Ask Us Anything – Recent Questions from the Shoddience #12



Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


Will there be any armor/weapon sinks in the game? The way I see it, after about a year or so of gaming, much of the community playing will have obtained the weapons and armor they need and prefer at the highest levels, and will likely have dumped all of their lower tier armor into the market, and by that time the number of crafters would greatly exceed the demand for non-consumables (armors, weapons, etc.), rendering crafting a non-profitable venture, as there is a large quantity of low-tier armors and weapons and little demand for high-level items. 

With other MMOs, most are free to play, guaranteeing a constant influx of new players as time progresses, but as ESO is a buy the box and subscribe kind of game, I feel most of the people with the intent to ever play will get the game within the first year, and would be a limited group of individuals (compared to other MMOs over time).

Therefore, would crafting eventually be rendered obsolete, if there is no mechanic to take items out (assuming its most profitable to sell to other players than to NPC markets)?

by Ben Gincley

From my experience with MMOs, people do not ever settle with the gear they have, especially when the devs introduce new gear to obtain. Assuming there will be some kind of gear treadmill we can conclude that there will be plenty of demand for crafting. Plus, that’s only 2 of the crafting professions. There’s still alchemy, enchanting and provisioning which will always be in demand.


Hey Shoddycast, just a quick question – Will we be able to see the landmarks we’ve seen in other TES games in ESO? For example, we will be able to see the white-gold tower but will we see Whiterun in Skyrim, or Red Mountain in Morrowind? Just wondering.

by Euan Mitchell

Yup. Keep in mind this is about 1000 years before Skyrim and 750(?) years before Oblivion so things will be different. Some ruins may not be ruins. Some towns may not exist. Then again, some things are so old that they look pretty much the same like the Ayleid Ruins.


Great podcast guys. 3 quick questions:

1-Whether it’s the Resto potion unlimited Enchant glitch or the over-the-wall TCL effect, all TES games seem to be exploitable somehow. What will be the consequences for using these in TESO?

2-After the main quest and (I’m assuming) the dark anchors close in your phase, how will this affect getting in to the Fighters guild if you haven’t done so already?

3-Will controller using PC gamers be optioned into a XB1 or PS4 server and be restricted to controller only, or just have to suck up the PVP disadvantage?

Thanks a ton and keep up the good work.

by Kody Schroeder

As with all MMOs, it’s best to report the exploit and do not continue using it. If you don’t can continue to do it, you will be found out eventually and possibly have your account banned.
Dark Anchors will not all be closed. Even after completing the main story, there will be more to close. Think of them as mini world events.
Of course not. The PC has it’s own launcher and will always be put into the PC megaserver. It’s doubtful that the server will even know you’re using a controller as it’s 3rd party software that converts controller inputs into key strokes. You’ll get stomped in PvP using a controller. It’s just fact.


hey ShoddyCast, i have a question about enchantments. will we see weapons or enchants that allow us to, on a charged attack, launch a bolt of some sort of magic bolt or ray, for example, the bloodscale blade from skyrim.

by Holden Masi

Don’t believe so. Weapons may deal additional elemental damage but I don’t believe they’ll be shooting bolts or anything.


Hay shoddycast going to ask you some questions about the Nda in the beta( and I know not much can said on the eda but that not the point) Questions are,do you know why the NDA is so strict and what is up with no negative impressions, now before everybody goes ballistic about what I said let me explain. Ok A game in its development and it’s at release it gets bad reviews and positive reviews, all I have seen from ESO is positive not saying that is bad but The lack of negative impressions plus the strict NDA makes me believe the developers are hiding something.

by Jacob Scott Laymance

There have been plenty of negative impressions, but why would they advertise those? You have to dig for yourself to find those. But a lot of those people have turned around after the implementation of first person and the promise of dark brotherhood and thieves guild. A strict NDA is nothing new. Game developers use them to be able to filter the news being said about their game and to give them a fair chance to test it and receive appropriate feedback. If there wasn’t an NDA, people could just record everything they played during closed beta and people may think that’s how the game will ship when it’s clearly before they had time to polish it. It also keeps the hype up.


Hey ShoddyCast, I was just watching your new video and you mentioned how some armor is made for PvP and PvE? Iv’e never played MMO’s, I’m a classic TES fan, so how would they be different? and why wouldn’t they have the same stats all around?

by Josh Yoder

In some MMOs, they have made PvP-specidic stats like Expertise in SW:TOR and PvP Resilience in WoW. They often will reduce incoming damage from enemy players in PvP but will have no effect on damage coming from enemy NPCs out in the world or in dungeons. Some go even further and increase the damage you do only to enemy players or increase healing to friendly players only in PvP. This will not be in ESO however, so it’s not really a concern.


hey guys. i was just wondering: do you think there would be any benefit to using “restoring light” abilities AND using a restoration staff? or would it be a waste of time? i figure i’ll have 2 weapon slots anyway. thanks

by Cameron Coleman

You may find that some of the weapon skills from the resto staff are worthwhile. Plus there’s passives you may enjoy as well. Might as well keep the staff on one weapon set and another weapon of your choice on the other.


Is it confirmed that there is customization when it comes to crafting, as in, can an armorsmith create a style of armor (say nordic or steel plate) with its own twist via additives, as in it has certain color themes (red, green, yellow) as opposed to the default color scheme? Is it just speculation, or are dyes included as additives in addition to magical properties and stat boosts?

by Ben Gincley

Crafters can learn different styles of armor and weapons which can have different stats dependent on the additives included in the recipe. They still haven’t confirmed dyeing of armor yet.



  1. Daniel Of Morrowind October 7, 2013 4:59 pm 

    This may not be a question but involving the Elder Scrolls Lore, is it possible that you could you a bonus episode or something like that about the less known about races in Elder Scrolls e.g. The races that inhabit Akavir & Sommerset isles

  2. Devilart October 7, 2013 8:04 pm 

    For Ben Gincley, I also would say this may not be a problem due to the fact you can craft all the gear you can’t find. Meaning the best item you can loot and the deepest darkest dungeon you are actually able to craft also. So if your a decent crafter the will always be a market I predict.

  3. Giorgio October 7, 2013 8:09 pm 

    Are we going to interact with maromer?

  4. Hurrburr October 9, 2013 4:17 am 

    Is there some form of confirmation in anyways of resetting skills?
    (Guessing from what I have read that you get the chance to build a few builds if you are a casual player, but… I am one of those sad elitist that like to maximize myself as much as possible.)
    And seen with all the passives* this leads to the question at hand, I will but up my first build… Must I endure the exact same process I just have done if I am certain of class and race I wish to play or will there be a skill reset?

    * “passives” Might it be so that these are limited?


    Keep up the good work!

  5. Jeremiah Jackson October 9, 2013 6:52 am 

    i love your show on youtube my question is does your character have a house to call your like in skyrim or just some place to store your things because i love keeping the armor and weapons of dead enemys.

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