Dragon Age: Origins Story and Lore

Here is a story of treason and unlikely alliances. A story of how one unsuspecting hero would unite a nation, and deliver them from certain doom.
The ruins of Ostagar. Its battle-trodden structures speak of a conflict long past, yet here you stand today. The King of Ferelden and his army have decided this old stronghold will be the perfect place for their stand against the onslaught of the Darkspawn. Ferelden has vanquished this ancient evil before, and it would do so again. Only this time, you will play a pivotal role.

You stand now with the King’s council and the Grey Wardens of Ferelden. Each time a Blight plagues the land, the Wardens have been called upon to put an end to it. As a newly initiated Grey Warden yourself, your past is unimportant, that is not what you will be remembered for. All that matters now is that the Darkspawn are on the move, and you will have to play your part in the coming conflict.

Dragon Age Origins Story

As the Grey Wardens fight side-by-side with the King’s Guard on the battlefield the Darkspawn fall by the hundreds. It seems this Blight will be stopped here at Ostagar. As ordered you light the great beacon atop the Tower of Ishal. The beacon, which can be seen from miles around, is the signal that will usher in the King’s reinforcements, and Teyrn Loghain’s army.

But- the King’s reinforcements never arrive, and King Cailan dies on the battlefield, along with your fellow Grey Wardens. It was not the Blight that killed the King and his Kingdom, it was betrayal. Because of Teyrn Loghain’s mad ambition the Darkspawn threat will be allowed to flourish.

As you wake up the next day in an unfamiliar place, your mind is in a fog. The last thing you remember was falling to the Darkspawn in the Tower of Ishal, just after you and Alistair successfully lite the beacon that was supposed to signal Loghain’s reinforcements. While you’re trying to piece together what had happened during the battle a familiar figure steps through the door. You recognize her as a woman you met in the Wilds during your initiation into the Grey Wardens. Morrigan, is her name.

She, and her mother Flemeth, tell you that your knightly order is broken, the King is dead, and Ferelden is doomed to fall to the Blight. You and Alistair were the only Grey Wardens to survive the massacre at Ostagar, so through this horrible turn of events it falls to the both of you to end this Blight, but you will not do so alone. Flemeth gives the two surviving Grey Wardens ancient treaties that were once signed by Elves, Men, and Dwarves. If ever a Blight was to threaten Ferelden, the Grey Wardens could call upon the mortal races to help deliver the land from its destruction. Together, with a reluctant Morrigan, yourself and Alistair embark on a quest. A quest that will determine the very fate of Ferelden.

Since King Calin’s death the land has fallen to civil war. Alistair recommends that the party journeys to Redcliffe, his childhood home, in order to obtain the assistance of Arl Eamon. The Grey Wardens will need the support of the human nobility if they wish to unite Ferelden against the Blight.
Upon arriving in Redcliffe our heroes find the castle home to the undead. You valiantly fight your way through Castle Redcliffe, and after much effort, you and your companions lift the curse plaguing its people. Its people might be saved, but Arl Eamon is still suffering from a deadly poison courtesy of the traitor Teyrn Loghain. Eamon’s recovery is of paramount importance, if Loghain went through all this trouble to silence Arl Eamon, then he must know Eamon possesses  the means to unite Ferelden against him. Beyond the reach of conventional healing, Arl Eamon’s only hope for survival is an ancient and powerful relic known as the Urn of Sacred Ashes. A relic that, regrettably, has been lost for centuries.

In pursuit of this relic the Grey Wardens journey across the land, slaying Darkspawn and forging alliances using the authority of their ancient treaties. Soon they garner the support of Elves, Magi, and Dwarves; but even with the help of their new allies Teyrn Loghain still sits on the throne of Denerim, and the race of Man will continue to tear itself apart until the Blight consumes them all.Dragon Age Lore

Although the hour is late, the Grey Wardens return to Castle Redcliffe clutching the Urn of Sacred Ashes. With the holy relic Arl Eamon is healed instantaneously. Now purged of the insidious poison, Eamon thanks the Grey Wardens for their rescue, and proposes a plan. A plan to deal with Loghain the betrayer once and for all.

Arl Eamon has called a Landsmeet in the capital city of Denerim. With the human nobility in attendance of this Landsmeet the Grey Wardens expose Loghain for what he truly is, a traitor to the realm. With Loghain dealt with Ferelden finally stands a chance of saving itself from its own destruction. Politics now aside, the Darkspawn are on the move. Scouts report seeing the horde headed for Redcliffe. It is time to prepare for the coming battle. On their march to defend Redcliffe the Wardens discover that the Archdemon has deceived them and brought the darkspawn horde in behind their army to strike at the city they just left undefended: the capital city of Denerim.

It was a blood bath. The screams of countless innocents could be heard from every corner of the crumbling capital, and the only way this massacre is going to end, is if one of the Grey Wardens can reach the Archdemon and tear his twisted heart from his chest.

As the races of man, elf, and dwarf fight fruitlessly down below, the Grey Wardens are joined by their loyal companions in a gut wrenching battle with the Archdemon himself.

Dragon Age Archdemon Battle

After a long and costly struggle, the Archdemon leaves the Grey Wardens with an opening. Charging forward to destroy the beast the Archdemon’s soul merges with the Warden and the dragon is torn asunder. In that moment the oath of every Grey Warden is fulfilled. This blight- is over…
With the Archdemon slain the Darkspawn flee back into the dark recesses of the underground. Ferelden lives to see another dawn, and while the land lies in ruin, its people will never forget the young Wardens whose great sacrifice saved them from annihilation.