ESO Info: Important PvP Updates

Hello everyone! Hope your holidays are going well. Since we aren’t having ESO Weekly for a couple weeks, I will be writing a couple articles should important news be released. The past couple weeks have had some interesting PvP news. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh God, more PvP crap?” But trust me, some of this is pretty cool.



Creating ESO: Cyrodiilic Keeps

DC-FlagFirst and foremost, we have confirmation on grappling hooks being used in ESO thanks to ZOS’ Creating ESO article. Your dreams of scaling walls into the inner sanctum of keeps will be a reality. Where was this confirmation? Check the picture above and you’ll see hook points for siege equipment. As there’s several hooks around the entire inner keep, we can assume this means it’s for dozens of players to scale the walls while other players work on the keep door. This will make defending the keep much more challenging as it will keep defending players from bottlenecking the entire attacking force inside the first room of the keep. We don’t know if these grapple hooks will be part of a grapple launcher or if we throw them, but we know there will be multiple hook points to aim at.

They mention alliance-specific hook points but we aren’t sure how this will work. Will they limit hook points for certain alliances? That doesn’t seem likely unless they are using it as a balancing feature making it easier for a losing alliance to gain a keep and thus more points. I’m very interested to see how this system progresses as a whole. I’m interested to see if people with the right skills could even scale walls while stealthed. And will defending players be able to click on the active hook point to detach the rope?


EP-FlagLet’s take a look at the article from Zam. While most of the information was stuff we’ve known for a while, there were some interesting tidbits of new info there.

There’s a lot of PvP ranks to receive but they won’t be displayed in full text, making your nameplate 5 feet long. Instead, there’s symbols for each rank and that will be next to your name.

We know Cyrodiil is going to be a big zone, but how big? What perspective can we be given to get a feel for it’s size? ZOS says it will take roughly 20-30 minutes on foot to cross from the most southern tip to the most northern tip. Now that’s as the bird flies, so no one attacks you, nothing is in your way and you aren’t scaling mountains or getting distracted by quests, gathering or exploring public dungeons. Think how far you could get in Skyrim if you avoided combat and just ran for 20-30 minutes. Pretty big!

The most interesting bit of info was that guilds can capture not only keeps but the resources found around them. A guild can only claim one thing but regardless of if it’s a keep, farm, lumbermill or mine, you’ll be able to display your guild’s guild store to all who come by your claimed territory and talk to your quartermaster. To claim a keep or resource, the article says you simply talk to the quartermaster located there when it’s under your alliance’s control, but there’s got to be more to it than that. Surely, there will be some cost associated with it with either gold or alliance points. Undoubtedly there will be a mad rush to keeps and resources when ESO first launches so guilds can claim their lands.

Everyone is assigned a home campaign, this much we knew, but you’ll be able to choose a guest campaign as well should there be a queue for your home campaign. On top of that, you can join a group with your friend and you’ll be able to join their campaign as well. The only downside to this is that you’ll only gain alliance buffs when in your home campaign.

Ask Us Anything: Cyrodiil

So much info in this week’s AUA!

Costumes. Everyone likes costumes. They let you change your gear’s appearance without changing its stats. Sadly though, this will not give an advantage in PvP. Don’t expect to be able to fool your enemies on the battlefield into thinking you’re one of them before you thrash their face off.

AD-FlagElder Scrolls are like capture the flag in Cyrodiil. You’ll be able to snatch them up from enemy territories and run them back to your lands to gain alliance-wide buffs. The catch is the scrolls will be displayed on the map at all times which means the enemy will know exactly where you are. On top of that, a display message will appear anytime a scroll is taken, recovered or captured. When you grab an Elder Scroll, don’t expect to fast travel your way back to friendly lands. If you fast travel, mount up or disconnect, the scroll will be dropped which can then be grabbed by another player.

There’s all this group activity but what about the players that like solo combat or ganking unsuspecting players? ZOS recommends that you stay around natural choke points located at gates between territories or stealth around the endpoint of transit lines or towns where quest givers are. There should be plenty of stragglers to pick off at your heart’s content.

Keeps are upgraded overtime while the 3 resources around the keeps are maintained by the same alliance. Some subtle changes will appear on the keep as it’s upgraded but mostly the upgrades will be to the hitpoints of walls and doors. If the keep’s resources are taken by enemy players, the keep won’t degrade immediately, but overtime instead. It should also be stated that should all 3 resources be taken by enemies, you’ll lose the transit line to that keep which means no more fast travel to that keep.

Ranks were mentioned in the Zam article, but we know now that there will be 50 ranks in total with 25 titles and grades to gain. As you rank up, you’re worth more alliance points when defeated in battle. As such, if you kill someone of a higher rank than yourself, you’ll gain more alliance points than if they were lower rank than you.

Those interested in large group combat may like to know that creating a raid group is very easy. Simply invite more than 4 players into your group and you’ll find that your group interface has changed and now has room for up to 24 players.

Since we’re on the topic of interfaces, let’s talk a bit about the Alliance War interface. Opening this up, you’ll find info like leaderboards and alliance progress. You’ll also see a list of available campaigns. Your home campaign, guest campaign as well as all your friends’ campaigns will be noted for easy access. You can even change your home campaign through this interface but you’ll be limited in that regard.


Lot of information as I said. Hopefully some of it was enlightening and answered some of your questions. I know it did for me. Stay tuned as more information is released. ESO Weekly will be back up on the 8th of January. See you then!

Update: I thought I had said this in the article, but I suppose I was too overzealous with my speculation to have stated it before though I believe we did so in the following ESO Weekly video. So though the hook points could very well be used in the future for attacking alliance to use grapples, it’s very likely that they are simply a point for defending alliance member to place their own siege equipment. The confusion comes in when you think about other articles posted by ZOS when they state that siege equipment can be place on any flat surface with enough room and far enough away from other equipment. So why the need for anchor points then?



  1. RedSatyr December 25, 2013 12:45 am 

    I expected “hook points” to be referring to where a siege weapon can be placed. Not where people could grapple, though that’s be cool. Am I the only one who thought that?

  2. Michael McConnell December 25, 2013 3:33 am 

    I don’t think castle will be able to defend themselves with Siege weapons ^ as siege weapons usually aren’t part of a defensive structure like a Keep. Thought I may be wrong, I assume the hook points are partly represented in on of the videos (not depicting game play).

  3. Robert Thomason December 25, 2013 5:16 pm 

    Hey shoddy I was wondering if I could use your guys lore videos on my guild site not all of the people in my guild watch your vids and I would like them to if I have permission then please respond back at my gmail or on my guilds site ayrenn

  4. Michael McConnell December 26, 2013 3:01 am 

    I stand corrected on the bases keeps didn’t have siege weapons ( I had to review the game play video further), I cant determine what these “hook points” reefer to clearly on that note.

    • RedSatyr December 26, 2013 9:03 am 

      I’m pretty sure the “hook points” are where siege weapons can be placed for defending the keep.

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