Poll Results: ESO Makes You Happy

Are You Happy with ESO?

With the current information and those lucky enough to have beta tested, are you happy with ESO?

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Apparently you’re happy with the current state of the game as an overwhelming percentage of you said you were. I’ll be very interested to ask this again when open beta hits as I think the numbers will only go up. Be it the information you’ve been given or the chances you’ve had to play the game, you’ve made your choice. I’d like to think the ShoddyCast has helped in this regard by bring you the information as we hear it ourselves and we cannot wait to tell you our full and honest impressions of the game when the embargo is lifted.


If I’m honest, I thought more people would be undecided on this one as many of you might not have had enough personal experience with the game to definitively say you were happy with it. Be that as it may, I think most of you undecided folk will change your answers to yes once you actually play the game for an extended amount of time. Even a weekend of beta is not nearly enough time to really grasp all that this game has to offer.

As for those few that are not happy with the game, I’d love to know why. There’s no accusatory tone here, I’m just honestly interested in what you feel spoils the game for you and would love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments here or on our social networking sites.



Lots of Controllers, Which is Your Favorite?

Which company has made your favorite console controller?

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Originally, I was going to list the individual controllers from the history of console gaming but that would have been ridiculously long. Then I thought I’d shorten it to the past 10 years and even still it would have been too long of a list. So instead, I broke it down to the top company that produced your favorite controller. I know many of you were probably thinking of your most recent favorite and didn’t go the nostalgic route and that’s fine. Lots of advancements have come along since the days of Atari’s supremacy.


I suppose Microsoft won this poll based on the Xbox 360 controller. I have to admit that I enjoy the controller myself. I never liked the Playstation controller as it felt to small in my hands but I do prefer their joystick/D-pad layout to that found on the Xbox controller.

As for my choice for absolute worst controller, that would have to be the N64. Though it is my favorite console of my adolescent years, the controller was just so stupid. You’d have to move you’re entire left hand just to use the D-pad and when you did that, you’d have to strain a finger just to reach the Z-button. What were they thinking? It was my first controller with bumper(shoulder) buttons which was cool and the C-buttons added more versatility to their games and made rocking out on an ocarina easy and intuitive.




  1. Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay January 28, 2014 5:48 am 

    First I got to say nothing beats the keyboard and mouse lol that being said I always liked the playstation controller the best out of all the consoles

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