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Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


I have a question for you about ESO. One of the coolest things about ESO, in my opinion, is that you don’t have to fight over loot. Random loot is given to anyone who contributed to the death of the enemy. This is a very productive step forward for MMOs. But say you are given loot that you don’t really need, but someone else in your group does(Maybe, a mage gets a huge battleaxe, and a warrior in their group really needs it). Will you be able to drop an item, like in Skyrim, for them to pick up? Or will some sort of trading be required to give them the item? Sorry if this question is dumb.     by PixelSlayerz

All items are bound when worn but can be traded with others if you haven’t put it on or used it. So just open a trade window with another and you can trade it to them.



First of all; greetings from germany! I have two questions for you guys:

1. How do you think stealth will work in ESO? In every MMO I’ve played so far, once you attack someone while hidden you will automatically leave stealth and they will attack you. In TES games so far, you were still able to hide.

2. Did you hear anything about having to go into a dungeon or raid to get the best crafting materials or additives?     by Niki Elich

1) You will break stealth when attacking but some people will have the ability to go invisible afterward i.e. the Nightblade.

2) We are actually hoping that some materials will only be found in dungeons or PvP. It will promote people to try new things and the economy as crafters can choose to purchase the materials if they really don’t want to participate. Officially, there’s no word on that though.



In the Elder Scrolls Online what difference would using staffs have from just using a spell that does the same thing?     by Moris Pepperburg

Spells are more situational with special added effects like crowd controls, damage over time and AoEs. Staves are purely DPS though they have their own weapon skills attached to them that you can use but again they are situational.



Hey ShoddyCast, before I ask my questions I just wanted to say I love your Lore Series that’s what got me subscribed to y’all on YouTube and ESO Weekly helps out a lot keeping me and many others up to date; keep up the great work guys! Do y’all know much about the spells/Schools of Magic in ESO? I was trying to debate wether to be a sword and board character or a spell caster. Also I wanted to get y’all’s input on the size of the shields in ESO. I had hoped that Zenimax would make the shields larger but they haven’t changed them like I had hoped. I honestly think they are ridiculous and are the size of dinner plates unlike in previous TES games.     Buddy Guy

They aren’t that small but keep in mind of mobility. Realistically, a person wouldn’t be running thousands of miles with a full size kite shield. Those are for defending a line at a keep where much movement isn’t necessary. As for schools of magic, they are not represented in the same way in ESO. They are spread out among all of the skill lines. There’s no reason you wouldn’t cast spells as well as use a sword and shield. In fact, you’d be gimping yourself if you didn’t use both. 



Hey guys! I was just wondering about the differentiation of gear in ESO, for example take WoW and its pvp gear vs pve gear, will ESO have a system similar to this. And if not, how will they balance the fact that you could go into a dungeon or pvp and get better gear more easily.     by Harrison Darge

There’s no differentiation between pvp and PvE gear. Plus crafting can produce the same level gear. The easiness of acquiring the gear is probably more determined by the person. Someone may hate pvp even though it’s easier to get gear from it so they will still craft or do dungeons for it. I honestly don’t think it needs to be balanced in terms of acquiring gear as long as the gear is of the same quality and stats.



Hey shoddycast, I have been watching your show for awhile now. One thing that hasn’t been talked about is music. Do you know or think that ESO will implement music from past games such as oblivion and skyrim? I think that would be a pretty cool feature to the game if when you were in cyrodil you could hear some music from Oblivion. Thanks for keeping such a great show going.     by Nathan Steele

We have talked about music a few times actually. From what we’ve heard, Jeremy Soule has only done the main theme. We don’t know if he will be doing anything else. As for past music, we hope there will be some old soundtracks in the game but it hasn’t been confirmed. What has been confirmed is the auto-generated music they are using for most of the music you’ll hear while exploring. It pieces together several different music selections so the music is constantly new and fresh. We’ll see how it does at launch.



Hey ShoddyCast just wondering if there is going to be horse back fighting in eso, i was going to start a cavalry guild that would work with other guild and we would flank the enemy from behind while the other guild is attacking from the front. Kinda like the mongolian horse archers. jesse kerrigan aka “kerr”. ps LOVE LIVE THE QUEEN.     by Jesse Charles Kerrigan

Not from what we’ve seen. You’ll probably be dismounted like in most MMOs. Keep in mind that skyrim didn’t even have mounted combat at release. 



Hey Shoddycast, if I was playing ESO with my friend and he wanted my iron sword, but I wanted it also, could he kill me and take my sword, while i would still spawn with the same sword? If yes, could this be used for getting unlimited items?     by Dillon Lias

Even if he was in another faction and you’re within Cyrodiil, when you die, there’s no loot on your body so he couldn’t pick anything up. Therefore, nope.



