1. Taven February 14, 2014 6:55 am 

    I just wanted to post that your idea of exploration is punished is fundamentally wrong. You can find many hidden chests, quests, and even public dungeons after the starter island. The island is a necessary MMO evil as is the rails nature of the main quest. But exploration is still alive and well within this MMO.

  2. Abe February 14, 2014 11:24 am 

    If you would have taken the tme, you would have found a treasure hunting quest in stros m’kai

  3. Sharess, Breton Spellsword and Dibellan February 14, 2014 1:42 pm 

    I have to admit that after playing over the weekend, I wish that this game wasn’t coming out for at least another three months, they have a lot of work to do.

    However, BETA does mean Broken Enough To Annoy, so ….

    There is a lot that still needs fixing with this game from simple things like missing sound effects to the positively annoying like freezing screens. Something I seriously missed was that where I was there were no mini adventure caves around. I got to level 11 from starting and I found 2, one the ruins you showed, which actually are part of a quest, and a second much later on in the level 12 area which appears to be part of a quest as well, though I found it by exploring.

    They really need to fill the world with a heap of caverns and forts and ruins and the things that have been the staples of TES games since, well at least Daggerfall, if not Arena. Having the world filled with these things would make exploring fun and make us want to explore more.

    I am also worried the world is too small. You can run from coast to coast across Glenumbra is a matter of minutes making the works feel tiny. Compare that with the likes of Skyrim or Morrowind. SWG had maps that were 16km x 16km. I believe I saw someone say that it is just 3 miles, or 5km across the Glenumbra peninsular, and to be honest, it didn’t even feel that far. Large areas are wasted around Daggerfall and have been make inaccessible by the way they did the terrain, instead of having it explorable and filling it with caves to adventure through.

    A lot of the issues are minor and can be fixed easily, such as the collision detection with NPCs in combat and having your quiver flop through you when you stop in 1st person mode, but it is the big issues I’m just not sure they have time or the will to fix. Perhaps they are hoping them back to give us a richer experience instead f having it all known in BETA, but I have to agree, I am worried that they are going to just give us a game that is almost entirely on rails as we go from quest to quest and find that exploring will only find us the occasional goodie besides chests, components, and the very, very, very occasional quest.

    Having said all of that, I did actually enjoy the game, the quests are brilliant and fun, and while the combat needs work, it was, IMO, easy to learn and intuitive, and I like it better then most MMOs I have played. (I wouldn’t mind a couple more buttons though. 🙂 Over all I will still be buying and playing this game, but I really, really, really, hope that they are still listening, even at this late stage, and fix what needs fixing before launch, or I fear for the success of the game.

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