Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Nightblade Skills

Skill lines are out for the 4 classes so we will take on 1 class a week. This week we cover the Nightblade. There’s more news on Guild Stores and a lot of interesting info from Tamriel Foundry.

5 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Nightblade Skills

  • superconductive

    Hey guys. Thanks for talking about guild stores. I personally give a big Thumbs up to ZOS for the current implementation of guild stores.

    I’m not a fan of a global AH which I believe would ruin the game a little by devaluing the whole experience (items would feel less valuable, playing the market would be too easy). Also, I get the sense that instantly shipping items & gold across Tamriel goes somewhat against the nature of TES games– that whole feeling of Trading/ Merchanting and the social experience that comes with it would be lost with an auto-piloted auctioneering system. Not only that, there would also probably be less interesting competition between guild stores.

    Look at Diablo 3- they are doing away with their auction house because it “ultimately undermines Diablo’s core game play.” The same thing could not be more true for a TES game in my view.

  • Noric The Oblivious

    I would be a random Khajiit sitting on a log eating a sweet roll and I’d say “Don’t think a still you’ll sweet roll.”

  • Belrand the Spellblade

    Yo Shoddycast, I like that idea about a survey that matches you with a class most consistent with your personality. Maybe you could make a survey of your own and post it on the site?

  • wHoThInKs

    Oh man the sponsors segment for this week was so funny. First time I actually enjoyed it. I was laughing so hard at the “ketchup” part.

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