FALLOUT Lore: Ch.15 – Aliens of Mothership Zeta

When the sun rises on the wasteland, a wanderer can look out over this vast stretch of lifeless dust and feel utterly alone. When that sun sets, and the stars shine, mankind must accept that we are far from alone in this universe. Of late, humanity has had to share the Earth with mutants, ghouls, and robots, but it has been centuries since our species could claim this planet as our sole domain. Even when America was just a group of colonies six hundred year ago it was being watched from afar by a diabolical race from the far reaches of the cosmos.

Most people will laugh if you say that aliens exist. Folk will believe in walking corpses, talking deathclaws, and brains in jars with psychic powers, but they draw the line at little green men in flying saucers. That’s the stuff of pre-war holotapes and radio shows. But no matter how stubborn the skeptics are, the evidence is undeniable. Go to the right part of the wasteland, and anyone can see the remains of a crashed UFO for themselves.

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta History

Some people wave these sightings off as experimental pre-war air craft that just look like UFO’s, but that flying saucer North of Washington DC sure wasn’t a pre-war bomber. Alien ships have been crashing all over the wasteland for over a hundred years. They’re hidden deep in the wasteland, but they’re out there for those who want to believe.

The descendants of the Vault Dweller from Vault 13 swear that the Vault Dweller stumbled upon such a craft over a century ago, and briefly carried an alien weapon. The wasteland’s top scientific minds have held the thing in their hands. It doesn’t work anymore – runs on some kind of alien power cell that humanity can’t reproduce, but some of the brightest minds in the wasteland have examined it and are convinced that it’s beyond anything made by human hands, even before the war.

That particular space blaster disappeared a while ago. Last anyone knew it was in the hands of a talkative merchant who probably had no idea what the thing was. Might have made its way into the hands of someone who put it to good use, or it could be at the bottom of old saddlebag adorning some brahmin skeleton in the middle of the NCR.

Fallout Alien Blaster Location

Other alien artifacts have been discovered all over the wasteland, and some of the more wondrous technology out there is said to be derived from alien designs. A few unfortunate people out in the wasteland are cursed with mutations that grant them psychic powers. Sounds like a tall tale, but when you’ve seen a person’s head explode from within, you’ll become a believer right quick. The only thing that keeps these folk from nuking their noggins is a “Psychic Nullifier” that uses alleged alien engineering. The Master used these to keep some of his more unique mutants under control, but the design can still be found out there being used by “Highly Intuitive” denizens of the Mojave.

Much of the amazing technology that the Enclave used is speculated to have extraterrestrial origins back before the war, and some military installations even have artificial intelligence that was said to be created in pre-war times with alien technology.

The government back then never officially admitted it, but they knew that aliens had visited Earth. Right before the Great War, some of the smarter folk figured out that the apocalypse was a-coming, and they came up with all kinds of plans to survive. Vaults, and secret oil rigs, but one of the more daring plans was to leave Earth entirely. The knowledge that there were other inhabitable worlds out there inspired the Enclave to look into space travel, although the war hit before they could actually get off the planet.

The Enclave are probably lucky that they never made it to another world, because by all accounts the aliens are just as nasty as anything here on Earth.

Yup, there are people who’ve met these malevolent visitors face to face and can still talk about it. A few years ago, a person who came out of one of the vaults on the East Coast ended up getting teleported aboard one of the mother ships. That’s right, those little saucers that are crashed all over the place, those are just scout ships. There was a whole army of aliens up there in a mothership, and their own records prove that they’ve been here for a good six hundred years. Kidnapping and experimenting on humanity the whole time.

The aliens own records indicate that they’ve been here since 1697, maybe even longer considering that some of their captives were wearing medieval armor and carrying swords. A handful of those unfortunates survived the ordeal, and now have the rare privilege of looking down at the ruins of Earth from their home in the sky. The view probably ain’t as pretty as it used to be before the war – and some of them know firsthand. They were kept in a form of suspended animation that’s more advanced than anything on Earth. People hundreds of years old, emerging from stasis without aging a day. Bet the folks at Vault-tec would have loved to have had access to that sort of tech back when.

