Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Lore and Post-Release Plans

The Shoddy Bros discuss the newest Ask US Anything article on ESO lore as well as bring up a few discussion points from the Eurogamer exclusive interview with Maria Aliprando. Join us and others in this week’s ESO Weekly! Don’t forget that this Saturday the 28th our next TES lore series will be released.

3 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Lore and Post-Release Plans

  • Ælfan

    I will PvP in a small, familiar group (not a group of small familiars). I will be skilled in close and ranged combat, punishing anyone who isn’t vigilant, and bounty hunting.

  • superconductive

    Thanks. But why didn’t you guys discuss the recent videogamer.com interview with Konkle where he talked about guild stores? In my view Kyle’s plea for a regional auction house was addressed. Were you still desiring an actual auction house?

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