New Information on Craglorn and Trials


Zenimax has released an article today that details all the current and soon-to-come content for the veteran level player. That is to say that what’s talked about in this article is the content you’ll be running through once you’ve reached level 50. 


So what can we expect to see once we’ve reached level cap and proceed into the veteran ranks? Apparently, quite a bit.

Of course we already know about PvP within Cyrodiil and how we can spend hours and hours raiding keeps, doing quests for villagers, ganking noobs and so on all the while gaining veteran points to rank up. We also already know about the so called 50+ and 50++ content which to recap simply allows you to continue your questing in another alliance’s territory once you’ve finished your own. Trust me when I say that Zenimax did a pretty good job explaining why you’d be able to do such a thing without getting killed on the spot by enemy alliance members. Once more, we’ve known about Veteran Dungeons which continue on the story of the normal version of these dungeons but pose new challenges and even have hard achievements to complete for extra bonuses. Again, most of us know about this so what’s new?

Craglorn and Trials. These are 2 separate entities so for those confused if these were the same thing or if it should be called “Craglorn Trials,” we now know that they are in fact completely different.


Let’s talk about Craglorn first. Craglorn, as described in the article, is very similar to a normal PvE zone except that the entire zone was designed to be played with a group of 4. Now this is different from what we were led to believe as they described it before as a place that would be accessible with a solo or duo group and then have instanced off areas for 4-man and possibly 12-man content. As it’s said however, all things are subject to change. So the premise of this zone, as I perceive it, is that the constellations we’re all so familiar seeing in the sky have vanished and we’re sent to figure out why this is happening and why only in this remote area between Hammerfell and Cyrodiil. Inside this area there’s an entire storyline to follow and plenty of “delves” to explore which are the sort of public dungeons you’re probably familiar with (but they are instanced to your group in this case). On top of that there are events happening throughout that are reminiscent of Dark Anchors except they are with a different faction and of course much more difficult. But wait there’s more as you’ll find story areas that are huge dungeons for your group to explore and learn about their stories. All of this content and more that wasn’t explained in the article was designed for 4-man groups to test their mettle and I know I personally cannot wait to check it out when I hit 50.

That was Craglorn, so what about these Trials? Trials apparently can be accessed through Craglorn and is the only large group content currently awaiting release within ESO, besides that of PvP of course. It’s not clear based, on the article, whether or not your 12-man group will be traversing through a large area or if you’ll be staged in an area and must survive an onslaught of enemies until the trial ends. What is know is that your group will be given a limited amount of resurrections which means your members will need to make a plan of attack that doesn’t require throwing away too many lives because should you exceed that amount of resurrections, you will fail the Trials. The enemies are explained to get tougher and tougher as you go along with the Trials so I expect this to be quite a daunting encounter. There will be leaderboards that display the top times that groups have achieved but they didn’t go into what rewards we can expect to come from either the Trials or Craglorn.  However, I think it’s safe to say that we will be seeing some of the best possible gear coming from this zone with a little wiggle room for improvements from crafters.


Zenimax went on further to explain what they have planned for the future of ESO as people’s characters start maturing and reaching their full potential. There’s plans for new systems that will not only add new features to the game but bolster the ones already in place. They also seem interested in adding fun little activities like horse racing that will give more experiences for us to enjoy when we’re taking a break from slaughtering monsters and beasts in the wilds.

I have to say I’m not entirely sure about the content they have planed for end-game. I think I was expecting something a little more unique from the rest of their current content but Craglorn seems to simply be a scaled up version of the content we’ve already done. I’m not saying the content won’t be enjoyable and it very well may be very different from what we’ll see in the rest of the game, but as I’ve heard it described, I’m not convinced. I just really hope the content will be difficult and not a faceroll for any group remotely competent. As for the Trials, this does seem somewhat unique. At least compared to the rest of the game. More details still need to be released for us to completely grasp what they are all about but I can see these being very fun and interesting IF these Trials are varied immensely and not just a reskin of the same trial over and over but with different monsters. I look forward to hearing more about what was talked about in the article and of course seeing them for myself within the game.


Stay tuned to the ShoddyCast for more information on ESO. Just because ESO Weekly has concluded, doesn’t mean we won’t be bringing you the news as we hear it and we hope you continue to listen. See you all in-game!




  1. tinkerbell March 26, 2014 5:35 pm 

    sounds good, I hope to hookup with 3 other guildmates once we hit level 50, I am all about PvE. I never doubted that Zenimax had great plans for late game PvEers as we all know this game was a hugh undertaking and then some!!!

  2. John Wall March 26, 2014 9:19 pm 

    I’m disappointed that the adventure zones have moved away from single player content and I hope this is rectified at a later stage.
    Ive played alot of mmos and group play is great and we are continually told that ESO is best played in a group but as Arena right through to Skyrim has shown solo play is great too and there are times when you just want to play alone.

    • deltonis March 28, 2014 8:02 am 

      I’m with you on the solo play in ESO. In my early days of WOW, the game didn’t have enough content for single players. Blizzard was all about the raiding and loot benefits grouping. I really don’t like PVP and raiding in MMO’s. I wondering , how Zenimax going to bring the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, in the game if they are big on the group questing. In the beta test I found it hard to stealth, in dungeons with other players around killing my target before me. I really wish that Zenimax left the stealth to the night blades. Why would a warrior and mage, be in game sneaking around.

  3. benne March 27, 2014 5:33 pm 

    Thanks guys for all your podcasts on youtube i watched most of them. From Holland with respect, benne

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