1. Gorbix February 2, 2014 4:55 am 

    My girlfriend and i already ordered ours the day after the announcement. Dude you need to calm down they are not giving us stuff that you don’t have or will never have access to, we just get it a little early. I work a job where i earn money that i can spend any way i feel and if i want to spend it to get a few thing early in a game then thats my (some consider bad) decision. This reminds me of when people were arguing about fast travel around when this game was first being announced and a whole lot of people complained about fast traveling, easy solution right just dont use fast travel. Well that was not good enough they wanted to infringe on my ability to fast travel as well by arbitrarily handicapping everybody around them. If you dont like pre-order bonuses dont use them its just that simple, dont throw a little fit because you cant play a race that was not available to play less then 5 days ago anyhow. Everything available in the pre-order will be available eventually to everyone. And i for one cant wait to slit the throat of that high elf breeder sow you call a queen just to hear her squeals as we turn from the salted ashes of the Aldmeri Dominion and put our sights on the foolish blood bath the Daggerfall covenant will find themselves losing.

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