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Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


Before we start, I wish to thank our sponsors for reaching half of our goal in the pursuit of paying artists in the continuation of the Story Time series. We have high hopes of making the ShoddyCast the leading channel of gaming lore and story telling. With the continuing support from our sponsors, we’re able to pay several artists for their work and so far we’ve been blown away by the art we’ve received so far. Stay tuned as we bring you more stories from the games that have kept us entertained for years.


On ESO: Has anything been officially said about the ability to shield bash? I mean if it has or will be implemented in ESO and if so, will it be possible with both a shield as well as a one- or two-handed weapon? And perhaps even while dual wielding, or what about a staff? Keep up the great work!     by Hampus Jernkrook

Everyone can “bash” a target with any weapon as it can be used to interrupt spell casting. Those using a shield will actually have the shield bash ability which can be morphed to add more benefits.


I’d like to ask how the difficulty will work. My husband and I would like to play ESO together but I play on easy mode and my husband players on a harder mode. Will there be an option to change difficulties? If so, how will enemies scale?     by Laurel Evans

I’m afraid you cannot change the difficulty in an MMO. The game is separated into zones roughly by level. So if you want an easier game, it’s recommended that you stay in zones as long as possible before moving on so that you’re fighting mobs of a lower level. Your husband on the other hand, could move to zones of a higher level than he is to have a greater challenge. If you’re playing together, I recommend that he go into the fray, grabbing the attention of all the mobs while you attack the stragglers.


I can’t imagine that in ESO they’ll just have your conjurations run around and do as they want like in previous games. Do you know of any interfaces they might have for controlling conjurations? Also, will wards be more effective in ESO compared to skyrim, where they need more constant attention than a shield ever would?     by Adam Zabam Tyk

They do what they want. from what I’ve heard, they tend to pick up mobs pretty well and hold aggro.


If ESO sticks with this $15 a month plan, will we have to pay for major DLCs? Like, at launch, if a part of (lets say) Black Marsh isn’t avalible, will we have to pay for a major DLC like that? Such a Dawnguard or Dragonborn.     by Keian Rivenburg

MMOs don’t really have DLCs, they have expansions. Regular content updates is included in the monthly fee. Expansions are a high content update that usually offers something big like new races, classes or continents. Those cost extra.


Hey Shoddycast what are your thoughts on the overall reaction to the news of this subscription fee? Who do you think there are more of people who support it or people who are against it?     by Nick Greco

More are for it but those who are against it are much louder and therefore seem like they are the majority. They seem like a panicked crowd screaming fire. Hopefully they settle down and voice their opinions constructively.


Hi ShoddyCast I was wondering. If I am a knight blade in Cyrodil in the PVP area and I am sneaking up on someone and they have not noticed me how will i appear on their screen? Will I be semi-invisible like on Halo or would there be footsteps that you could see?     by Sean Morgan

We don’t know. We’ve only see how we look to allies while invisible which if you saw the quakecon vid looks like chameleon spell. Doubt there’s footsteps.


I guess the subscription fee is normal to a lot of people but being a casual gamer who only plays games here and there on my console, $15(im Australian so i presume even more) is quite a commitment and this pushes away us causal gamers… (continues)     by Naveen Malawaraarachchi

Honestly, MMORPGs shouldn’t be played by the casual gamer. That’s what ruined WoW and what has made the genre the shadow of itself. No offense to the casual gamers out there, but there’s plenty of single-player games to choose from. To take an MMO, a game genre that takes time and dedication to play right, and then water it down to fit the needs of the casual gamer makes the game too easy and boring quite frankly. Time will tell as to whether ESO will fall into this category. The immense combat customization and AvA just might save it.


Hey ShoddyCast, do you know of any websites that have a list of Guilds to join? I’m looking for one that is pro-imperial because I love being an imperial, but in ESO, they are like the puppets of the daedric prince. Please help!     by Dat Ash

Don’t think you’ll find pro imperials as they are the antagonist but try over at Tamriel foundry or tesof.


whats up shoddycast. i was wondering what you guys think of the arrow shooting animation in the elder scrolls online, i was also wondering if there is an option to turn off the enemy detect red glow around them thingy.     by Erwin Miskovic

We’ve actually covered this a couple weeks ago. The glow is optional. The bow definitely needs work but it’s in closed beta and everything needs polishing.


Hey guys firror said he wanted the sub based system so there were no content break points due to who has payed for what and that when you sub up you have access to everything. So when the expansions come out does this mean that they will be payed by our subs and have no additional cost? Because to me that would definitely justify the 15 a month. Would love to hear your thoughts keep up the great work.     by Richard Williams

We have no idea if there will even be expansions. If they were smart, they would introduce world events that would open up previously blocked off land that would then have all new quests and skills to receive. That would all be included in the subscription. I think they will eventually tell us their plans of what will make the subscription worth it to everyone. No just a couple quests and skills a month but actual content.


Hey ShoddyCast, I just finished seeing your Subscription video and you guys brought up the concept of a “life-time” payment, that for a hundred dollars or so, one could pay for a life time subscription. So my question is this (since I’m not rolling in cash) If I were to buy a life-time subscription, and then your prediction came true that after a year or two, it becomes free-to-play; would I be reimbursed? I know this is not your place to say so, since they choose how they want their paying system to work. But this is my first pay-to-play MMO, so you guys are literally the only ones I could think of to ask this to.     by Giovanni Perez-Borroto

Most likely you’d receive some kind of reimbursement. When SWTOR went f2p, they gave subscribers those cartel tokens and stuff. I remember receiving the email.



  1. JuMPMan347 August 26, 2013 8:07 pm 

    @Giovanni LOTRO did this as well. I bought a lifetime subscription to that game at launch(IIRC it was $200, which was okay by me cause 1 year was $120 and I was sure i’d be playing past that point). When the game went F2P they started giving people that continued to sub(or lifetime subs) a free 500 Turbine Points per month. I think ESO will go this sort of route as well. And btw, when games go F2P, they are often VERY limited, and you still have a sub option that is worth the money by FAR.

    • Vexed Forest August 28, 2013 1:05 am 

      The Secret World did the same thing when they went Buy to Play. There was also several other bonuses too. And like LOTRO, you could pay a subscription.

  2. juan mcdermott August 27, 2013 4:01 pm 

    as u know the most inportant reason for most people to buy the game is the fact u can play with your mates. so i have this question. if i want to play as an ocr and my mate wants to be a wood elf can we still play togeather even tho were not in the same alliance (ingame).

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