ShoddyCast Episode 1: New Beginnings

Show Notes:

ESO Impressions

The Elder Scrolls Online has been released for a couple weeks now. We give our honest impressions for the game we have been following for over a year. Did it live up to our expectations? How long will we continue to play for? These questions and more will be answered.

Game of Thrones

We play catch up as we cover the past 3 episodes of Game of Thrones. A lot of crazy stuff has happened already with much more to come. One of us has read the books and one has not which should lead to some interesting discussion. No book spoilers but we will be discussing all 3 current shows so if you have not watched them yet, fair warning!


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  1. Decimal April 23, 2014 8:33 pm 

    The way these guys contradict themselves makes for very uninteresting conversation. If you have followed them from the start of ESO weekly I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Could not have found the unsubscribe button quick enough.

    • Pacman April 25, 2014 8:47 am 

      I’ve watched these guys since the beginning of their ESO coverage. Personnally I find them the most entertaining thing on the internet.

  2. Cody Cowan April 23, 2014 9:12 pm 

    You guys are amazing!

  3. Pedro H April 24, 2014 1:16 am 

    It would be a good idea to create a regular team with more members. I suppose 3 regulars and one guest would be ideal.

  4. David Harden April 24, 2014 5:31 pm 

    I think it was Kyle who said, “It is not an Elder Scrolls game.” Or something to that effect. (It is not a TES game?) Anyway. You need to tell exactly why you said that. I know the world is not really “open,” there are walls everywhere. There are not “hundreds of quests that you can take in any order,” ESO quests are rigidly ranked with bosses way above the level of the base quest. Quest givers are not everywhere and must be found by talking to people, instead they are pretty much all designated with arrows over their heads.

    And, I agree that these features are not TES, but as a designer of TES mods, I can say that these features do not MAKE a TES game. TES is about lore and following quests that reveal more of that lore. TES is a mystery wrapped up in dark paper and black ribbons. TES is a look at an alternate reality that H P Lovecraft depicted as easily accessed from our “normal” mortal world. It is the horror in the closet. The terror in the basement.

    OK ESO does a poor job of fulfilling the mandate of the earlier TES mystic, but it should get better as thieving becomes a crime with the introduction of the Thieves Guild, and stealth becomes real with the introduction of the Dark Brotherhood.

    I can’t say I am comfortable with the present game. Thieving and murder should be crimes in which you get thrown into prison. Prison escapes and fulfilled sentences should be part of the game. It would be fun to form a raiding party and attack the prison to free a guild member. It would add a lot to the game.

    The lore is there, it just has to be completed. The present game is very incomplete.

    Not to mention it could use a few thousand dungeons in the open world.

  5. James Hatfield April 25, 2014 4:18 pm 

    Guys, I have been an avid fan of ESO Weekly and the Lore series. I have watched your shows each week, anxiously awaiting the next episode. The past few weeks without one, I kept waiting for news of your podcast, which i planned to subscribe to. We can talk more about that later. For the moment, I have to get something off of my chest.

    Josh, the fact you cancelled your subscription is BULLSHIT. To say I am disappointed in you is an understatement. Beyond the fact that I cannot fathom how someone who spends the past year or more hyping ESO to only give up after three weeks is mind blowing (poof). Was this all just a waste of time for you, then?

    I can understand the bugginess being a factor, but it’s not such a factor that you can;’have an amazing time on this game.

    Kyle is giving the game three months – I would think someone who spent as much time on this game as you did could give it more than three weeks. I get that you’re not the “gamer” brother, but come on here.

    Are you on such a high horse that, after touting this game for a year, the disappointment was so much that you just couldn’t stomach the thought of another month? Do you need a kleenex to wipe away the tears of disappointment that have been streaming down your face for three weeks?

    Tell us the truth, are you actually sick of the game because you have been doing ESO Weekly for a year? Is that why you’re quiting?

    Is it about the money? Email me – I’ll pay for your subscription for a few months if it’s about the money. I gave you my real name.

    Your friend cancelled. I get that that sucks.. But you touted to your viewers that this game was all about the social experience. You said now you have no friends playing???? What about the 500 people in your guild who joined and became a part of the Shoddy Caste? So is it my understanding that you have zero interest in associating with them now that your “one friend” is not playing anymore?

    I have never played a computer game before – only ever been on Console I bought ESO on computer because of you all, the ShoddyCast. I have no friends who play computer games. I am a part of your guild. I’m not a Fanboy. I didn’t sign up for your guild in hopes that we’d become friends and we could one day frolick in the sunshine and pick flowers and shit. I joined because you sold me on the fact that we’d be a group of like minded people, who loved Elder Scrolls, and wanted to goof off and have fun.

    You giving up like this is a slap in my face and the face of everyone who joined the Shoddy Caste or has been viewing you shows for the past year.

    Do you not feel a sense of responsibility to your guild, if not your viewership? Do you feel like you’re giving the people who donated to you what they expected?

    I expected more from you, Josh. I hope this is a wake up call to you and I hope you can take honest feedback. I am not an internet user that wouldn’t say this shit to your face. Kick me out of your guild if you need to, this had to be said. If i stay in the guild, it wouldn’t be for you, anyway. It’d be for the really cool people in the guild that I have met over the past few weeks.

    On the GoT piece of the podcast, it felt like we were just listening to you all have a conversation about the show versus this being a podcast with an agenda and topics you wanted to hit. I know it’s new format and someting different than you’ve done before, but if anything, the podcast needs to be shortened, you need to be more prepared on your topics (not knowing character names?), and your agenda needs to be tightened up. 1:43 is way too long for most people on a regular basis..

    Overall, I’m still a fan of your content. You might need to work on regaining my trust though.

  6. James Hatfield April 25, 2014 4:27 pm 

    Sorry, one other thing. Kyle, you’re still awesome. Thanks for sticking around and the text review of the game. It was good stuff.

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