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Mass Effect Lore: Episode 5 – Krogan

by Adam Clark

The guidelines of combat can be fairly simple: Kill your enemy by any means necessary before they kill you. The methods used for killing are abundant when applied to the frail bodies of almost every species in the galaxy. The only situation in which these laws may not apply is when ones foe is a blood thirsty Krogan.

The Krogan are a battle hardened reptilian race from the Planet Tuchanka. The adults stand roughly seven feet tall and can weigh over 300 kilos. The large humps on their back store the nutrient needed to survive long periods of time without proper sustenance, making it easier to survive for long periods of time in harsh environments.  Possibly the most useful part of Krogan anatomy it their multiple major organs. These secondary systems are used as backups in case of primary organ failure, either due to trauma or exposure. The redundancy of a Krogan’s nervous system figuratively makes them walking tanks in combat and ensures a lifespan of hundreds of years. They can take massive amounts of punishment without ever needed to heal their wounds and when a Krogan warrior’s injuries do begin to take their toll, he will enter a euphoric state known as a “blood-rage”. This murderous frenzy makes him immune to pain and fear, but also diminishes his ability to think tactically. When a Krogan charges at his enemies in a blood-rage, he is nearly unstoppable and evasion is usually the only option.

In the early years of Krogan history, Tuchanka was a flora and fauna rich planet. The extreme temperatures and high predator population naturally shaped the Krogan into the callous brutes they are today.  As they became industrialized, the Krogan constructed colossal cities able to withstand any natural disaster. Krogan have a naturally selfish and dominant mindset, and the more they thrived, the more they needed to challenge themselves. The various Krogan governments began to war over the dwindling resources of Tuchanka. Krogan are notorious for letting their blood lust take priority over their logic, and when they discovered nuclear power, they used weapons of mass destruction to settle their disputes.  Tuchanka had been reduced to a world of rubble and the Krogan split into warring clans.

Since the post apocalyptic age of Tuchanka, young and inexperienced Krogan must undergo a Rite of Passage to commemorate their transition into adulthood and be allowed to join a clan. The Rite is a task that the adolescent Krogan must complete either by himself or with his chosen brother in arms, his Krantt. Though a Krantt does not have to be a fellow Krogan, it is very rare for any other species to witness the Rite.  Upon completion of the Rite, the now adult Krogan may join the requested clan, and serve under a Battle Master.

At first, the only goal of the Krogan clans was to survive the deadly winter and radioactive wastelands brought on by the nuclear weapons. This was the only concern in Krogan civilization until they were discovered by the Salarians. Convinced to aid the council in a war against the Rachni, the Krogan were given new technology and relocated to a more hospitable planet. The Salarians also gave the Krogan the means to stabilize Tuchanka’s atmosphere. A group of towers that surrounded a larger central tower used to disperse its components into orbit known as the Shroud. To keep the Shroud safe from tampering, it was constructed in an arena built as a shrine to Kalros, the mother of all Thresher Maws.

The Krogan held true to their promise and fought for the council. They eradicated the Rachni and their queens until no more enemy Rachni could be found. The council regarded the Krogan as “saviors” and erected a monument to their war contribution in the Citadel’s Presidium. They were given the planets the Ranchi once resided on and were able to begin a new life for their people.

Reproducing at an unchecked and incredible rate, one Krogan female would produce up to one thousand infants a year and recourses were once again becoming sparse. More space was needed for the population to thrive and it was apparent to the Krogan that new worlds would need to be taken by force. It wasn’t until the Krogan occupied the Asari colony, Lusia that the council demanded they withdraw. The Krogan ambassador, Overlord Kredak mocked the council’s demands and dared them to take the colony back.

The council, now at war put in motion a plan to reduce the Krogan population substantially, thus the Genophage was created and used. With their rate of birth brought to a grinding halt, the Krogan were forced to surrender, and still forced to suffer the effects of the Genophage. Over hundreds of years the Krogan have attempted several different methods of curing the Genophage. Some of these peculiar methods include interspecies mating or testicular transplants from other races.

The Krogan have begrudgingly accepted the incurable nature of the Genophage and this has made most of them even more self-centered. A Krogan Battle Master named Ganar Wrang transformed a pack of Vorcha thugs into a legion of formidable warriors called the Blood Pack. Krogan who are not integrated into a clan can mostly be found working as mercenaries for hire, usually ending up in the infamous Blood pack.

Female Krogan are rarely found off Tuchanka.  They live in camps separated from the male clans in order to raise Children and on occasion the females will send the children to a male camp for training. A male Krogan can petition for parental rights and if granted the first thing the father will do is name the child based on the sounds that are made during a drunken belching contest.

Living with the Genophage has made the Krogan even more selfish and paranoid. Krogan females who have successfully given live birth are treated as war trophies and used for bartering. The threat of extinction has made brother turn on brother, and father turn on son. Reduced to nothing more than petty territorial squabbles, the once proud and mighty Krogan have all but given up on finding a cure.

Now that the Krogan can no longer simply overrun their enemies with sheer numbers, they are tasked to think for tactically. A Battle Master will teach his apprentices the value of being well equipped and break combat down to a science. Although brutal, Battle Masters understand the value of discipline.

Biotics are very rare among the Krogan. Due to a high mortality rate, the practice of implanting biotic enhancement in Krogan has been outlawed. Of the few Krogan who are skilled with biotics, they are highly effective in battle. Krogan almost always prefer a physical fight to biotics. Guns, explosives, and muscle are a Krogan’s weapons of choice.

Biotics are becoming more common in the galaxy; some species are just now learning how to safely harness this ability without drastic physical or mental damage. However there is at lease one race in the Milky Way with natural born biotic abilities. They were the first to discover the Citadel, and might possibly be the oldest Race after the arcane Protheans, but that is a story for another day.

— Adam Clark



  1. Karl September 29, 2014 9:19 pm 

    Genophage was totally justified, they might complain now, but in the end had it not happened Krogans would’ve destroyed countless civilizations.

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    Mass Effect Lore!!!! Yes thank you so much ShoddyCast!!!

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