Poll Results: ESO’s Mature Rating is Fine By Us

Hello all and welcome back to another week’s worth of poll results. This week we asked you if you approved of the ESRB’s decision to give ESO a Mature rating and also if portable gaming consoles had any use now that tablets and smartphones are powerful enough to play many of today’s mobile games. Let’s do this!

ESO’s Mature Rating

Do you approve of ESO’s new Mature rating by the ESRB?

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Since we talked about this topic at length on 2 separate shows, I won’t bore you with the details of why we think a Mature rating is the best thing to ever happen to ESO since first person perspective. What I will talk about is the amount of you all that agree. Over 70% of you also see this as a blessing and only wished it was the rating they were shooting for all along. So though Zenimax Media may not like this as they might feel it limits their market for the game, I know that ZOS is happy with the decision. Creative freedom: that is was what given to ZOS along with its new rating. We just hope they embrace it.

As for about a 1/4 of you, you all decided that it doesn’t really matter what the rating is. It will still be a good or a bad game according your own standards and the rating by some organization has no merit. For you all, I applaud you.

That leaves us with the few who see this as a bad thing. If I had to guess, they are people who won’t be able to play it because of the rating. I really see no other reason why, do you?

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Portable Gaming

Do you think portable gaming devices like 3DS and Vita are useless due to mobile gaming on phones and tablets?

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This was a genuine question I had when I saw ads for the newest generation of mobile gaming platforms advertised along side iPads, smartphones and Windows-based tablets for Christmas. Is there really a need for these mobile gaming platforms (MGP) if these other options are becoming more and more powerful? As a person who mainly plays PC games, and the only mobile games I play these days are Words With Friends, I really couldn’t answer the question myself. Luckily I have a group of people willing to answer the question for me.


Over half you you find that they both have their own markets. Many I’m sure will state that MGPs are designed specifically for games and thus can handle more powerful graphics and effects plus have controls more suited for games. Then we have the tablets and such that are designed for multi-function and are definitely not gaming-centric. But then I still start to wonder of the amount of time going into porting other games into this mobile version for such a small market. I suppose if there wasn’t a market at all, companies wouldn’t keep making these things. Plus I know games are made specifically for these devices. And let me add that they work wonders keeping children silent on airplanes and long car rides so thank God they exist.

So I guess my next question would be, where do you see mobile gaming heading? Will it eventually be absorbed by the tablet/smartphone market or will it continue on covering its little niche market? With Kindles, iPads,tablets and smartphones becoming more and more powerful each year, it really makes you wonder.




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  1. Brettman February 3, 2014 5:12 am 

    I love my 3DS can’t get those games on my phone and I really wouldn’t want to. My phone has other things that i need to use it for.

  2. Cryzeteur February 3, 2014 5:04 pm 

    I just bought a Surface. I know it isn’t state of the art but it was cheap and the way it works is impressive. But the first thing I noticed is that you can’t play many games without a controller or at least a real mouse. Touch screen responsiveness is not as good as controller, keyboard, mouse. Now nothing says you can’t plug your controller into your tablet, but the more stuff you add the less portable the mess becomes. Headphones, tablet, controller, keyboard, mouse, camera… However, a 10″ screen is fine for gaming when you are holding the screen in your lap.

    The solution of course is to tailor games for the touchscreen. This is done with many apps so it is feasible to convert some major RPGs to touchscreen commands. And of course other games can do this as well.

    The question is: Do players want touchscreen games? I have seen many comments that playing games with touchscreens breaks immersion. If players won’t play touchscreen games then some other input will win the day.

    We are just entering a phase where motion sensors tell the game to go this way or that, etc. Voice commands work but need better intelligence. Maybe games can pan and move based on our eye movements. Finger movements could activate choices. So eventually body sensing would seem to be the most natural way to control a game. It would be more immersive than controller, keyboard, mouse, touchscreen. Both PS4 and X-ONE have this infant technology.

    So maybe the future will be something like a Surface that senses your eyes and body and uses high level AI to create a more natural UI.

  3. David Hopkins February 4, 2014 1:30 am 

    I play a true Hack n’ Slash game on my iPhone (Arcane), not the best and not the worst (data horde) . It allows me to vent some rage when I need or just pass the time when I am not on my PC or Mac. I think this is how most tablet and phone games are, time passers/wasters. Along this line i still rock my Game-Boy Color every now and then on long road trips, but I feel each market handheld and fix gaming have their roles.

  4. euantmitch February 4, 2014 7:51 am 

    I laughed because you have it as an M, and us in the UK have it as a 12 XD

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