These alien captives are among the few un-mutated people who were alive before the Great War. They can not only talk about their lives back in by-gone centuries, but they can also describe what it was like to live among the invaders from space.

These beings do not see humanity as equals. Our lives mean no more to them than brahmin. According to the survivors, when a human is captured, they are interrogated briefly, then tortured and stored away in stasis until the day their captors decide to use them for gruesome experiments.

Fallout DLC Abominations Lore

Maybe at some point in the past, the aliens’ goal was simple vivisection, to open us up and see what makes us tick, but eventually they learned to manipulate the human body and transform us into mindless abominations. Maybe they needed these half-human abominations as soldiers to fight in some far off war. Maybe they were the unexpected results of a failed experiment in trying to transform humans into something else entirely. Or maybe – maybe these aliens are just a bunch of little green jerks.

We can’t truly fathom their goals, though. We can only gather evidence and seek out patterns in the nigh inscrutable collection of objects discovered in the cargo holds of their ships. Their teleportation beams have been sucking up junk from the Earth’s surface for centuries and the random materials are crudely organized around their ship, as though they are trying to learn about us by examining our junk foods and soda machines.

Elsewhere in the massive ship are neatly organized rooms devoted to unlikely objects that were carefully collected and preserved. Just what were the aliens planning with that vast armada of robot ponies? Was alien technology used to make children’s toys in the pre-war days? Could these visitors have done more than merely observe us in the years leading up to the war? The answer could be too terrifying to imagine.

Fallout Lore History Ponies

Humanity is not the only species to suffer at the hands of these creatures, though. They seem to have spent some time interrogating various other Earth species before determining Humanity to be the most intelligent. They might have gotten the impression that Brahmin were the smartest creatures around on account of the two heads, but that hasn’t kept the brahmin out of harm’s way in the alien experimentation labs.

Our species are alike in some ways, though. We can eat their food, such as it is. As far as we can tell they live on a diet of space squids, and giant worms. Not exactly a delicacy from BlamCo, but no worse than mirelurk meat. We can use their biogel too to heal our wounds, and even keep disembodied brains alive for decades after they’ve been removed from their bodies. But it doesn’t seem like our visitors appreciate the similarities between our species. To them, were no more than lab rats.

The good news is that whatever pony-loving scheme they were up to was stopped a few years ago when that vault dweller got beamed up to the mothership. That fancy light show over the Eastern horizon a while back was a battle happening in outer space. Somehow humanity got the upper hand in that ruckus, and now there are a lot fewer aliens around.

They ain’t all gone, though. A little North of Vegas, some of the farmers have been seeing strange lights in the sky recently, and you can bet it isn’t a Vertibird. The aliens have held off any sort of full-scale invasion, but those little scout ships are still out there causing trouble for people who wonder into the wrong parts of this wild wasteland.

There are people who claim to have seen other species of alien life around the wasteland. With all the weird mutants out there, you can’t blame them for thinking that some of these critters can’t be from this world.

The wanamingos out in California are often called aliens, but they’re actually the descendents of genetically engineered creatures that were bred back before the Great War, using the Forced Evolutionary virus. They look like something out of an old science fiction holotape, all tentacles and gaping maws.

Most of them were wiped out a few decades ago when some adventurers killed the wanamingo queen out in Redding. That was only known queen, but there have been sightings of wanamingos as far West as San Francisco too. Luckily, as a species they’ve all but died out these days. Good thing too since they were mighty tough to bring down. A good flamer helped keep them at bay, but if you ever come across one of them, just shoot it in the groin socket to show it whose boss.

Wanamingos aside, it seems like the skies have become a safer place for now, but the aliens are still out there. Who knows what they’re after? It’s not unrealistic to think an alien race flew all this way for raw materials, or a sip of water.

Water.  Now that’s a resource that’s always been in demand, and those who control it, control the wasteland.

But that- is a story for another day…