Poll Results – Auction House Please and RPG Interests

Nice turn out this week as I was late getting the polls out and yet still received 100 more votes from the previous polls. We appreciate all of the participation so let’s do this!

Do you want an auction house in ESO?

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The people hath spoken, Zenimax! Though it’s not necessarily fair to rag on the Guild Store system since we haven’t seen it in action. We can only go by what the devs have told us and going by that, we can agree that it’s not enough. With the guild limit being at or around 300 and a maximum of 5 guilds per account, simple math tells us that that is a maximum of 1500 people to trade with. And let’s be honest, few guilds will reach the member cap. They talk about people setting up “merchant guilds” who’s sole purpose is to trade. This is all well and good and will promote a strong trading community but it will be a very small trading community. What if the supply or demand for certain items just isn’t there?


The only way I can see this working is if they either allow people outside the guild to use the Guild Store via some permission setting or they allow guild alliances. Then we can have dozens of merchant guilds allied together and are all allowed to trade with one another. So for example, I am in the ShoddyCaste guild and I know the Tamriel Foundry guild has some good trading going on. We are part of the same guild alliance but I am not actually in their guild. I will still be able to access their Guild Store. In fact, you may not even be able to distinguish which guild the merchandise is coming from because all items from all of the guild alliance is seamlessly within the same Guild Store. This is just a thought and not the system we currently know of.


The other, more easy to understand method, is to use regional auction houses. Maria Aliprando, Creature Creator, said that their megaserver couldn’t support 10 billion cabbages on an auction house system which is a definite possibility with everyone playing on the same server. We think this is a cop out answer and they did away with the auction system because they want to further promote the necessity for guilds. While we find guilds a necessity as they do, my trade should not be affected by it. A company as big and brilliant as ZOS has to have thought of regional auction houses. Instead of having one main auction house that may overload the server with cabbages, why not split them up into regions? Each province within Tamriel, excluding Cyrodiil, could have their own auction house that’s completely separate from all of the others. This would be a much larger scale of trade which would allow people to play the market and give us a true sense of supply and demand.


I’m sure at least 2 of you were just thinking, but then what about the Guild Store system that ZOS has been working on? Wouldn’t having a regional auction house(RAH) remove the need for it? Not necessarily. If the RAHs is Alliance specific, meaning an Aldmeri Dominion character couldn’t use an auction house within Daggerfall Covenant, this would make Guild Stores essential. Since guilds can have members of all 3 alliances, trading between them could only be done through the Guild Store.


We know ZOS listens to its fans, but we also know we aren’t computer science majors. We don’t know what ZOS’ technology is capable of, but what we do know is that ZOS has found ways to satisfy the requests of the fans in the past(FPV, /sitchair). Let’s hope they can pull a hat trick.

Besides ESO of course, what RPG of those listed are you most interested in?

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RPGs! I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the Shoddience are RPG fans and there are a lot of them coming. It was pretty spread across the board but The Witcher 3 squeaks by. If you haven’t played The Witcher series, we HIGHLY recommend that you do. Please keep in mind that this is very much an adult game. Sorry kiddies, but we cannot recommend that children under the age of 17 play this game, but of course this is always up to the individual and their parent’s to decide. That being said, it is a beautiful series and even better, the producers actually care about their fans. CDProjekt Red have publicly stated their views against DRM on more than one occasion. They even see piracy as a good thing of sorts. This would warrant an article all on its own however so let’s move on. If you haven’t seen the trailers for The Witcher 3, click down below, but keep in mind there is profanity, violence and gore.

In last place was Transistor and this is probably because most of you haven’t heard of it. That’s because it’s from an indie developer called Supergiant Games. The thing about this developer is they are the people that made Bastion. If you haven’t played this game yet, stop reading this article and buy it! It’s pretty cheap at $15 on Steam but there’s also a free demo. The game is pretty short at around 6 hours but my God is it beautiful and moving. I have to say that most games do not tug on my heart strings. Many will frustrate me, make me laugh or make me severely angry but none have made me cry, except Bastion. Let me tell you this, choose to save Zulf and you may as well. With an amazing art style and stunning sound track, this is a game you’ll pick up and play from time to time just to remind you of why you game in the first place.


That’s it for this week. If you have poll suggestions, please send them to mailbox@shoddycast.com with the subject “Poll Suggestion.” Original, I know, but it’s to the point and I won’t delete it right away. Thanks for reading and game on!




  1. I_HEART_KYLE_SHODDYCAST September 8, 2013 11:33 pm 

    Can’t wait for Wildstar housing!

  2. Korgus September 9, 2013 1:30 am 

    I love Bastion. I can’t wait for Transistor. I expect great things from them.

  3. Quester23 September 9, 2013 1:31 am 

    Hello: Just want to say I enjoy your coverage of ESO and please keep the faith, even tho a few may not be able to control the trading markets like mmo’s of the past; a top crafted item will always be selling for max.

    I wouls like the Shoddy Cast guilds work with what we have and be near the top in crafting and support of our guild crafters.

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