Poll Results: ESO Has More Progression Than Skyrim?

Welcome back to the ShoddyCast! It’s been a lovely holiday but it’s time to slowly return to our normal working schedule. Luckily for me, this means discussing Elder Scrolls Online.


ESO Has More Progression Than Past TES Games?

Given what we know now, do you feel ESO will have enough character progression to satisfy the veteran Elder Scrolls fan?

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Much information has come to us about ESO’s progression system through interviews, trailers and gameplay. Most of you have seen this information and thus can give a pretty accurate assessment of whether or not ESO’s progression system will be robust enough for the common TES fan. Let’s discuss some of the features we currently know about.


The open-ended skill system allows for making builds that suits not only our preferred playstyle but most situations we’ll be facing in ESO. As we gain skill points through questing, leveling, capturing skyshard and other activities, we can get new skills to equip and more passives that actively work in the background to buff our characters. On top of that we’ve learned recently that the skill points can also go toward our preferred tradeskills as well.

As we grow stronger with our skills, our armor is constantly being upgraded with stronger and stronger versions with more impressive enchantments. On top of enchantments, we have runes to improve our armor even further. Not only do the stats improve but the look of our armor as well. As you get higher level gear, you’ll look more and more badass and who doesn’t want that?


Beyond the skills, crafting and armor/weapons, we have PvP and ranks. As you become a god amongst mere mortals on the battlefield, you’ll progress through the ranking system, gaining new titles that will be displayed on your nameplate in the form of icons.

With Veteran Points to continue progression after level 50, the upcoming crime system and morality system, there’s sure to be more and more progression added to ESO to make sure we feel like we’re accomplishing something great!


What Was Your Vote for Best Game of 2013?

VGX (formerly Spike VGA) Game of the Year was GTA5. What was your pick?

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I won’t go too much into this topic as it’s very subjective. I’d say based on feedback from other players that the top 3 games would be Bioshock Infinite, GTA 5 and The Last of Us. Had I been able to play the latter two, I might have had a hard time deciding; but as I haven’t, Bioshock is the easy answer. If you had the pleasure of playing the other 2 games, which of the 3 was your favorite?




  1. Approxy January 5, 2014 8:39 pm 

    I wish other was an optio. For Game of the Year. My favorite game was Brothers!

  2. Shadanwolf January 5, 2014 9:06 pm 

    I was underwhelmed(to put it mildly) with the lack of true professions. I love playing an archer …NOT A NIGHTBLADE…an archer. The best I can do is be a mele stealther who chooses to use a bow. For me….very disappointing.

    Crafting…..career progression…..we don’t know a thing.

    I want the best for this game but 4 1/2 from launch…I’m concerned about what I see..and don’t see.

    • VexedForest January 6, 2014 12:31 am 

      Choosing the nightblade class doesn’t force you into anything. You can still be a pure archer if you want. A class doesn’t force you to play a certain way and the devs have been stressing that point. You could be a nightblade tank and it would still work.

    • Nolan January 6, 2014 6:14 am 

      lol you moron. You can pick whatever class you want and do whatever the hell you want. You don’t have to pick the Nightblade.
      You’re absolutely daft, do some more research before you go spewing nonsensical baseless incorrect comments.

    • Parvati January 6, 2014 7:40 pm 

      Classes in ESO don’t have the same meaning as in other games, they only provide you with 3 skill lines. You can pick any of the four classes and be a good archer, though personally I’d lean towards nightblade if you want to be a sneaky sniper or sorcerer for the summons or the quick getaways.
      Chances are your choice of race will impact your archery more than your choice of class.

    • euantmitch January 6, 2014 7:44 pm 

      You could be any class and use a bow, but it depends how you want to use it –

      With heavy armour? – Dragon Knight
      With light armour/stealth? – Nightblade
      With other (healing) abilities? – Templar
      If you want to use bound bow/familiars etc.? – Sorcerer

      • Parvati January 7, 2014 4:10 pm 

        Actually Dragon Knight is not tied to heavy armour. None of the classes are, armour is covered by skill lines just as weapons are. AFAIK if you want to be a dragon knight damage dealer you’ll probably want mostly medium armour to get stamina and the 5-piece passive for attack speed.
        (BTW – medium armour in ESO is what used to be light armour in TES games, and light armour in ESO is cloth; and any class can stealth, nightblade just gets some cool extras for it)

  3. Aubrey Chinners January 6, 2014 1:55 am 

    Couldn’t agree more with Forest, people will always want to be negative though.

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