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Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


hey can you do the rpg main quest with other player or is it just by your self

by     Dominic Davis

It’s supposed to be instanced and they’ve said that you couldn’t even take a friend before so we’re assuming just solo. As always though, things are subject to change.


Hey my names Dalton an i wanted to ask about the exploration aspect of ESO if you know if i am a KHAJIIT therefore part of the aldmeri dominion would i be able to go to say skyrim and enter windhelm an shop there or would they try to kill me the second i entered restricting my ability to explore the places i have seen while playing as a khajiit in skyrim where this war has long since past.

by     Dalton Klimeck

You can’t enter enemy territory until you’ve finished your story which by then you should be level 50. Then you can choose which alliance territory you wish to explore and quest in. At that point, no one will bother you besides the monsters of course. We don’t know how they will explain this transition yet but we’re sure it’s more than just “Oh hey, thanks for handling Molag Bal. Come chill in Skyrim now.”


Hey Kyle, I have been doing some reading looking for little nuggets of information because at this point I am completely obsessed. During my adventures I found myself on and read an article where they asked about crafting. Everything I have read and watched (including you guys) has said one of the crafting skills would be provisioner. However here Nick Konkle says rune crafting. I have no idea what that is, I was hoping you might be able to shed some light for me, I think I remember you guys mentioning that at one point but I can seem to find the video. Thanks for any insight you might have.

by     Tyler Standley

I saw the same thing and was wondering what that was. Nick tends to slip information he’s not supposed to as was the case with the Nightblade. My thought is that cooking will not be an actual profession but a side activity like fishing and in its place is Rune Crafting. I have a feeling that that will be to armor was enchanting is to weapons, except permanent. So permanent stat bonuses to armor. Just a theory at this point but that is new information. I didn’t bring it up in this week’s episode because I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of accident or something.



This may be more a concept rather than a question, concerning the way players communicate with each other, when they are beyond shouting proximity. For example, in another keep in Cyrodiil. In these cases, all games I have experienced have used a group-chat-like method to solve this long distance communication problem. This, however, in a world where cell phones and other devices like them do not exist, aka Tamriel, totally breaks emersion, which is what most TES players were greatest ensnared by. I am unaware of what ZOS has decided to implement, if anything at all, but I would assume one way to do this would be to use a corridor system. What I mean is that, as an example, a player, in command of a keep that is overwhelmed by an enemy siege, sends an urgent letter by an NPC or player, on a horse, to fly for a neighboring and better off keep to ask for reinforcements. The commander of the neighboring keep musters his or her soldiers and charge to aid their crippled commands. If you haven’t noticed, I’m basically describing the scene from Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King, where the Riders of Rohan charge in, over the horizon and save the city from certain death. This would add a hole new level of immersion that I, for one, have never seen before.

by     Mozzarella Ice

Sorry to say this is an MMO. Not everything can be explained. There’s a chatbox that you can use for communication or use a 3rd party voice chat system. There’s things in TES that cannot be explained either like how my character can “wait” in the same place for days at a time if I choose to yet my fresh new character cannot sprint more than 20 yards. Hell, I can do that! There’s going to be systems in place to make it a functioning MMO and people will have to accept that otherwise the small things will ruin the game for them. Regardless, this will still be one of the most immersive MMOs ever made.



Do u think ESO will have the same issues with the mass scale PVP like GW2 did? i.e. the game not being able to render everyone if there are too many people all in one small area? some large groups in GW2 took advantage of this in WvWvW

by     Karl ‘Sidda’ Silburn

It shouldn’t. The game’s engine was purpose built by them to render 200 people on an average system. I recall the issues GW2 had with only 50, but ESO has already been internally tested successfully with more than that. Their introductory video showing dozens and dozens of players breaking through a siege wall was actual gameplay of ZOS members playing. So the proof is there that it works.



can you be good on every skill perks like from being a bad ass worrier to a really powerful mage then to an undetectable thief?

by     Marc Mead-crebbin

Given time, lots of time, you can max out all of the skill lines with a few exceptions like class and race specific skill lines and having to choose between vampire or werewolf. This includes all armor, weapon and guild skill lines.



