Poll Results – ESO Fans Are Confident and Play Some Mass Effect

Hello and welcome back to the ShoddyCast’s weekly poll results. This week we asked you how sure you were that Elder Scrolls Online would do what it set out to do: Bridge the gap between the RPG crowd and the MMO crowd. We also asked which Mass Effect game was your favorite and we were shocked and slightly depressed by the results. So let’s have a look at them now.

Given what we know so far, how sure are you that ESO will successfully bridge the gap between single-player RPGs and MMORPGs?

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Somewhat sure. Honestly, this is the best answer at this point in the development of ESO. We haven’t seen the final product, but we have seen much of what it has to offer us. A unique setting for the Elder Scrolls series with three factions going head-to-head for the Ruby Throne. They’re bringing familiar quests, settings and combat from the RPG series to a brand new genre of gaming –MMORPG. They have to add certain mechanics to the game to make it work as an MMO; however, and this is causing issues with a lot of the RPG crowd because they either don’t understand why they’ve been added or they just don’t want them. As with the game itself, the fans of the TES series will need to do a little give-and-take if they are to enjoy the experience.


Regardless of how good the game will potentially be, there will still be those that only see the negatives. We’re guilty of this sometimes but it’s our job to find the issues with the game to bring to your attention. This allows you to then politely request that they consider change. There’s nothing wrong with doing it either. In fact, Zenimax Online has welcomed and even asked for constructive feedback on their game which is a great mindset to have. Massive companies these days feel like they can do no wrong and feel they don’t need or want critique from the very people that are buying their games, giving them a job in the first place. Thank you to ZOS for actively listening to their fans and taking what we ask for and adapting it to ESO when possible. First person, /sitchair and compass are just the few features they have added due to your feedback.


Where does the ShoddyCast stand in this poll? While I can’t speak for Josh, I know that I choose “Somewhat sure” as I am confident in ZOS but I’ve seen decisions that make me a little leery. Let’s hope that ESO can successfully bridge that gap as not only will it be a great experience but it may also push other RPG titles to attempt the same endeavor.

Which Mass Effect game was your favorite?

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What’s wrong with you people? Why haven’t you played the Mass Effect series? Over half of you? C’mon now…


I was debating leaving the segment like that, but I shall continue. Please do yourselves a favor and give this series a go. It has a fantastic story, awesome combat system and engaging characters. Plus, it’s in freaking space with huge alien beings called Reapers that want to kill all lifeforms. What’s not to love? This series has a leveling system with points to add to skills which unlock more skills to use. There’s a morality system that gauges how good or evil your decisions are and may even alter your appearance as you progress through the game. All sorts of alien life coexisting within our galaxy and ultimately must fight together if they are to have a chance to defeat the Reaper threat.


Before I type the whole entire plot, please get this series and play it. You won’t be disappointed.

At least the majority of you that have played the series chose ME2 as their favorite. It’s mine as well. Not exactly sure why. Maybe the combat was more responsive or it wasn’t slightly damaged by the weird ended of ME3. Now that I’ve been talking about this series, I think it’s time to play all 3 again and save the world. I’m thinking Infiltrator again. 🙂


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  1. John wayne September 16, 2013 7:23 pm 

    I swear that Kyle said on one of the shows that he never played Morrowind. That is a crime for any TES fan! Only if you play and appreciate Morrowind, in its glorious entirety, will I consider playing your Massive effect Kyle.

  2. EnmonTheSneakyBreton September 17, 2013 12:06 am 

    More of a HALO guy, myself.

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