Elder Scrolls Lore: ESO in Perspective

Join Josh, head nerd behind the Lore Series, as he explores the story and setting of The Elder Scrolls Online.
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Disclaimer: Lore is subject to rumor found in the game universe.


  1. Thomas Hellstrom April 12, 2014 7:32 am 

    Did not know about the dragon break but kinda a cool way of proving that the knowledge in the elder scrolls are not the past present and future but many different variations of all of them.

  2. ArixPrime April 12, 2014 10:05 am 

    Dragonbreak… well works… But it is the winner who writes history, so if talos didnt want anyone to remember the pact or covenant no one would… (and he prob tried the same for the dominion but failed) The jungle thas just gone in ESO could just be history forgering, to promote Talos even more (who the FK builds all that ayleid (heartland high elves, not jungle elves) stuff in a jungle and then later on makes it THE capital of an empire…) .As for the interregnum itself a timeperiod like that coudnt just vanish, unless someone wanted it to. the magesguild are the keepers of books and are the one of two who could remove it from knowlege (and they woudnt! Or would they?) the second one is Hermaeus Mora…
    Also, a thousand years does its work on history…

  3. Tyrus Praetorus April 12, 2014 8:55 pm 

    I think the original concept was that the Interregnum was ‘lost history’, the Tamriel Dark ages even brought up in this video. It is not unreasonable to say enough history was lost that most races simply don’t have much in regards to the events of ESO. It is true that ZOS has bent some lore, but the majority of the reasons they give for the races doing what they do make sense. ( Ex: The Dunmer would rather make a temporary alliance with Nords and former slaves than be ruled over by Molag Bal, the Imperials, the Dominion, or money-leeching Covenant.). The ‘play any race, any alliance’ spin actually makes a good deal of sense. In the terms of ESO’s ‘main-character’, the Vestige’, there is only one. In terms of story, all other player characters are just nameless grunts for your faction, as you are to them. ( The same goes for previous TES games. There is only one Dovahkiin, Nereverine, and Hero of Kvatch. A thousand people have picked up the game and made their own, but in context to the story -your- character is canon for you alone. )

    As for the whole “Cyrodiil jungle”….its never been anything solid within the franchise. It has to do with Tiber Septim, which makes it a very grey area. Talos was also supposed to be from Atmora, but records indicate the former homeland of the Nords has been devoid of people long before the Stormcrown’s rise to glory. ( Also, someone correct me if I am wrong, but I do recall that the concept of CHIM has never truly been a canonical part of TES lore, simply something a former-writer has developed after the fact? )

    There certainly are some holes, no questions, but nothing is ever black-and-white in the Elder Scrolls…or perfectly consistent. We have dunmer-loving Nords in Windhelm fighting for ‘equal rights’. Entirely lore-breaking, right Free-Winter?

    ( In regards to the three factions…. The Dominion doesn’t endure? It collapses twice, and we are just now seeing the third in TES:V. Given they explained it as two rose during the Interregnum, the Queen’s collapses relatively quickly in the measuring of both Mer and Men. The second rises only a few hundred years later after there presumably hasn’t been one for a time. And that is only to be crushed by Tiber’s use of the numidium. )

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