Elder Scrolls Online Release Date Announced! 4-4-14


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In our last poll results, we tinkered with the question of what month we thought ESO would hit shelves and Kyle even went as far to guess the day. And wouldn’t you know it, Kyle was dead on the money! So what does this change in the community now that we know its release?


Prepare for the community to grow immensely! As this news hits the mainstream media of gaming, interests will be peeked for people who lost interest and for those who haven’t heard about ESO yet. Be patient with these people as they won’t know a lot of information about the game and will be bringing up old subjects that we’ve beaten to death in the past. Help these people out by politely answering their questions and by referring them to our past videos.

You may have noticed that the PC version will release 2 months before that of the console versions. This is a great idea as it will allow the PC version to release on time while giving developers enough time to properly port the game to consoles. They will also have valuable information from the PC release that they can then translate into the console release. Why make the same mistakes twice when you can avoid it, right? It will also bolster sales as many console gamers will not be patient enough to wait for their release date and thus purchase it for PC as well. We wouldn’t be surprised if ESO announced paid character transfers from platform to platform just before the console’s release.

Expect more and more news to be released now that the release date has been announced. They have started the hype train and will need to keep it going now that interests are peeked.

If you’re friends and family become interested in ESO, please refer them to these great ESO community leaders for more information:


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  1. David December 12, 2013 6:47 pm 

    HEAR HEAR!!! A toast for the good man and the truth he speaks!!

  2. David December 12, 2013 6:49 pm 

    Undoubtedly they will have to do some sort of mass stress test on their servers.. this last beta was over 300k people (me included).. if they want to have a smooth launch date, they will need test the servers capability of having millinos and millions of people logging on at 12:01 AM 4/4/14..

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