Looking Back at 2013 & Forward to 2014

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It is the closing days of 2013 and that time of the year when everyone looks back and reflects on the 364 days that came before. This year has been an incredible one for me, as a gamer, as a fan of fiction, and as a content producer; but more importantly it was an amazing year for us, every donor, every reader, and every viewer that ever watched a video on the ShoddyCast Channel.

2013 will be forever imprinted in my brain as the year that the ShoddyCast came into its own. The year we launched the Elder Scrolls Lore Series, the Fallout Lore Series, and saw 21 Reasons ESO hit a half million views. The year the ShoddyCast was featured on Massively, not once, but three times. The year two brothers sat down and got to interview human teddy bear Jesse Cox, and Force of Force Strategy Gaming.  It was the year two avid Elder Scrolls fans got to talk about gaming with an actual developer working on the Elder Scrolls Online. This age of entertainment and technology we live in is truly remarkable, is it not? It is good to be a nerd.

Content creators usually like to take this moment to thank their fans, but words are cheap (I heard that in a movie once). You don’t want words, you want more great content, and we endeavor to provide it.

When Kyle and I founded the ShoddyCast a little over a year ago we knew from the start we wanted to prize quality over quantity. Funny enough, we wouldn’t push anything of quality out our doors until months later, but you get the idea. With the introduction of documentary-style lore videos to the channel I can faithfully say that the ShoddyCast is well on its way to reaching our high standards of quality. We’ve worked harder than we have ever worked to ensure each and every lore video is as epic as the games they are based on. I like lore. I LOVE LORE, and I try hard to make sure that love translates to you, the viewer. It is this love, this passion from all of us here that separates the ShoddyCast from the half-hearted noise; and as we know, there is A LOT of noise on YouTube.

I like to preach about how Bethesda Game Studios is a great game developer, and it is because they hold themselves to a higher standard. We want our viewers to tune in every week knowing they are getting something better than the standard. A polished and well thought out product is what good game developers aim for, why shouldn’t it be what good YouTubers aim for?

With all that said, we’d like to recommit ourselves to the ShoddyCast and its community. In 2014 we will endeavor to do our very best in making video content; content of a higher standard. Otherwise- what’s the point?

In 2014 expect to see a lot of growth. More shows. More talent. More lore. Your support, big or small, will help push the channel to new heights. Thanks for taking the ride with us thus far. Boys and girls please raise a glass to 2013, because 2014- is going to be one hell of a ride. See you then…

Your comrade in shoddiness,


Kyle (left) and Josh (right) enjoying some end-of-the-year cigars. Shortly after picture was taken Josh died of lung cancer.

Kyle (left) and Josh (right) enjoying some end-of-the-year cigars, pretending to be cool. Shortly after picture was taken Josh died of lung cancer and Kyle laughed.


  1. Sosar January 2, 2014 1:34 am 

    2013: The year I found the ShoddyCast!! Epic. GREAT job Josh and Kyle!!! Thanks for everything you do. Your passion is evident on our PC screens, FOR SURE!!

    – Sosar Talibrit

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