a haters job is? To f’ing hate. So let them do their damn job. WTF you complaining about. Ladies if you got 14 women hating on you, you need to figure out how the hell to get to 16 before the summer gets here. WTF you mad about. Fellas, if you got 20 haters, you need 40 of those m’fers. WTF you complaining about. If there are any haters in here right now that don’t have anybody to hate on, feel free to hate on me. Sit back and say my hair ain’t luxurious when you know it is, b****.” – Kat Williams

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Eric October 14, 2014 10:56 pm 

    Ever since I beat the majority of Skyrim’s quests, I’ve been looking for more. Other than reading the many books in the game, TES Lore Series is great in the way that it has already done all the research for you and presents it in a nice semi-formal video. I absolutely love what you guys do. I don’t understand why some of your viewers get upset with some of your episodes. We, well I, watch your guys’ show because I love the vast amount of lore you guys present. I don’t watch the show to critique its narration and artwork. I mean for the love of lore! The show is a lore series. People shouldn’t be getting all pissy when you change up the visuals or the audio. Everything onscreen is still thematically accurate and appropriate to what is being narrated. However, like the above comment, I was sad when the new voice of narration was introduced because Josh’s voice was the original and it sounded so good with the episodes. But of course, the new narrator’s voice suits the series well for TES Lore Series and gives it a “mythical/legendary” feel. I personally love it when you guys change things up. I only wish I could do what you guys do and contribute to your guys’ team. But alas, I’m too young, 16, and don’t exactly have the money to sponsor you guys in the present time. Maybe in the near future 😉 Anyway, keep on doing what you guys do best and don’t be afraid to make alterations to the show every once in while. It spices things up. You guys are Lords of Lore. Keep up the awesome work!

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