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Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


I got a question for elder scrolls online how are you going to sneak in cyrodill against other players.    

by Dutchyplays

Same way you’d sneak in Skyrim. Press Shift key to enter sneak. Moving while sneak burns stamina. You’ll be completely invisible to the enemy player, but get too close in front of them and they may see you. There’s also Magelight that will reveal any sneaking people in the area so be mindful. Sneaking is only based on line of sight and not dynamic lighting like in Skyrim. 


Hello Shoddycast.I have a few questions about submitting footage for your ESO weekly videos.

1: I’m not a lets-player, so I dont want to post footage for submission to my channel publicly. If I were to submit footage, could I link an unlisted video or share a private one as a submission?

2: The footage would be from Oblivion. Would my submission be acceptable if I’m using mods?
Examples: Mods that improve the way NPCs & the world look, a mod that Change the HUD to resemble Skyrim’s, & game play mechanic changers. Nothing explicitly adult. Or do you only accept ‘Clean’ footage, with no mods.

3: Are there any specific requirements for the footage itself?Like Dimensions, Length, Loading Screens cut out, Sound Muted, etc..

I really enjoy the Lore-Series you guys make, and ESO weekly is great too. I would like to support you guys, but I don’t really have the means to donate.


by Zazusha

As long as it’s family friendly. i.e. no nudity mods, mods are fine. As I read, you don’t use any of those. 
The footage itself is best at 1280×720 or 1920×1080. Oblivion has rather dark dungeons so if you’re filming there, it will need to be lit with magelight or something to lighten it up otherwise no one can see anything. More combat the better.

Lastly, footage 45mins-60mins is the best length for us and if you leave it unlisted, you can send us the link and we can still view it. Private makes you have to add our email or something.

Thanks for the kind words.


I am just curious about what is the “today” in the elder scrolls. If you know what I mean. Like you guys talk about the Redgaurds and other races, then you go back in time. I wonder when and what the situation is in Tamriel “Today”. 

Thank you so much for your time!    

by TheLenZovS

We usually use the aftermath of Skyrim as “today” as it’s the latest time we’ve experienced as players.


Hi fellas quick question in ESO let’s say I’m questing in game and a friend comes online, he wants to start questing with me, to do the same quest I’m doing would he have to go to the npc that gave me the quest, or can I share that quest with him as long as its not a racial or profession type quest ???

by Phil Roberts

It depends on the quest, plus I’m not sure if there’s a quest sharing feature or not, but I’m going to say there is. Anyway, some quests don’t necessarily require you to have the quest from the NPC. Kind of like in Skyrim when you find an item without even having the quest for it, it will give you a quest telling you to turn it in. Something like that. Not saying all quests are like this but they have said there’s organic quests like that in ESO.


any info yet on eyefinity in ESO? Also, is ESO going to be Steam exclusive for pc or will there be a no steam version? I hate steam – lags my Skyrim to hell after I have spent $1800 building a magnificent custom pc – makes me so angry.

by Richard Tubbs

ESO has it’s own launcher which you can find pics of online. That means there’s no steam necessary. Most MMOs have their own launcher since they run on their own servers. No mention of eyefinity support.


Hey guys, just discovered yalls youtube casts. Have yall covered lycanthropy and vampirism. Skyrim was my first elder scrolls to play and the ability to become werewolf got me completely hooked (Im lame I know). Just wondering if yall know what they are planning with this in ESO. Thanks.

by Jeremy Blake Summers

Yeah, pretty early in the series. Both will be in the game and you must choose only one. An interesting thing was brought up the other day by Paul Sage on Elder Scrolls Off the Record. He said he’d never tell us how we become one until after launch. He then said that it’s a “social” mechanic. This makes us think that you can only become a vampire or werewolf from another player. So maybe a few players are infected through some random event in-game and then when those players attack another player, they become infected. Then you can choose to cure the disease or let it transform you and gain the skill line. Just speculation of course but would be pretty cool.


hi, i know guilds are cross faction but does that mean there are guild quests where an orc can play with a nord in the same guild doing a quest together????

great show

by Stephen Parkin

No guild quests, but you can group with enemy faction members if they’re on their friends list. Then you can do dungeons and stuff. Don’t know about quests.


