Ask Us Anything – Recent Questions from the Shoddience #4


Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


In the ESO during the character creation when choosing a race will there be certain skills that receive a bonus at the start like in Skyrim? Will the race that you choose determine the path for your player? Ex. Would it be possible for a sneaky Wood Elf to be a tank in heavy armor (Not what I’m doing). Thanks and continue doing the amazing work!    

by Alex Craemer-Schneider

Yes, there’s racial passive bonuses you can add skill points to. The only other thing your race determines is what alliance you’re in. Indeed a heavy armor Bosmer can be sneaky as well as can anyone. It’s based on stamina.



Hello and good day to you two,
first I would like to thank the both of you for all of your hard work to make this and inform us of every thing Elder Scrolls.
I have been spending hours finding information about ESO and I was wondering if you have disused the Elder Scrolls them selves in ESO and how us the players can interact with them. Thank you for your time. P.S you guys are the main reason I have fallen in love with ESO Keep up the great work.    

by Seth Hampton

The elder scrolls are going to give alliance wide buffs and are acquired in Cyrodiil. At least that was what was mentioned before.



Is there going to be group questing? Or is there be separate story lines for each player.? And btw I loved your last video.

by Andrew Bodin

 Both. Main story is mostly instanced off so you’re alone. Rest of the quests can be done with a group or solo.



can you make a video an eplain how the guild store works among pvp … also i like to go invisible to pickpocket r to steal stuff an pick lock peopel homes but also like something like a battle mage that can use magic an a sword with heavey armor while useing invisible spells, heal spells would i be able to do this or not thanks    

by David Piazza

There’s no info to speak of about the guild store. They haven’t implemented it, just hinted at it. There’s no pickpocketing in ESO. Lock picking is based on your player level I believe. It levels as you do. You’re better off sneaking then using invisibility spells as those only last a few seconds. Sneaking doesn’t burn stamina when standing still so you can pick and get outta there. This game wants you to play how you want so go for a battle mage, but currently, the only invisibility we know of is in the Nightblade skill line which means if you want to heal, you’ll need a resto staff equipped. This may change as skill lines are announced.



So from everything we”ve heard what base class would the great Shoddys choose for a Bard?    

by  Earnest Maxwell

Hmm… Well since speechcraft is out, the rest is sneak and swords so I’d say Nightblade.


I know you guys have talked a little about this but im still not quite to sure how my archer/ranger class setup will work for pvp in most tes games you can easily sneek by or behind and enemy to get them how will my carecter be able to do this in eso pvp thanks for being able to reply to all posts people have sent    

by Kolby Hockett

 You can still sneak in PvP but it probably won’t be suited for sieging a keep. Taking out a straggler though? Should be fun.



Sorry im not able to send a voice question but im very curious to how the global loot will work in ESO like if we are standing next to each other and i take a delicious sweet roll off the table will you still see it? and do you think all play styles will viable and useful? sorry if i missed the answers in some thread/video/comment somewhere    

by Tony Ross

It should disappear if someone takes it in your phase. Most playstyles should be viable as ZOS wants you to play how you want but obviously some builds will be better than others.


How will Zenimax implement patches into the lore of the TES series? I mean wouldn’t it be pretty stupid if you go to a spot and find nothing then go there a month later and find a whole ruin? (Sorry if this question is stupid I don’t play much MMO.)    

by Ameer Nimri

Doubtful they will add structures like that, but it’s easy to remove a bush and add a trapdoor or unlock an area that was blocked off. They can always build down to add dungeons.


Hey guys. I’ve played Skyrim as a few different races and my favorite so far is the Bosmer. I’m planning on playing as a Bosmer IF the Green Pact thing isn’t applied to the game. I mean, seriously are they going to prevent me from picking the most beautiful flower, Deathbell?! I know it probably wouldn’t matter in all of the provinces of Tamriel except Valenwood. Still though, it would be very annoying, and I very much enjoy alchemy. Please Zenimax/ Bethesda, do not stick to the Green Pact.    

by Roderick Harold Davis III

They’ve confirmed in an Ask Us Anything that this will not be implemented in the game but nothing is stopping people from RPing it if they wish.



I was watching some of the ESO stuff on bethesda’s youtube, they said all 9 races. I’m confused as to which race they will take out as I checked how many there are in Skyrim, so which race are they going to take out. The video is called ‘An Introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online’ their youtube account is: ZeniMaxOnlineStudios
I think i’m the only one who picked up on this
Nice work on your videos. I’ve only been watching for about a month but love your videos.    

by bennny1997

They aren’t taking any of them out. Imperials is the race that is not playable as they are sided with the Tharn family who is working with Mannimarco. What they don’t know is Mannimarco is working with Molag Bal. So no races are missing, just one is not playable. 



Hey I know you guys mentioned it in a few of your videos but could you please tell me how to join your ESO guild? Thanks, and your videos are great please keep up with making the info videos especially.    

by MrSauer23

There isn’t a way to sign up yet. We’re waiting for ZOS to announce their guild reservation system we’re assuming they’ll be adding. If they don’t add such a service, we’ll be adding people through our Twitter and facebook accounts first.



I want you guys’ thoughts on this, so, considering we’ve been to a lot of Daedric realms like the Shivering isles in TES games, would it be too far fetched for other pvp zones like the Shivering Isles or Hircine’s plane of Oblivion in TESO? I mean like wide scaled pvp areas similar to Cyrodil, not like warzone que’s in SWTOR, but something like Cyrodil only in other Daedric planes of oblivion, where we can get unique loot and all that good stuff as we PvP? Would that be too far fetched for Zenimax to impliment after all the core functions are said and done after launch?    

by SWGBrokovo

Could they? Sure. Will they? Probably not. Adding too many PvP zones will probably spread the action out too much. If they added other planes of Oblivion, it will probably be some kind of questing or Adventure Zone.



  1. matt August 6, 2013 4:09 am 

    Hi Shoddy Cast good job with the videos. Anyways I’ve bent wondering how and were, were you build your gild? Will it be a chose? Can I just put it in the middle of no were? Or in like Star Trek Online (Or other MMO’S) is it in the same place but you chose witch you go to.

  2. PC Gamer August 6, 2013 9:07 pm 

    Hey ShoddyCast,
    What are the chances that the community can sway Bethesda/Zenimax into making Elder Scrolls Online go cross platform play? I’m a PC gamer thru and thru in that I enjoy dumping loads of money on having the best graphics, however, I’ll have to play this game on the XBox One so I can play with the majority of my real life friends and take full advantage of this game. Needless to say, I’m a bit upset at how this Final Fantasy 14 ARR is going to be an MMO and will have cross platform play enabled and ESO will not. What is your take on this issue?

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