Ask Us Anything: Recent Questions from the Shoddience #13



Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


Hello again, in your lore video on khajiits you said how there are different forms of khajiit like the Alfiq and the senche-raht. Do you think we will see these forms of khajiit in Elsweyr or in cyrodil? Thank you.

by Sean Morgan

There will be multiple forms including the Mane. Doubtful that all will make an appearance though. It’s hard to tell if the ordinary house cats running around Riften aren’t dirty Alfiq spies!!!


Hi guys, I just watched your video that talked about the templar skill line and wondered if it is possible to have skills from each of the trees or if you are restricted to only one?

by Mark Watson

There’s no restrictions like that. You cannot use another class’ skill line and must choose between vampire or werewolf. Other than that, you’re only limited by the amount of skill points you have. Plus, some skills are blocked until the appropriate level in that skill line. That’s just standard progression.


Another question: Nothing has been said about graphics for several months, that being said, the last time it was mentioned, it was stated that ”all systems 5 years or less would be able to play ESO.”

Would this be a 5 year old super computer? Meaning that, if i went and brought a new system, today, would it still need to be decent or can it be a pile of crap and i just lower the graphic settings? my current computer is a pile of proverbial shit, so either way i’ll be getting a new system, i would just like to know what my spend limit should be (English) obviously i don’t want numbers, but some advice on what i should need would be enough, Thanks

by Daniel Rocco

They said it would play on a 5 year old average laptop. As in it was an average laptop 5 years ago. Of course the graphics would be very low at that point. ESO is VERY scalable graphically speaking. Check if you want a company to build you a custom PC. They have helpful forums as well if you need help building a PC at a specific budget. Wait for Christmas or Thanksgiving and you’ll see big deals and free upgrades.


Hey guys big fan of your weekly shows I have a quick question. What effect do you think leveling in ESO will have on our health, magicka, and stamina? Will it be that they go up by a random amount each time we level, or will it be our classic TES style where we pick which one gets a boost each level? Only reason I ask is because this will definitely tie into the strength of our weapons and abilities. Keep up the good work guys. FOR THE QUEEN!!

by Connor Whitney

Both. Each time you level, all of your stats will raise up a set amount. You also get a point to put into 1 of the 3 so all stats will progress but you can choose which progress more.


I’m sorry if you guys have already answered this In a video, but how will the looting system work? For example: if you are in a dungeon, your group kills a boss, and he drops a weapon that will only help you. Will anybody be able to take that weapon no matter what? If that makes sense.

by Zachary Chick

Loot is instanced to the player. So you’d get something completely different or separate as anyone else in the group. It may be the same item but your own item. Gold I believe is split among the entire group. Most items can be traded with others so if someone else got the drop you wanted, you can trade if they haven’t equipped it yet.


Hi guys I was wondering how hard it will be to cast spellls if wearing heavy armour? I say this because the backlash ability on the Templar skill line seems quite a tank like ability but sounds like it takes up a fair bit of magika.

by Mark Watson

Got that bit wrong in the video. Backlash is cast on an enemy and absorbs damage done to that enemy. After the time runs out, it explodes all the damage done plus 30% more. Not a tanking skill. Heavy armor doesn’t have passives that help casting. Light armor does. So you can have heavy armor with magicka but you might miss out on passives you really need.


Question, will we not be able to cast spells with our hands, because all i’ve heard have been casting with staves? i have follow-up questions depending on the answer. Thanks Kyle

by Kaelin Daroczy

Spells and stills cast regardless of what’s in your hand. Think of it like in Oblivion. You can have 2 daggers in your hand and still cast Fiery Reach as a Dragonknight. Weapons simply give you more skills to unlock and use. Keep in mind that you must have the weapon in hand to cast the spell or skill that corresponds with it.

so i’ll still be able to heal my self with my hands (like oblivion) with out needing a healing staff?

Only if you have access to a skill line with healing, like Templar does. Otherwise, no. But that’s what weapon swapping is for. Switch to your staff to throw some heals and then bounce back to your damaging weapon set. There’s no cooldown on swapping.


Will your characters affect your hitbox? (The area where arrows and swords count as a hit). If so being short would be extremely

by Noah Daniel Thompson

Hitboxes are the same size, regardless. Making a small toon can still be helpful in PvP.


Another question. Will low level characters be put into lobbies with higher level characters? This could be extremely frustrating to be one hit by everyone.

by Noah Daniel Thompson

I’m asusming you mean in Cyrodillic PvP/AvA. Everyone is leveled to 50, meaning your stats will match that of a level 50 player. You will still only have access to the skills you came in with however so you will be at a disadvantage, which you rightfully should be. I’m not sure about gear, but I would assume that would get a buff as well, but no way confirmed. Still a nice way to level your character and skills, plus get some gear to run with.


