Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Character Progression

This week we dissect the new Character Progression video released by ZOS. If you haven’t seen it yet, stay right there as we will show you the full vid first thing. Tune in Friday for more Talos lore and Friday night ESO Alliance will be live on QGN’s twitch channel.

7 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Character Progression

  • Tinkerbell

    Nick touched on racials being included into game, would you on Shoddy expand on this part of character planning please?

  • Rygol-gro-Burkhal

    I had a question about the character progression video. About 3 minutes in, when Nick is talking about how class and race affect your character’s progression, there are several shots of two characters of the same race standing together in matching armor. Do these shots perhaps show in-game models of the racial armors we’ve been hearing so much about? I’m intrigued, because the Orc armor looks much more rough than what we saw in the concept art just released – just as it should! Great show as always guys, and for King and Covenant!

  • Parker "The Steve" Stevens. (Mirez Elderon)

    You could get Peter Jackson to direct the Elder Scrolls movie.
    And how is this for the DC “motto”: Glory to the Covenant

  • Jared

    Orcs are part of the covenant primarily because they are excellent smiths that the Covenant needed. I think that shiny orc armor is ok. Only if its made from Malachite of course. ;)

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