Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: It Will Fail

We have the winners of the Plantronics RIG headset giveaway contest here! We discuss the recent Forbes articles that predict the failure of ESO. Is it accurate? We pick it apart in this week’s episode. We also speculate on ESO’s release of open beta and when ZOS will lift the embargo.

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  1. Zan January 17, 2014 12:30 pm 

    Kyle, you’re a man of my own heart!
    In-guild the other day someone was complaining about the sub-fee… My exact response was, “A sub fee will make sure the world is full of mostly Elder Scrolls fans and a select group of more mature MMO players ready for what the game has to offer”
    Pretty much what you said… I think the sub-fee model is the best model for them to START with.. After recouping some of their production expenses I feel they will go to a modified sub-fee business model of some kind.. Hopefully with micro-transactions which offer no real, tangible in-game benefits

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