In ESO, do you think that the only light armour will be robes?

My pure mage Breton needs to feel manly!

by Todd Withnall

From what I’ve seen and heard, the chest piece is the robes part. If you really don’t want robes, where medium or heavy chest piece.


What will paralyze spells be like in ESO. Will it be really overpowered, or will it be underpowered? I’m concerned about this in pvp. If someone get’s you with paralyze, will he be able to kill you from full health?

by Zachary Chick

Nothing paralyzes per se. There’s stuns, roots and disorientation instead. They can be quite effective and could allow the time needed to kill you quickly. There are counters to this if you’re quick enough however.


Hello ShoddyCast.

Love the interview with The Konk. I was curious on what both your opinion’s are of the single player story? Do you think it will be at level cap start a chain? Or do you think it will be a like wow and have quests every some amount of levels to progress? What’s your thoughts and idea’s? Thank you! Keep up the fantastic work!

by Derek Michaud

There’s no set level required to continue on your main story, but if you try to rush through you may find that you’ll be too low a level to continue without dying every 2 seconds. You’ll most likely need to do another side quests, dungeons or PvP in order to keep up with the suggested levels. Luckily, there’s plenty of side quest chains to keep you busy.


Will a Sorcerer with a resto staff, be able to be able to compete with a Templar with a resto staff? or will the Sorcerer be at a huge disadvantage?

by Andrew Gross

Sorcerer will have fewer options but Sorcerer can make up for it in other ways. For instance, they can sacrifice useless stamina for more magicka which means more heals overall.


Just finished watching ESO alliance and first and for most can I just say, you represented yourselves well, and brought more to the table then most, don’t get me wrong the others was a credit but Shoddy Cast represented lol, I have a major concern about what was said regarding guild stores and hope you can find the time to answer this, or post it on your ask us anything.

So my concern is you said guild stores will be open to people in a keep that your alliance holds, and items are sold at a fixed price, in TES games one of the main features of the game is bartering! you can knock down a traders price if you had more of a silver tongue.

I fear this is going to be lost and feel its a big thing, do you think one of there planned DLC will be a governing or merchant system, after all barter is a massive part of TES and whole alliances have been forged by people that are diplomatic or natural leaders, just take your popular lore series, it’s full of sneaky dealings and diplomats to inspirational leaders, do you think this will come later or is it dead in ESO keep up the good work

by Phil Roberts

I really doubt it. Those prices are set by people, not NPCs. I’m sure those people would be pissed to find their good were purchased at 20% less than their asking price because someone happened to have leveled their speech craft. If you don’t like the price of something at one Guild Store, move on to another. That’s the point of the system: choice. 




  1. nathan October 21, 2013 5:00 pm 

    Concerning the stuns question, will there be diminishing returns on stun-like effects? I’d like to play a sorcerer in the support role with a lot of crowd control, but I’m worried having more than a few stuns on my action bar might be pointless.

  2. Brian October 21, 2013 10:15 pm 

    Hello fella`s, love the show. I have a question that you may, or may not have answered before. Regardless, I haven’t found a solid answer for. Maybe can help. Will E.S.O. have a monthly subscription fee? Please, fogive my ignorance or this topic has already been beaten to death. And thank you for your direct answer.

    • Jason October 22, 2013 5:06 am 

      There is a monthly subscription fee unfortunatly. This was 15 dollars a month if I recall correctly

  3. Christina October 22, 2013 9:55 am 

    MMO-Noob question here.
    I would like to play the game when it comes out, but they took out a lot of the stuff I was really looking forward to or announced it for a later time. Now I fear I am not going to like the game enough to justify its price for me (I rarely buy single games for more than €20). I wouldn’t have mind to buy the game full price and if I didn’t like it maybe revisit when some more features were put in. With the subscription fee, that would obviously cost quite a bit.
    I never played an MMO before so I don’t know how that was handeled in other ones. Is there (probably) going to be a possibility to sell the game or buy it cheeper later on? Or is it always going to cost $60 (I don’t mind the subscription fee too much)?

  4. mr strange guy October 22, 2013 12:25 pm 

    can you do i let’s play of fall out 3 or fall out new vegas?

  5. Redbone97 October 22, 2013 2:19 pm 

    All these dumb questions

  6. GoblinNinja7 October 22, 2013 8:13 pm 

    Hi guys I hope you can answer two questions or ask these questions to any of the creators of Elder Scrolls Online if you can. Can you mail stuff like Gold or Gear to your other characters in other factions? Are we going to see fist fighting or unarmed skills in ESO? Oh and one more thing LONG LIVE THE DAGGERFALL COVENANT!

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