1. andrew January 29, 2014 5:33 pm 

    what about the imperial edition and pre order cross alliance news

  2. Tommi Moro January 29, 2014 7:36 pm 

    I was so disappointed by the Pre-Ordered versions. The content in it are so game-breaking, for my point of view, I’m considering not to pay for the sub after my free month has expired. I didn’t expect the classic MMO sell-out procedures form them…it’s so sad.

    • Nolan January 29, 2014 8:56 pm 

      What the hell are you talking about? It’s not like they’re giving out epics and gold.
      This is no different than what other games do for their collector’s edition.
      Do you wanna play an Imperial? Go ahead and get the Imperial Edition.
      Do you wanna play cross-faction characters? Pre-order in general.
      How the hell is this a sell out. I bet if it was anything less, you’d be just as disappointed if not more at how little there was to offer.
      Quit being so pretentious and sit down and enjoy the game. Nobody is paying to win. It’s something so little yet you turn it into this big thing like it is.
      If you don’t like it, I would rather not even have you in the game. People like you are so daft and it’s sickening.

      • Tommi Moro January 30, 2014 8:54 pm 

        Don’t make the mistake of judging me so quickly. I am a TES fan by heart, I played all the chapters and LOVE the lore. I also participated at the BETA and even enjoyed it, very much. I was so eager to play the final version.
        But after this, it’s blatant they’re trying to milk out people. Imperial race? It’s ok for me, but what if I wanted to play an Imperial without paying you more than I have to? I was hoping for an expansion for it.
        My real problem lies with the cross-faction races. What was the point of making the alliances if you put up this kind of crap? Why didn’t you made the alliances not restricted to other races right from the start? Not only it’s contradictory to their initial idea of the game and the lore, but how they’re gonna make it work in PvP? How am I supposed to know that 10 out of 400 Dunmers are traitors fighting for the Dominion? It’s unbalanced and broken, unless they thought something out for it.

        As a fan of TES I can’t help to feel stabbed in the back Zenimax and in the heart by Bethesda. Hope you’ll understand.

        • Nolan January 30, 2014 10:15 pm 

          The game’s gonna release and nobody’s going to care. Mark my words.

          • Tommi Moro January 31, 2014 2:11 am 

            Your opinion. Don’t know wether to agree with it or not, but I’ll respect it as a principle. In my case, I will care, as a fan and player, but since Todd Howard said the events of TESO will not influence Chapter VI I suppose it’ll be fine by me.
            However, I’m still disappointed from this obvious money grab, didn’t expect it from them to follow this suit. I’ll wait for the free-trial to try out the complete game, not throwing away my money blindly at them, for extra content, to find myself in a potential incomplete and broken game. Have fun.

  3. Fábio Anselmo (@FabioDCAnselmo) January 29, 2014 11:40 pm 

    On the whole level zones debate, personally, I would have preferred if the zones had no level barriers. You should be able to go anywhere regardless of your level.
    Now, I’m not saying the monsters and creatures should be tuned down to your level, not at all, I am saying that all creatures should have a fixed level according to their species (normal wolves would be level 3-4 for example and trolls 18-21) and there should be a random chance of them spanning depending on the zone. Now, a level 12 character should be allowed to go to a zone where the average creature level is 20, there would be a random chance that a weaker monster shows up in the same way a stronger creature could shows up because, in a real environment, creatures do move and do not stay stuck on the same zone forever.
    This would promote characters venturing carefully into new zones and, even if they did go to a new zone and a creature with a higher level shows up, they can still face it and have that small possibility of winning, because it is REALISTIC (also, big groups of players could then try to go to new areas, since it would be easier to beat higher level mobs) but then again, this is what would happen in a realistic situation with no code limitations.

    It does make sense that until level 50 (and the end of the main quest line) you are not allowed to enter Skyrim if you are part of the AD (and so on). But players should still be allowed to enter it. Even if it means they can be attacked by Nords, Dunmers and Kajiits in what would otherwise would be a non PVP area. If Zinemax wanted to say, control level 49 players entering a different region and attacking level 10 players they simply either need to have A) NPCs in these regions attack these players that haven’t yet completed the main story line or B) if a level 49 character from the AD enters the DF or the EP they will enter at a zone where the creatures have a higher chance of being around level 50 because, consequentially (following my level idea written above) the characters in these areas would be around the same level too.
    Once they finish the main quest line there would be no hostility, probably due to some sort of diplomatic immunity or seize-fire.

    Anyways, just opinions that could make the make much more enjoyable from a “realist” perspective. As good as ESO is going to be it still feels very much tied down, chained even, by the laws of the game.

    • Fábio Anselmo (@FabioDCAnselmo) January 29, 2014 11:46 pm 

      Nords, Dunmers and *Argonians!! Silly mistake there, don’t want the wrath of either the feline or the reptiles upon me!

    • AvidFanTony January 30, 2014 5:10 am 

      on zone leveling i wish they added in a level scaling like in guild wars 2. so that yes, you don’t want to go to a zone that’s 5 lvls higher than you or you will be raped, but if you do want to go back to previous zones you wont 1 shot mobs and will for the most part always be somewhat challenged, yes you will have skill point advantages but you wont be 1 shotting everything left and right, it also allows you to go back and level up with a friend. really that’s all that kept me playing guild wars 2 was that i could go back and play with a friend or he could come back and level up with me. i am very disappointing with load screens in between zones though. majorly disappointing… hate load screens. i understand going into houses and all but going from say, red mountain to skyrim, you cant head west and swim across the channel into skyrim territory, you need to go to a certain npc to travel (load screen tp) there.

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