1. Zeromus March 14, 2014 3:48 am 

    They have been doing a “closed beta” for well over a year…..
    Google ESO Psijic Order or ESO PTS…..
    These “Beta Weekends” have been their “open beta” and since the closed beta has been running for over a year (with quite a few people under and extremely strict NDA) there really isn’t any reason for anything else.. The Beta Weekends were stress tests and, combined with the data gleaned from the closed beta, they should be good (or at least as good as can be expected…..let’s face it, when pushing systems as much as modern MMO companies do, SOME things will break on release…that can’t be avoided completely)
    Point being, acting as if they haven’t had a long enough beta period is just not accurate

  2. Zeromus March 14, 2014 4:07 am 

    NO NO NO!!
    “Battle Leveling” being optional means if you are BELOW 50 you can choose NOT to be leveled up to 50… You will NEVER be leveled down (and it never has been that way)… Veterans have always been and will always be Veterans…. They added this because when you are artificially leveled up to 50 you are given balanced stat allocations per level instead of optimized stat allocations… Meaning for people level 40-49 they would get up-leveled to 50 with averaged stats, which meant, if they were specializing mainly in one stat per level instead of spreading things around a lot, their stats could actually go down when they got up-leveled. Now you can choose to stay your real level, meaning you’ll have fewer overall points, but you won’t have any points that end up going down. And, since damage/heal/etc amounts are stat-dependent, this is a very important thing.
    Please research before your vids.. A LOT of people just believe things they hear in videos instead of doing their homework and if you guess and assume things, you’re potentially not only hurting your own future potential views, but also potentially harming the game you guessed incorrectly about.
    About Enchanting… As with every other vendor-purchased item.. The runes purchased from vendors are VERY weak.. Player-made enchantments (as with every other player-made item) are more powerful than equal level, equal rarity items. This means EVERYTHING players make is more effective than dropped/purchased/looted items. The Enchanting system is extremely interesting and well done. Since variable numbers in skill effects (damage, healing, etc) are based on how high the governing skill is, putting +Magicka enchants on your gear raises the variable amounts in skills governed by Magicka (same with +Stamina gear affecting Stamina based skills…+Health just gives you more health)…
    Do you guys understand how betas work? Just because it’s not public knowledge does not mean it doesn’t exist… Just like there’s been a PC closed beta for over a year, there is currently (and has been for a decent amount of time) a closed beta for consoles………
    Love your ‘casts, but I just HAD to jump in here and correct some MAJOR inaccuracies… Please start doing some more research before doing your shows. I’d hate to see you end up losing viewers just because you assumed too many things incorrectly.
    Other than the previous points, loved your ‘cast, as always 🙂 Keep recording!!

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