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Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


I was looking at the skills on the Tamriel Foundry, and I was wondering a couple of things. As far as passives go, are all the ones you unlock always active, and with the active abilities, do you get to have any combination of them and weapon actives on your bars at any time?    

by Adam Zabam Tyk

Passives are indeed always on when after you’ve put a skill point into them. Keep in mind however that many will only work if you have an active ability from the same line slotted on your skill bar. You can indeed add any combination of skills from any of the skill lines if you have the room. Don’t forget weapon swapping gives you 6 more slots to fill. 


Hey, I was reading the Sorcerer skill overview on Tamriel Foundry and I liked the Daedric Summoning skill tree. However I might want to play a Dragonknight. My question is, can I still use conjuration, mainly summoning, as a Dragonknight?    

by Keian Rivenburg

Necromancy is in the game so I’d look out for that skill line. It’s supposed to be involved with the Mages Guild, but they have their own skill line as well so I dunno.


will it be capes in the game coming with the armour set ? because in earlier elder scrolls games you had to add on a cape. this is an mmo after all so why would it not be any capes in the game anybody have an answer

by Jonathan Åkesson

Currently, there aren’t capes. They are still looking to add a way to display guild colors so maybe this will be a way to do that. It would be nice though because there were some nice looking capes in some Skyrim mods.


Will I be able to roll a Sorc, be super strong in healing magic, but still be efficient in damaging magic and summoning magic to the point of being able to fend for myself well?    

by Adam Zabam Tyk

Pretty much, yeah. Either way you would be speccing points into Magicka so slot a resto staff and its healing abilities and then switch to destro and nuke the bastards1.


Dear ShoddyCast,

While watching your most recent video with force gaming somewhere along the topic of PvP, something came up and I thought I should share my concern. Though ESO will run on a single “megaserver” with multiple shards, how will this effect the physical PvP layout? Will the shards all have separate forts/holds to be taken over, where one shard will be completely different as to who controls them? And ultimately, will there be a different Emperor for EVERY shard?    

by Ian MacGregor

They’re called Campaigns and each has the same exact layout but all will have different things happening based on what the players are doing. So AD could be holding almost everything in one Campaign while EP is holding almost everything in another. Each Campaign may have it’s own Emperor but it’s a hard thing to accomplish so it’s likely that few will have one at all.


What kind of things are Zenimax going to implement as gold sinks???    

by Harrison Darge

Recharging enchants, armor repair, plenty of vendors that sell things if you’re too lazy to make it yourself. Mounts and feed for them. There’s others but brain isn’t working well right now.


First I want to say great job and keep up the hard work. I have always liked the illusion so my question is do you think illusion will be like what we seen in skyrim or will it be more of a way to increase/ decrease threat generation. For the queen!    

by Patrick Jackson

You’ll find Illusion effects with other spells but you won’t find actual Illusion spells. By that I means some spells will fear or cast invisibility but that is just the effect of the spell and not its name like in skyrim.


I haven’t played a MMO before what can I expect from the monthly update I know the brotherhood and theives guild but what else    

by Thomas Pool

I wouldn’t expect a monthly update, at least not like every 3rd Thursday of the month or anything like that. I believe they are shooting for real content every 4-6 weeks. So besides the guilds and justice system, we are looking at places being opened like the Imperial city and Adamantine Tower. Then probably quest chains, skill lines and more factions like the Undaunted. Plenty of room for growth in ESO.


I was curious if you guys knew about the experience gains etc. Can I level by killing, or will a massive chunk come from exploration? Also if they have announced a character slot limit? Thank you and keep up the fantastic work cannot wait for tomorrows lore vid.    

by Derek Michaud

You’ll gain experience from a lot of places. Completing quests and exploration give a lot while killing enemies give a little. Still no word on player slot limitations. I would assume at least 4.


Do you guys think ZOS will make improvements on there mega server and make a more seamless world go anywhere without a hundred load screens like traveling zone to zone? And if not how often do you think load screens will occurs? Just between provinces or will they be at city gates or level areas?    

by Terry McCaleb III

From what I gather, there will be a load screen between each major zone and then anytime you enter a dungeon be it public or instanced. The zones are pretty big though so it’s not like every 5 minutes or anything. I realize people want a seamless game with no loading screens but it’s not possible with today’s tech and how much information needs to be calculated. Remember that each action within visual range must be calculated for each person that can see it. That’s a lot of info.


Hi Kyle & Josh, amazing show as usual guys!

I just have a question regarding crafting – in other MMO’s you are required to level multiple alts in order to obtain each crafting profession. Although it is fun to play with alts, I prefer to focus my full attention on my main, which is why I have loved the TES games so much.

We already know that you can learn bits of each profession but can only master one per character – my question is when leveling a profession on an alt, does that character need to be a certain level in order to learn higher tiers in crafting? i.e. can I have a level 10 alt that gets resources from my main and can be a master in their profession? or does that alt need to be cap level in order to learn the highest tier crafting?

Which brings my second question, are we able to mail/trade/store items for our alts to access?

Thanks guys, kind regards    

by Kai

They haven’t released much information on how leveling skills will work. They’ve made it sound like there will be a skill line associated with it. Not sure if crafting will be limited by player level or not. Maybe after more beta testing I can coax some information from people. There is a bank in the game for personal and guild use.


Hey ShoddyCast

My question is about in-game currencies.

Personally, I think they should have different currencies depending on which region the player is (if the player is a Nord starting out in a region that belongs to the Ebonheart Pact he/she would gather coin specific to the region and only usable in the alliance) when the player goes to a different location (say High Rock, home to the Bretons) this currency would be worthless in the NPC shops and would need to be exchanged for the local currency.

The exchange rate would vary depending on which faction was doing better in the game (who the Emperor is, who has the most Alliance points, which currency is bought the most vs which is sold the most etc) this would encourage players to help their alliance if they want to buy gear or items from other regions, Cyrodiil included.
I can even imagine some players making profits by buying a specific currency in bulk and holding on to it to sell it for a higher price.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for the hard work, keep it up!    

by Fábio Anselmo

It would be a great money sink but also may deter trade among cross-faction guilds. Apparently there’s just a common currency simply called “gold” that is useful in all alliances.


do you think that armour style will depend on the race you play, or where you get it? I love the altmer armour, but play Breton!    

by Adam Bourke

Each race has its own armor style, but you can wear any armor style regardless of race or alliance affiliation.


If we need soul gems to be resurrect in PvE (or else return to the beginning of the dungeon, for example), what happens in PvP?    

by Alex Cheesman

Nearest Wayshrine, just like in PvE. That’s why maintaining keeps is important. Otherwise much longer run back.



  1. Vladimir October 1, 2013 7:14 am 

    hey how about armor style that wedont know about will they provide something new and exotic to get?

  2. Josh sherman October 2, 2013 5:49 am 

    Hey guys just wondering how the learning of new crafts would go I know they want it to be like you have to learn it sort of like alcamy in skyrim but I didn’t do alcamy because that abrakadabra bull shit ain’t for me it’s the had done had happened

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