Poll Results: Better Late Than Never…

Hello all you gaming nuts out there! Long time no speak. We’ve been busy getting the new Fallout and Elder Scrolls lore series up and running so the smaller things have been pushed aside. Things are starting to settle so let’s get some poll results out there and what they might mean. A couple weeks ago we asked you a couple questions: have you attended a gaming convention and what weapon would you like to see included in ESO?

Of the weapon types below, which would you most like to see in ESO post-launch?

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Spears. A staple of the Morrowind community that hasn’t been back except in mod form. No clue why developers haven’t included them but they haven’t. Perhaps they are too close to two-handed weapons and they feel they don’t deserve their own skill line. Maybe it’s because they can be both ranged AND melee so they didn’t want to choose or give the unfair advantage of being both. Honestly though they would be a very welcomed addition.


My idea of a spear skill line would consist of a conal attack and a whirlwind-style attack, but where the changes take place from 2H-ers is that spears indeed can be thrown. So have a couple abilities that throw a spear for certain effects like a snare or bleed. Have spears be throw-able at range but then are swung when enemies are in melee range. Some of you may think that’s unfair but bows deal just as much damage at close range as they do long. It would just look silly to throw a spear when the enemy is 2 feet in front of you.

Another weapon we’ve missed from Morrowind are throwing weapons and crossbows. Now let me stop here and say that these, as well as spears, could just be added in with skill lines that already exist. Spears could be included with 2H weapons except they wouldn’t be throw-able then and the throwing weapons and crossbows could rather easily be added to the bow skill line. Just change the tool tips from “arrow” to “projectile” and there you have it. After that, just add some more weapon animations and you have very satisfied subscribers.



Let me just add that I really want scythes. I loved them in GW1 as a Dervish and would love to be spinning around a huge scythe, slicing up my enemies. Might make gather easier too.

How many times have you attended a gaming convention?

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Gaming conventions. A mecca for all things nerd and nerd-like, plus hot models in cosplay who probably don’t know what character their playing as. Regardless, it seems like a hoot! A say seem like because neither of us have been to a gaming convention as of yet. As the channel becomes more prominent and we explore other facets of gaming, we hope a visit to one of these is warranted.


If you’ve been to one before, though according to the poll only about 18% of you have been to one, what was your best and worst experience? Let us know on facebook or twitter.


  1. Kelvin Campbell November 26, 2013 3:21 am 

    Don’t forget to change the poll questions! I want to see what else you come up with!

  2. Grey November 26, 2013 5:36 am 

    They could use a system similar to the warden class in LoTRO with a spear for melee attacks and separate “javalin”s for ranged attacks

  3. Alonzo The Enchanted November 26, 2013 6:02 am 

    I really want to go to a gaming convention. Alot of So Cal gaming conventions have stop running over the pasts few years , unfortunately .

  4. Alan November 26, 2013 7:41 am 

    seconded, more polls please! and lots of them. TF has already covered a great deal of player class/race/preference data, but there’s still tons of room to ask questions like how many think the subscription model is good as is, or which faction people are most excited about. How about whether you would be a vampire or werewolf??? endless really

  5. Hodr November 26, 2013 11:46 pm 

    Many people consider spears a 2H weapon. But when you look into history you will see that it more often was a 1H weapon. Ancient Greeks used spear and shield, The Romans also used it this way and with them many more examples can be given. Different spears were often used for throwing and stabbing. I also would love spears in games. They are such versatile weapons. And thats the same reason why i think gamebuilders have a hard time to implement these. There are just too many options how to use them. Ranged, 1H and shield or 2H. I think they could implement them as they do with swords, they also come in 1H and 2H versions. And for the ranged version they could class them as if it were bows or crossbows, so more for the ranger / hunter classes.

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