Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Sandbox or Theme Park MMO?

So what’s a sandbox MMO and a theme park MMO? And which would ESO fall under? Let’s start the discussion this episode and see the final verdict from the ShoddyCast. ESO Weekly will be absent for 2 weeks during the holiday season and will be back on January 8th.


  1. David December 18, 2013 4:47 pm 

    for the next 46 minutes.. the world does not exist..

  2. Daralyn December 18, 2013 6:39 pm 

    please, no more!! – please don’t use outdated footage with that TERRIBLE TERRIBLE outdated Argonian skin. As proud Lizard, I weep every time I see it!

  3. Rygol-gro-Burkhal December 18, 2013 7:03 pm 

    I think you’re spot on, that it needs to be both sandbox and theme park. Kyle, I’m just like you, in that I love following the story. First thing I did in Skyrim was run through the thieve’s guild quest line, because of how much I loved becoming the Grey Fox in Oblivion. But at the same time, I love walking to all the quest locations so I encounter all those shinies out there, like Bard’s Leap in the Reach.

    Oh, and the Lusty Argonian Maid was written during the 3rd Era by Crassius Curio, or Uncle Crassius, as the Nerevarine knew him from his time in house Hlaalu (sorry, I had to bring this up, because I have some rather disturbing memories of Crassius calling me “pudding” and asking me to take off all my gear so he can “see what I’m made of”). Despite this, I will still smile if I see it in a tavern the 2nd Era.

    Oh, and as always, for King and Covenant (or coin…)!

  4. Mino Odori December 18, 2013 8:32 pm 

    Very nice episode as always 🙂 Oh, You’re now my favorite oracle!
    You can be proud of yourself, gentlemens.

  5. Chris December 19, 2013 2:51 am 

    Will there be an open beta for eso? If so then when?
    Thx and FOR THE QUEEN

  6. Sosar Talibrit December 19, 2013 5:05 am 

    Hey guys, LOVE your vlogs, seriously, Shoddy Cast is the best!

    I do have a topic I would like to bring up and discuss w/ you and the Shoddy audience, that being the topic of “open world”ness within ESO. I have listened to you repeatedly state that ESO wont have the same open, or “sandbox” feel because of segmented zones that will have a load screen when transitioning between territories. I hear what you’re saying, but I think you are putting so much into the fact that we have a load screen there, and stating that wasn’t something we experienced in past TES games. Here is where I would disagree with you and bring up a couple things… First being, when entering a city, tavern, cave, dungeon, etc. in Skyrim there is ALWAYS a load screen, and that pause kind of reminds us that, yes, we are playing a computer game. (Its much quicker now on my new machine and SSD then it was playing on my laptop, that’s for sure!!) It sucks, but technological limitations require that. I think, Josh, you especially, seem to be saying that ESO isn’t going to have a “open” feel because of load screens. But how can such an undertaking and MASSIVE world, as it has been explained to us, NOT have, at some point, load screens? Especially if the zones are as large as Zenimax is stating!… I think you (me also, and everyone, perhaps) are speaking more from the “ideally” since, rather then taking into consideration very real limitations within software, hardware, and servers, combined with dependence on network connections to keep everyone within milliseconds of “real time” within the game. I just don’t see how it possibly could NOT have some sort of load screens at some point.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I hear what you’re saying and get what you are after. I just don’t think its such a gaming experience changer as you seem to be making it out to be, and defiantly (in my eyes) not one that will be intrusive or limiting as much as to detract from the world’s vast feel and “openness”…

    I hope I’m right. We shall see. I would love your response, thanks.

    Again, Shoddy Cast is the bee’s knees!!!

    – Bryan / Sosar Talibrit

  7. Sosar Talibrit December 19, 2013 5:14 am 

    Oh, and by the way, Josh, I’m with you on the exploration and stumbling across quests rather then the strictly linear system, for SURE!

  8. Toadprotector December 19, 2013 6:21 am 

    In both Oblivion and Skyrim I usualy spend 90% of my play time exploring, slaying dragons or entering gates or finding and doing small quests and longer quest lines such as the Mage’s Guild/ College of Winterhold… and 5% Customising my character and messing around killing everyone (and reading books: I dont read most of the fiction fiction, just the lore fiction.)… and 5% Doing the main questline and appreciating the story. I thus finish the game 10times at least slower than I could. And thus a sandbox is the one I want. 🙂 Thanks for the constant effort you two put in every week!

  9. Cryzeteur December 19, 2013 7:33 pm 

    What do I want in ESO? I do both things. I like to follow the rails and complete a quest line, but I also get tired of the rails and go off and just do something I want. I craft armor or weapons or do alchemy or make money or explore. The fun thing about ES is that you can do both things and have fun.

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