Hey Shoddycast I was wondering about what happens when you become a vampire in eso, because Molag Bal created vampires so wouldn’t you become his servent or something?

by     Ethan Griffith

There’s a few different kind of vampires. There’s the vampires of Vvardenfell and Illiac Bay. Both if these are very noticeable. Then there’s the Cyrodillic vampires that we’re more familiar with and they can look normal when well fed. They are different blood types. Cyrodiilic vampires have this ability to blend in because of Clavicus Vile. Now there’s 2 other types that can be either of the 2 types mentioned before: pure-bloods and those infected with Sanguinare vampiris, or vampirism disease. They then become a vampire if not cured in time. Those are the types of vampires we become, we aren’t pure-bloods that are turned by Molag Bal himself so therefore we aren’t his servant though he does have our soul. If we were, we wouldn’t have the will to reclaim our soul.



Kyle… I have been a pve player 99% of mmo experience and am concerned about the force feed of PvP or fall behind. What is a pve type to do about this, being as I have always been a pve kind of person with raiding after gear improvements toward end game. Also it would be great to hook up with Josh (because just like him I too suck at PvP) to explore and enjoy content rather than the race to be the big guy on the block that beat the game in record time.

by     Flintlock Rob

Haven’t seen the feed so not sure what the reference is to. PvP has never be mandatory and ZOS has never hinted to such a thing. It’s a major part of the game and should be explored as it has things for PvE-ers as well but it’s still not mandatory. Dennis has a unique perspective on games which is why we like having him on the All-star cast, but we don’t see how doing PvP will make you the better player or allow you to leave the PvE only crowd in the dust. Stick to your PvE content and you’ll be fine. Gear is all the same regardless. I still suggest you try the PvP though because it will be a unique experience from other MMOs.



I have a few questions I would like to ask. (Also asked on most recent youtube video)
1. When playing the console versions of the game, How will you be able to chat? Typing the way the ps3 works takes too long.
2. Though I know that PC’s can have much better graphics in general, do you think the coming generation of consoles will be able to play with max or near max graphics for this game specifically?
We don’t know how they will handle chat. There may be pre-written responses that can be selected from a pinwheel style selection. We’d like to see built-in voice chat using the voice system that each console already has. They haven’t said anything about this yet though.

by     Ian MacGregor

As for graphics, the console will never beat a PC but they are very powerful this time around and being the x86-64 architype, they are even more powerful. I’m sure they will out perform 5 yr old laptops that this game can run on. That said, I doubt it will run at the max settings the PC can run. Just keep in mind you’ll need a pretty good PC to run at max as well.



  1. h3mattie August 12, 2013 4:19 pm 

    As for the last question, they’ve clearly stated that the consoles will be able to run on max settings. I’ll try to find a source, but it was in an interview with Paul Sage.

  2. Matwok - (Bjarke) August 12, 2013 6:02 pm 

    Hey –
    Don’t take this the wrong way, I love your show and the effort you do – this is meant as productive criticism.
    I’m both on this site and the new ESO Q&A and just realised why I sometimes have a hard time to pull myself together to read your AskusAnything. I’ve just realised that I think it’s a bit “hard” to read due to the inversed type and the colour of the text. (It’s not a huge deal, but I thought I’d mention it.) Love your content and I just want to help you make it perfect.

  3. Devilart August 12, 2013 8:39 pm 

    Matwok, think might be time to change your monitor or fix setting dude colours look good on mine, even my iphone

  4. Aidan Keogh August 14, 2013 7:51 am 

    I have a question: how well do you think ESO will handle on a low-level computer or laptop?
    Sadly I have to play my games on a laptop, but I’ve had no problems.
    Until Skyrim came out.
    The lag on my laptop was RIDICULOUS, even without texture mods. And mods to enhance frame rate didn’t help either, if any, it worsened the lag.
    But my laptop handles Oblivion perfectly, so I can’t help but fret over ESO. But if it lags so much I can’t even play it, how can I enjoy it?
    Will the lag be small, would it be unbearable, or would it not even be there?
    Please reply, someone!

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