Hey ShoddyCast, thanks for answering my questions thus far. Sorry to say, but I have another! I was hoping for my main to be some sort of tank for the PvE aspect, but as I’ve seen from other MMOs, tanks aren’t always a useful thing in PvP, as they’d usually lack any sort of high damage (B-DKs aside). Will there be some sort of dual spec system like wow, or will tanks be a viable thing? Also, as I don’t recall hearing anything about them, any news of arenas or BGs?

by Adam Zabam Tyk

There’s no dual speccing system but there is weapon swapping. So swapping from sword/shield to 2-hander for example, will allow you a whole other skill bar to equip which means more DPS skills you can use. I’d always keep an extra set of gear as well that may add more stamina or magicka instead of health. We currently don’t know of a system that allows swapping skill-morphs you’ve made so keep that in mind when choosing your morphs.


Hey shoddycast. I have some input on the whole auction house thing which is opposite of your view. I can see why you would want an auction house (obvious reasons like getting good gear, selling herbs etc. etc.) but auction houses do ruin game economys imo. 

For instance, lets say the almight sword of a thousand truths is the best sword in the game. When you see someone with that sword you awe at the sight and your first thought is “by god, he killed the great molag bal on legendary mode solo! He’s a legend!”. But with an auction house the sword of 1,000 truths (or a rare sword that isn’t auto bound to a char) becomes 20000000000 gold that some bloke who might’ve payed real currency for gold through online sites to get that has high att. damage. 

Now obviously there is a grey area in all of what i’m saying but you get the gist of it. Without an auction house, rare items are truly rare to a much better degree than with an A.H. The quest to gather those pesky herbs scattered across the land actually leads you across the map, fighting foul beasts rather than across the road fighting other bidders.

I’m open to having no A.H. what do you think?

by Grithyn Thanatosian

How would an AH ruin the game’s economy? There is no economy without a way to trade. So what if a person wishes to sell his awesome weapon? It’s his right regardless of how we obtained it. Even without auction houses, they could meet on an auction forum and when sold, meet in-game and do a person-to-person trade.

AHs are a necessity in an MMO. It moves product, it helps crafters both receive materials to use and sell their wares, it allows people who like playing the market (like us) to make money flipping items and the list goes on. 

Because someone can make a ridiculous amount of money on one item doesn’t ruin the economy, it ruins the game for them personally. In the original Guild Wars, I received a nearly priceless tonic that would transform you into a beetle an endless amount of times. Stupid the item may be but there was only 6 in the whole game. I ended up selling it for millions upon millions and I found after about a month that I was bored as I had bought anything I wanted.

The point it that there’s no excuse not to have an AH from a mechanics or economic standpoint. Hope this doesn’t sound like anger, just explaining my view.


I also have an other question,

When u die, ure armour gets damaged. Will it be possible that ure shield breaks if u blok 3 power attacks of one of the strongest bosses.
Tx for answering my other questions, N7

by Pirre Kennes

Nothing “breaks.” It may be useless and not protect you. They may even make the broken piece invisible on your toon but you’ll always be able to repair it. I wish armor degradation would be a visible thing as in cracks, dents and scuffs would start showing up as the armor got worse, but that would be a lot of modeling and stuff which I doubt they’ll do.


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  1. Parker S. (Mirez Elderon) September 16, 2013 9:06 pm 

    Well the visual damage to the armor wouldn’t take much depending on what you do for it. If you make it like scratches and scraps it would be kind of like a standard thing for all armor sets or something like that

  2. Kojak September 17, 2013 8:39 am 

    Sneaking doesn’t seem quite right yet, in that Quakcon video we saw, the guy was sneaking around a tent, then in an instant the 2 bandits do a 180 and propel themselves like a freaking bullet straight at the guy, at least in Skyrim and i think oblivion they they paused for a brief moment as they took their weapons out and turned around.

  3. Giorgio September 17, 2013 8:29 pm 

    runescape did trading without auction houses…

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