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Hello everyone! Bare with me as I’m suffering 2nd degree burns I received from sailing around on a boat for hours in the baking sun. Pale, unprotected skin versus Florida summer sun, the sun wins everytime. This week we asked you if you caught the ESO livestream from Quakecon and where you purchase your games. Let’s see the results.

Did you have a chance to watch the ESO livestream? You can catch a recording at twitch.tv/bethesda.

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So it seems more than half of you caught the livestream and looking at some of the feedback, it was a bit of a letdown overall. We won’t cover our thoughts as we already have in the past ESO Weekly and ESO All-stars. It seems though that the issues you had, besides the shortness of the stream was the seemingly chaotic fights and bland bow animations.

I do agree that the bow animations need work. It was very bold for ESO to stream their game that is still 8 months short of launch and even more bold to show it from the newly added first person view. The bow does seem to be lacking that feeling of actually shooting a bow. It’s more like shooting a bolt action rifle with no recoil. You see a yellow line shoot out and the foe’s health meter go down. They need to add more feeling to the bow. Let people see the effectiveness of their weapon. Show an arrow sticking out of the foe even if it’s only for a few seconds. Add some thrumming sounds when you release and a subtle vibration to the screen as well. It’s obvious you can’t arc shots or lead the target in an MMO setting so dress up the animations instead.


As for the chaotic fighting, this comes down to the lack of Paul Sage explaining what was going on. Those that haven’t played MMOs before aren’t used to fighting in groups and thus just see people spamming buttons. They need to know about selective targeting and working as a group. And for the veteran MMO players, they are used to selecting one target to gang up on at a time and adhering strictly to the holy trinity. They must understand that the mobs in ESO play similarly to actual players. You will see that they will send in tougher monsters to the front and heal them from the back while DPSing your group from ranged attackers. This means that in order to get through these enemy groups, your group will need to split and take on targets individually to interrupt spellcasters, block power attacks and take down the ranged DPS before moving on to the melee attackers. When it comes to boss fights like the goblin king, you can then rely on the holy trinity and allow the tank to take the damage and so on. So though the fighting seemed chaotic, when you know how ESO will work, you will see the organized chaos as it is.


Hopefully, most of you at least enjoyed the livestream for what it was. It was a bold, albeit missed opportunity to show off the game at its current state. Please keep in mind though that the game is still in closed beta and has a long way to come before release.

Where do you purchase most of your games?

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Josh used to only buy games from stores because he liked having a physical copy. I, on the other hand, would purchase a digital copy whenever possible. These days, it’s almost always possible to purchase a digital copy of any game, especially with companies like Steam, Origin and Direct2Drive. Lately, I’ve finally talked Josh into purchasing games online and downloading them and he’s taken a liking to it. The reason is simple –convenience. You can shop a full catalog of games, purchase with a credit card or paypal and immediately download the game to your hard drive. Some games even allow you to start playing them before they’ve finished downloading. OH NO! Your game got corrupted and can’t be launched anymore. Too bad you didn’t have the physical copy to reinstall by. Oh, nevermind. You can redownload it from your account and be on your way. Sure there’s exceptions for purchasing at a brick and mortar store, like pre-used copies of console games, but for new games we will stick with digital purchases.


Let us know what you think about this article in the comments below. If you missed the ESO All-stars livestream, you can view it http://www.twitch.tv/questgamingnetwork/b/443328252 and at http://www.twitch.tv/guildumbra/b/443336237 plus we will be uploading the post-event Q&A later today where we discussed things in more detail with FORCE, Atropos and Roads.

Tomorrow will be the weekly Shoddience Q&A so if you have a good question, submit it through Twitter or Facebook.



  1. IceTornado August 11, 2013 6:06 pm 

    who else thought that the dungeon looked like a world?

    • Morgan August 11, 2013 11:06 pm 

      Yes! I loved how open the environment was. When I think of dungeons I normally think of dark, tight spaces such and tunnels and small rooms. I’m glad it’s different.

  2. Joel St-Laurent August 12, 2013 2:15 am 

    I think there is a lack of impact in the blow, but for the other thing it was awesome!

  3. Vexed Forest August 12, 2013 9:43 am 

    My internet is usually slow so downloading a game gets annoying. It works well enough for MMOs, though. Its weird.

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