Poll Results: Foot Blisters and Fallout Lore!

Hello there gamers of all sizes, shapes and colors! Today we have a new batch of poll results for you to sink your teeth into. This week we asked you what mount, if any, you would ride into battle and then did a shameless plug for our new Fallout lore series that is coming out next month. Quick note: The first episode of ESO Alliance will be on our channel this afternoon, so look out for that. Let us begin!


Foot Blisters


You’re playing ESO and are called by your alliance leader for aid. What mount do you ride into battle?

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You all are crazy, let’s get that out there in the open first. Run into battle on foot? Do you know how big Cyrodiil is? They’ve described it as 9 zones big and I can tell you from personal experience (thanks Konk) that this place is massive. I believe Paul Sage said it could take a couple hours to run from one side to the other on foot.


That’s neither here nor there. The next popular choice was the faithful steed. This isn’t much of a surprise since it’s the only mount confirmed to be in at launch. They haven’t ruled out other mount types but looks like we’re stuck with Hidalgo for the time being. Luckily, The Konk said there’d be different breeds, saddle backs and other ways to customize your mount. Let’s just hope that one day my request for a pygmy silt strider becomes a reality one day.


But think about it –race-specific mounts. Other MMOs have done this before very well and it was a great way to make yourself distinct from other races. This would be even more useful in ESO as races in modern Tamriel are rather anthropomorphic and hard to distinguish from a distance. But if you saw a silhouette of a Senche battecat, you know it’s a Khajiit on its back. Let’s just hope they broaden their mount-horizons.


Fallout Lore!

Are you excited about the Fallout lore series we’re starting next month?

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I’m disappointed in a lot of you. How could you not be interested in a Fallout lore series? Even if you didn’t like the games, the history in this game is very interesting. Even more so than TES in many ways. One being that it’s very similar to our own universe to the point that it could very well be a parallel universe if you believe in the multiverse theory.


Regardless, just know we are putting a lot of time and effort to make sure both of our new series will be amazing and informative. We are bringing in a talented, professional voice actor for the Fallout series which should really make it enjoyable.


Thanks all for your participation in this weeks polls. Keep it up!



  1. Jared Allison October 20, 2013 6:57 pm 

    Its cool and all that you are bringing in a voice actor but I liked it when you guys did it.

  2. Alastair Nicol October 20, 2013 7:14 pm 

    A Bosmer like I doesn’t need a mount all i need is a forest and there will be no faster Mer in this 9 zone big Cyrodiil

  3. Christopher Oakes October 21, 2013 2:38 pm 

    I have yet to play the Fallout games so I am slightly worried about spoilers. I do know you’ll do them justice based on your Elder Scrolls Lore Series

  4. Dave MG (@Skyrimlover29) October 21, 2013 3:19 pm 

    come on people im not a fallout fan but the loure is really insteresting give them a chance

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