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Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


If the wood elves live in Valenwood, then where does the high elves live?     by Isak Edvardsson

Summerset Isle though many live in Valenwood at this time. Valenwood is governed by the Thalmor who are high elves.


Hey guys, question if you could humor me, I wan’t to be a breton thief. Is this valid in ESO? Without Pickpocketing and such? 🙁     by Ville Aho

Anyone can snatch stuff off tables to be a thief. When the justice system is introduced, it will make thievery more fun.


Hey there! I love the job you guys do! And from what I’ve seen so far eso hasn’t released much information about weapon classes. What I mean by that is that some games have very randomized weapon levels and strengths due to enchantment or random findings through raids and such. However in tes games they often have very specific weapons. So my question is so you think they will have a level of specific legendary type weapons much stronger and very expensive/tedious to earn?     by Andrew Warren

I’m hoping we’ll be able to quest for powerful weapons but probably not. There may be specific weapons within dungeons, but I feel most of our weapons will come from crafting. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though as some of the materials needed could be very hard to obtain and thus make the weapon rare and powerful.


Dear Shoddy Cast team, I have not played Skyrim or any other Elder Scrolls games. Therefore could you please tell me if there will be a class that can have a pet helps during fights? Like hunter or warlock in wow? Secondly what will be minimum system requirment to run ESO without lags? I’m not sure if my 4 year old laptop can hande ESO. I will be greatfull for information.     by Olga Ciesielska

A 4 yr old laptop may be pushing the minimum requirements but it should play. The sorcerer class has daedric summoning which allows the use of a pet.


Hey Dudes, greetings from Germany, I have a question,or call it problem I think much about… Iam convinced that ESO needs a NEW POSITION to the holy Trinity because of it’s hybrid system! I plan to play a redgurad templar with lightarmor, focussed on healing in first line comabt and supporting through shield bashes (interrupts,stuff) but iam not a real tank or a real healer so, what should i choose in LFG??? A Fourth Position, the Supporter Position,would be great! Thx for Reading     by Lucas Pachurka

Your primary function would be healing. The interrupts would be something you do when you can afford not to heal. The thing about ESO is that it’s fast paced. Peoples’ health bars will not dwindle, they tank hard. One second they are alright and then they’re down to 25%. That’s why healers are necessary even when people have access to self heals. Not saying you’ll be healing constantly or that you won’t have time to interrupt. Just saying healing is your primary function and thus is the role you’d choose.

Hope that works,thanks… you have some more infos about summoning? i heard that we are able to summon armor; if we are able to summon armor for other people this might be a good addition to healing…

Indeed there is Bound Armor in ESO. Not sure which skill line has it. Maybe Mages Guild?


Hey guys, just discovered yalls youtube casts. Have yall covered lycanthropy and vampirism. Skyrim was my first elder scrolls to play and the ability to become werewolf got me completely hooked (Im lame I know). Just wondering if yall know what they are planning with this in ESO. Thanks.     by Jeremy Blake Summers

Yeah, pretty early in the series. Both will be in the game and you must choose only one. An interesting thing was brought up the other day by Paul Sage on Elder Scrolls Off the Record. He said he’d never tell us how we become one until after launch. He then said that it’s a “social” mechanic. This makes us think that you can only become a vampire or werewolf from another player. So maybe a few players are infected through some random event in-game and then when those players attack another player, they become infected. Then you can choose to cure the disease or let it transform you and gain the skill line. Just speculation of course but would be pretty cool.


Just crossed my mind, do you think as a mount a wagon would be good in eso. Like a 6 seater so you can patroll in bigger groups     by Sam Hughes

I think that would be cool. Maybe I can recommend that to ZOS. It would probably be a separate mount from your other ones and cost a hella lot more.


Hello there guys, my name is Melvin. I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time now, and may I say they are pretty knowledgeable to say the least. I am a huge conjuration freak when it comes to The Elder scrolls series, and I was wondering if you think that the monsters you can conjure in ESO could possibly gain XP and level up, being that everything else can either morph or level up (for instance weapons level up). I wouldn’t want my flame atronach to have the same power level as every other players. Keep up the good work guys     by Melvin Maldonado

I’m sure the creatures will level along with you and have their own base stats. There may be passives however that increase these and require the player to invest points in those. There could even potentially be armor that increases that as well, but we aren’t sure. I wouldn’t expect your summoned creatures to be much more powerful than anyone else though as that would be an unfair advantage.


Hey Shoddy Cast, here is a question I myself can’t answer at this moment but meaby you guys can. If you could Change,Add or Remove 3 things in ESO (as it stands today) What would it be?     by Simon Hansson

Lower the sub fee, remove guild stores and add regional auction houses.


Hey I am just wondering will there be bards in eso and if so, and I make a request to sing, will other players be able to hear it     by Yohan Liebert

Pretty sure not. There’s lute animations that are probably done with emotes. You can see them in videos. I think even our outro video has it. There’s probably flute and drum ones too but haven’t seen those yet. (Confirmed!)


So, this really has nothing to do with the game at all, but I wanted to ask. How often do you two fight, argue, or have just general disagreements about what goes online here, or on or youtube? I mean, as brothers, I’m sure you don’t have the perfect relationship. I argue with my brothers all the time about the stupidest things, and were 1200 miles apart.     by Ross Rutledge

We argue but it’s always civil. We generally are in our own offices while we work so we have our own space. It helps that we’re both pretty laid back so we get along for the most part.


Hey ShoddyCast love your show and a big fan of the lore series anyway if you cant wear costumes in PVP than how do we know whose an enemy and whose an ally? For example: If every one from our guild is wearing a costume of one color then we can easily identify the enemy especially when their is so much chaos on the battlefield. Furthermore, imagine the intimidation that it would give the enemy when they look at a sea of black armored soldiers moving in unison towards their keep. (doesnt that sound awesome)     by James Johnson

That’s why smart players turn on their nameplates and red glow when in PvP. Enemies will be easily noticeable. We aren’t talking tabards or capes. We are talking about costumes that completely change the appearance of a person’s armor.


In TESO, how many character slots will each player have?     by Ian MacGregor

That is not currently known. I’d probably make an educated guess and say 4 with possible paid extensions.


Would it be viable to run as a dragon knight and wear light armor w/ light armor shield and still tank?     by Adam Zabam Tyk

Don’t think they differentiate armor types with shields, but it may be possible to tank with light armor. You’ll have to rely on damage mitigating skills however. Hopefully they will have HP stats on light armor but I think most will have magicka on them. Maybe you can put your stat points into health instead. I’d still recommend you tank in heavy armor with points spread into stamina and health. Save your magicka for mitigation skills as they are usually pretty lengthy durations and upkeep will be fairly easy. Sword and shield is best but staves or 2H weapons may be better at keeping up threat within a group of enemies.


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  1. Krysten Chenoweth September 10, 2013 7:06 pm 

    Has Zenimax said whether or not we’ll be able to name our crafted items? That would be sweet, if it were possible to give names to our high level crafted weapons or armor that it would retain upon being sold, like a tradesman’s signature.

  2. Ashley Osborn September 11, 2013 5:35 pm 

    I love TES but I’m new to MMO’s and this will be my first experience with one. So I was wondering, as far as guilds go, can anyone create one at any time or will we have to submit our guild idea’s before hand and there will be set guilds after release? And also, how does one go about creating a guild?

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