Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Sorcerer Skill Line

ESO Weekly has a new day! Wednesdays will be the new day of the week for ESO news so be sure to adjust your schedules. This week we discuss the Ask Us Anything article posted by ZOS and then we check out the Sorcerer skill lines. Don’t miss it!

5 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Sorcerer Skill Line

  • PwntFace


    You made an excellent point about waiting vs buying at launch.. I’m someone who never got into WoW hardcore, because by the time I decided to try it, it was already so overwhelming and felt like I would never get to the ‘level’ as people who have been playing for months or years..

    I will be buying the game at launch.

  • Seth

    Do you guys think that Xbox and PC subs are going to be able to cross over? NOT characters, just the ability to be able to play, like a link system on the website? Just a curiosity with the multiple consoles. If not my problem is some of my friends may only get it on xbox and I’m a PC fan, if i spend another $60 for the xbox version i’ll be bummed if they wanted another $15 a month.

  • Dreamtide

    I couldn’t agree more on keeping Josh as narrator for the Elder Scrolls Lore Series. The “to get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to beginning” thing has kind of become his trademark, and frankly, it was really weird to hear it out of somebody else’s mouth, professional or no…

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