Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Microtransactions is Content

Elder Scrolls Online is nearly complete, says Firor. All features and services, including the newly introduced “Cash Shop,” have been added to ESO and now devs must break out the polish. We discuss the Ask Us Anything article posted this week on ESO’s Website.


  1. Tessa August 30, 2013 2:41 pm 

    Well I’m not too thrilled with a cash shop. But… Oi, at least it’s not a pay to play AND pay to win game. At that point, I think I’d just stay with Skyrim or Oblivion forever.

  2. Temijin Deathstalker August 30, 2013 3:00 pm 

    Any word about stability and bugs? Skyrim had its problems. Hate to see a “Vanguard” type of release!

  3. Mark Dixon August 30, 2013 3:23 pm 

    Heya amazing as always 🙂

  4. Temijin Deathstalker August 30, 2013 3:58 pm 

    People seem to forget that it costs money to build and maintain a game. The profit motive is a good thing! Don’t agree? Imagine if the “government” made this game!!! I want them to make money. The more they make the more likely they will spend more to make the game better.

    Think it was wise to release the subscription and cash shop info now. No surprises. Get the controversy over with. I really don’t care what others think if I bought an item from the cash shop for my character to increase my immersion. It doesn’t effect their game at all. So, stop the whining and expand your paper route so you can buy something too!

  5. Bane August 30, 2013 4:57 pm 

    Honestly I played WOW hardcore I was the number one tank in my server and led the number one guild well co led and the server was small but that’s neither here nor there. The cash shop wow had was not game breaking and no one cared about it. I’m surprised that anyone is crying about this, its stupid vanity things wow had some meaningless pets and 4 mounts it was nothing and this will be the same thing get over it, they aren’t stealing money from you and 15 a month is fair and no I don’t consider it vital content they are keeping from us. Sorry this is crappily worded but im in calc class right now

    -thanks Stephen Bane

  6. Ælfan August 30, 2013 9:48 pm 

    raised to dragonborn, gifted with the Thu’um, until a new Emperor is crowned

    each rewarded at random to 1 fortunate soul in Cyrodil (then free to wield them elsewhere). Artifacts are of legendary strength, but will seek new champions should the unworthy die. This is true for all, save Boethia’s Ebony Mail, which graces he who kills its champion and Mehrunes’ razor, the kingslayer, which seeks first those who end emperors. These tools of change desire chaos, and will abandon their hosts, should they avoid the war unending.

    If you agree ShoddyCast, proclaim it on ESO All Stars, that ZOS might take note.

  7. Temijin Deathstalker August 31, 2013 12:59 am 

    Great idea! Just make them available to top level folks.

  8. Vexed Forest August 31, 2013 3:04 am 

    I’m fine with the cash shop. I don’t think I would ever touch it, but for the people that would, its providing Zenimax with more revenue and I believe that combined with the sub fee, it can quickly(ish) make up the cost of making the game and they can add more higher quality content faster.
    They had a cash shop in The Secret World for cosmetics. I never used it but a lot of people would spend about $15 on a trench coat, or something like that. If people want to pay extra, why the heck not?

  9. icekube August 31, 2013 8:38 pm 

    the way it looks on the polls most likely we will be the under dogs in the war…… but the strongest of them all

  10. devourous September 1, 2013 2:57 am 

    OK, i don’t generally comment, but after the last two weeks of disappointments for a lifetime fan of this game series, I now found myself forced too!

    I’ve become a fan of SC too, so in the vein hope someone will read this, this will be my forum, I cannot agree with the comment stating “don’t blame Zenimax” They are the people making the game…To not lame them fro errors, is like don’t blame a musician for a bad song, blame the promoter instead! The developer chooses what is in game and not. Like any business they had a business plan, to develop a game that was going to generate a “$x” Return On Investment (ROI) for the investors.

    To suggest they are just the creative types is missing the very big picture! This point aside, when are we going to read about some really new 21 Century elements to an MMO, other than skill trees and AI battle tactics, ESO is looking very similar to many other MMO’s, and I am a life time fan wanting it to be successful. Simple examples of my point are, why is miining always using a pick axe, why not a sledge hammer? Why is silver of gold not found in rivers by panning for it… Where is a disarm weapon battle skill function? Where is the brand new trade skill not in any other game?

    Last point here, pushing Beta is like the last beaten to death developer subject ever,… Its time for a new marketing and communications team for ESO, to date as a third party non Beta gamer, with a big wallet full of cash, who been waiting for this game, day one since the games announcement, virtually everything that has been shown online has not been delivered well… In fact very shoddy. 🙂

    Its time they produced a promo video, in game footage, in high definition showing the game off!!!

    • devourous September 1, 2013 3:24 am 

      P.s. What i and the millions of fans who are not in BETA want, is a rehearsed, well conceived, game promo at least trying to match the quality of ESO’s competitors! Not something that looks like a bunch of kids, excited about what they are created, showing it off to their mates in the school playground. The cinematic trailer was fantastic, now lets see an in game equivalent, that’s worthy of supporting the announced price tag. Personally I expect excellent customer service with any service or purchase made in today’s commercial world. Back up the talk with something visual at least as as good, if not better, than a nine year old game like WOW!

      • Temijin Deathstalker September 1, 2013 5:45 am 

        I’m in beta. The game has the same look and feel as Skyrim just with other players there with you. The zone chat that I’ve taken time to read has been all positive. Build is pretty stable. We’re trying to break it with not much success. This is not the polished final build by any means but is already very immersive. Stay calm. As far as i’ve seen the game has not been over hyped. You will be pleased.

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