Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Livestream at QuakeCon

We hope you enjoyed our lovely intro song provided by GWDrRodneyMckay. We take a look at the new gameplay that was streamed live from QuakeCon on August 2nd. Check out the ESO All-stars LIVE stream event at 7pm on August 9th.

12 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly: Livestream at QuakeCon

  • D_Nexter

    You should remind people when you say 7pm August 9th is Pacific Server Time. For me it will be 4 pm. Btw great song, you should really apply to the Voice!

  • Talsik

    I love the Guild only action house. This is good from a RP prospective and Guild development prospective. I found the weapon and spell graphics a little too flashy, but honestly not too bad. I am very pleased to hear it is going to be very hard for one faction to win the throne, and that the prize is so awesome.

  • fire

    YOu guys didn’t comment on the general combat? Did you give it a pass? besides the bow animation comment? How would you rate from 1 to 10 the general combat based on what you saw? Also, did they say absolutely that there is no general AH?

  • Parker S. (Mirez Elderon)

    I have had a great idea for the economy and I have been sharing it on the forums. What I have been thinking is setting up marketplaces in all the major holds and cities across Tamriel, including Cyrodiil. Players or Guilds can buy a stand for 1 business day (4am-11pm) and can sell whatever they want. There are also NPC stands and the prices of your stock will very depending on what the NPCs in that area are selling. Let me know what you think.

  • Jared Allison

    I think that guild only AH could work. Imagine trading corporations. Its a whole new level to MMO system. You could have large Trading Guilds that compete in prices.

  • Jace Rollman

    is it just me or does the bow animation look just terrible. when eso comes out I am looking forward to being an archer but if the animation doesn’t improve it will just ruin it for me :(

  • Chris Gardiner

    One reason I can see for the guild auction house over the general one is we are all on the same server. what would that AH look like? How much of the same item would be up for sale? what about inflation? “here buy my 100 quicksilver bars for 1 septim cause there are already 500 people before selling them for 2 septims.”

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