Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Slim Edition

This week we had to cut the show short as we are in the middle of moving the Shoddy cave to another location. No news this week anyways so expect a normally formatted show next week! Don’t forget that Fallout lore premieres this Friday!

5 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Slim Edition

  • Jay Leavitt

    Regarding the last question… I thought it was confirmed that you cannot play with members from another faction.

    You can visit those areas for 50+ and 50++, but it will be phased and you will only see your faction in those areas.

    The only place you will see the other 2 factions will be in Cyrodiil, where they and their friends will be killing you in the face.

  • Zork

    I have been watching your videos on Youtube since November 9th, 2012. I love your work and insights. Every time a new video comes out my work stops for the duration of the video. And yes, Zork is really my nickname given to me by my Dedo when I was a baby back in 1969.

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