Dear Shoddy Cast,

Lets say in ESO there’s a book on a table out in the open. Another player goes and grabs the book. Will the book disappear and respawn? or will the book stay there for the sake of my character being able to pick it up? Which do you think Zenimax will go with and which would you prefer?     by Josh Yoder

It doesn’t disappear. It stays there with it’s sparklies and everything so others can find it as well. You’re not necessarily collecting the book, but recording it and adding it to your collection if that makes sense.

I just meant like any item, it doesnt have to be a book. And I saw the Quakecon gameplay and how it records the book to your player profile. Thanks for answering!     byJosh Yoder

Ah. Well when you loot cabinets, items off tables and crafting items in the world, they do disappear. Books are different.



How many different armor/weapon sets are there in ESO? (Per faction I mean)     by Archibaldomious Methusela Wobbleboard III

Um… a lot. All the classics plus more. Then each race has it’s own cultural version of each. So dozens and dozens and dozens.



hey shody agian with another question lol in swtor the steathed character run pvp withe there cc abilitys and dps had almost no defense will eso implement a way to prevent this     by Gage Czajkowski

There’s no huttball in ESO so it’s unlikely that will be viable in the long term. May be a fun ganking build though. ZOS has designed the game to promote “flavor of the month” builds that will be popular but then be easily countered when people figure out how.



Hi there! I got a really simple question here, i was wondering if it would be possible to tank your way through dungeons and raids in ESO if you had the correct armor and skills without needing to go sword and board, but instead using dual wield for example, thank you!     by Cédric Du Perron

Don’t really know. It would be easier and more effective to use a shield as it increases your armor rating, but there’s spells that do the same thing. The Sorcerer class I know has a large AR buff far down one of it’s trees. Each class probably has something similar in it.



Here’s my question. I would like to know how hand spells if In Elder Scrolls online will done. Spells such as sparks, flames, fireball, etc. Will players be allow to use spells as main weapons I’m not talking about the instant spells and powers on the bar (unless you can shoot constant sparks and flames out). What I mean is can you a equip spells to one or both hands? In Oblivion and Skyrim you could use spells as main weapons how will this work? Also what’s the distance an arrow can travel if its being shot at full strength from a bow? I guess I want to know is combat going to be more Mmoish then past Elder scrolls games? Or can we have hand spell as a vaild way to fight; also if allowed to block unarmed could we block with are arm braces???     by Joshua Smith

Oblivion didn’t use magic as a hand weapon like in Skyrim and neither does ESO. In Oblivion, you had magic bound to a key, C by default if I remember correctly. ESO does this as well but on a grander scale with the shortcut bar. Some animations will show spells being cast by your hands but this won’t affect the use of weapons. As for arrow distance, I don’t know. Some weapon skills have specific ranges but I don’t know what the standard attack range is.



You know what is going to be the response is two of the alliances gage up on the other one? it’s not like there going to have people to defend and people will just start leveing for the other alliances and tell other not to join the alone one.     byBrad Hodorowicz

Doubtful that a whole faction can be coordinated like that, plus people ca just leave that compaign for another if it’s that bad.

but it’s still possible. like how on Tera the alliance system was added the two other alliances just start ganging up on our alliance.     by Brad Hodorowicz

That’s just strategy. It’s bound to happen to Daggerfall as it’s most likely going to be the smallest. It’s up to Daggerfall to use that to their advantage. While both alliances are busy being douches and ganging up on them at their main keep or something, the rest of DC will go and cap their undefended keeps. The big alliances will be a broad sweep while the smaller alliances will be a precise strike.



  1. Ernie Garcia August 20, 2013 7:55 pm 

    So they mentioned that armor sets would match as you are leveling (if my memory is correct), if so do you think they are doing a good job of this from what we have seen so far? If not what did you think of the armors so far ?

    Thanks! You rock!

  2. Simon August 21, 2013 1:33 am 

    Wood elves should be able to summon spriggans due to nature angle and the wood elves green pact think it would be cool.

  3. Brian August 21, 2013 8:12 am 

    Hey Shoddycast! I feel fulfilled finally writing to you guys. All my friends think I’m crazy watching your show, but I just ignore them, because you guys are the best Youtubers out there. Anyway, my question is, in the Elder Scrolls Online, I feel like the classes are very restrictive. I keep on hearing Paul Sage say that they’re just something to build off of, but I want to be the Jack of all Trades. Though, I can’t, because I will probably be playing as a Dragon Knight, all because of Fiery Reach. Though, a Dragon Knight can’t conjure up creatures like a sorcerer, and can’t become one with Nocturnal like the Nightblade. I’m just worried that I can’t do all these things in the Elder Scrolls Online like I have in previous TES games. A couple more things, 1. I will be on the Daggerfall Covenant. 2. I need help what race to choose from the Daggerfall Covenant. 3. I will be playing on PS4, so I won’t be seeing you guys:(. 4. You should point my question out, but you don’t have to use my name if you don’t want to. 5. I’ll say this just for you… LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Thanks for all the flawless work you guys put out for all your fans. Farewell.

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