6 thoughts on “No Podcast This Week

    • William van der Kooij

      you’ll most likely erase them from the earth to because maybe their ancestors would be killed. because of you so then i would have to go back and kill you before you would travel back in time. and that would be very sad

  • Nicholas Tate

    I know you guys probably got a ton of anime recommendations but as an otaku I have to say that you guys should watch Soul Eater because it’s kinda like those first few episodes of naruto as far as just being silly but I think the fight scenes are better.Fullmetal Alchemist(original before brotherhood) for having a story I think every human being on the planet earth deserves to see.Attack on Titan for being the “game of thrones” of anime when it comes to killing off characters with no remorse and you know what all of these have brilliant English dubs although I’m not sure if attack on titans dub is finished yet

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