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Assassin’s Creed Lore: Templars and Assassins

by Nick Reed

For centuries people have lived their daily lives without a faintest interruption. We are born and we die under the watchful eyes of those who wish to control us. In the shadows a war is being fought. A war that has spanned the course of human history. Blood is spilled in the darkness and betrayal runs rampant throughout the world. In a war like this, no one can hide.

It all started a long time ago. As far back as the time of Eden, man has failed to see beyond its own imperfection. When Cain murdered his brother Abel, he was cast adrift from the land of his family. Branded with a ‘mark’ that he would bear forever, he set out to enact revenge, to shape the world in a way he saw fit.

From the Archaemenid Dynasty to the Qin Empire, the followers of Cain infiltrated the courts, throne rooms and guilds of the known world. They created a web of corruption and deceit. It didn’t matter who or where, Cain’s disciples would hold the true power behind the curtain. Their thirst for control would go uninterrupted beyond the age of Alexander the Great to the height of the Roman Empire. It was only until one fateful day that the course of their power be contested.

As the Emperor Julius Caesar walked through the halls of the Roman Senate building, his friend Brutus and other rebellious senators stabbed the ‘God-Like’ dictator of Rome until he was dead in a pool of his own blood. The first assassination had been committed. As cries of panic ran through the political scene of Rome, the surviving assassins fled and formed an organisation sworn to protect the world from the tyranny of Cain’s Descendants.

A war would begin to brew. One that would blossom during the crusades of the Holy Land. By then, the ever powerful Disciples of Cain would come to be known by a different name. The Templar Order, a group that to the public seemed like a humble order of knights who by oath protected the lives of passing pilgrims in the Holy Land, was in truth what they always were. An organisation bent on global domination. However they would not go unchallenged. The followers of Brutus had also evolved. They would be known simply as the Assassins.

The crusade wars would rage on, in different incarnations but always the same secret feud. Whenever the Templars would gain further control on the unsuspecting public, the Assassins would utilise their expert use of concealed killing and divine instincts to slow the onslaught of the Templars, but they could never destroy them.

And so the war continues to this day. Through exceptional individuals such as Desmond Miles and his ancestors are we able to resist total control of the Templar Order and their various persona corporations. But know that this war is far from over. It will take events beyond our understanding to end this battle, but that is a story for another day…


  1. Frank September 1, 2014 9:09 pm 

    Didn’t realize you’re doing Assassins Creed. Can’t wait to hear it!

  2. Rumar September 2, 2014 1:23 am 

    I would totally send in a submission but my work schedule will interfere over time.

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