Poll Results – Ranged DPS Takes the Cake and Blows It Up Too

Hello everyone! We’re back as promised with the results of this week’s polls. Today, we will look at the holy trinity and what roles people will be choosing. After that, we take a gander at the next gen consoles and see which of them you’ll be pre-ordering most.

We’ve talked a lot about roles and the “holy trinity.” What role will you take?

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After years of playing MMOs, there’s really no surprise here. At least not when it comes to ranged DPS being the most popular option in a dungeon or raid. There’s many reasons for this. For one, it keeps you out of most of the danger while allowing you to fully lay down hell’s fury on your opponents. We’re interested to see how this will change in ESO as monsters are supposed to choose their opponents based on several things.

Elder Scrolls Online crocodile boss

ZOS mentioned shortly how the threat system will work in dungeons. For those unaware of what a threat system is, think of a monster with an anger problem that can be measured with a scale of 0-100. The person with the greatest percentage of that scale, will gain its attention. As you attack this monster, your party will fill this meter up and those that poke the monster more, gain more threat. The tank of the party will have skills that generate more threat and will be labeled in the skill’s tooltip that it does such a thing. This helps the tank keep the monster’s attention though overeager DPS can out-gain the threat of the tank and thus grabs the attention of the monster which is called aggro. Usually not a good thing, so ranged DPS need to make sure that when they see this change in the monster’s behavior, they need to back off until the tank can regain control of the beast.

Elder Scrolls Online scamp

ZOS has mentioned that not only will threat be taken into account, but also what type of DPS you are, and it is. You may find that ranged monsters will go for ranged DPS on your team. This will be interesting to see because this means the tank will need to be extra careful to pick these up or the ranged DPS can find themselves quickly dead if the healer isn’t ready for it. Luckily, most player groups will attack ranged monsters first as they usually hit harder and are easier to take down.

Elder Scrolls Online docks

Enough talking out of my ass. Let’s look at the rest of the poll results. I supposed we should have specified that when we meant hybrid, we meant you’ll tank AND DPS at the same time, or tank AND heal at the same time. This is usually not a good strategy in a dungeon scenario except for specific fights that may warrant more versatility in a fight. In this case though, I believe those that chose a hybrid option meant that they will use the weapon swapping system to go between the roles when it’s deemed necessary and this can be a very good thing in any raiding or dungeon scene. So should a tank or healer go down, a DPS can swap weapons(and gain another quick slot bar full of useful skills) and fill the roles until the main tank or healer is back up.

Elder Scrolls Online explorers

I’m glad the tank/healer hybrid option is so low as this is rarely a good option. You’ll be needed as one or the other too much to warrant trying to play both.

Personally, I’ll rank in with the healer/DPS option. Melee DPS to be more precise. In other games, ranged DPS would be the better fit for a healer; but in ESO, healers need to be in the thick of it to target their team with cone and AoE heals. This sets them up to switch to melee DPS when they aren’t needed and lay down some quick stabs before switching back. Josh on the otherhand, will most likely go tank/DPS. I’d say melee DPS but I know how much he likes playing an archer in other MMOs.

Elder Scrolls Online jungle

Regardless of what you choose, the most important part is that you enjoy what role you chose and that you’re the best at it. You’re bound to come across assholes that will try and bring your build down. Instead of fueling the fire, prove to them that you know your stuff and pwn the monsters from underneath their nose and chuckle under your breath when the asshole gets nuked by a mob.

Will you be pre-ordering a next gen console?

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These results were quite a shock to me until I realized who were answering this poll. The majority of you are PC gamers so of course you’d rather spend $500 in upgrading your rig rather than buying a new, untested console system.

gaming pc

Below the first result, I see another great decision from you guys in the fact that you won’t pre-order a device that has not been proven to even work properly let alone work as the companies say it will. It’s best to wait for the product to release and make sure all of the bugs have been worked out before dropping so much cash. I feel like a hypocrite saying that though because I know I’ll be pre-ordering ESO depending on the bonuses they release with it. Consoles though, I’ll wait.


Yet another good decision for the core gamers out there. Even if Xbox One is sounding better from what it originally did, it’s still an all-in-one media center instead of a game-centric system like the PS4 is. Seeing all the features the Xbox One has, I can do a side-by-side comparison of what my Internet TV can do. These days, TVs alone can access the Internet, play Netflix and Hulu, check FB and Twitter, so why do I need another ugly ass piece of plastic to do what my TV can already do? I’m sure the Xbox can do these things better and faster but does that warrant another $500 to do so? That’s a personal choice I suppose. For us though, there will be a PS4 sitting in the living room next year.


As for my previous remark on upgrading your rig: if you’re interested in buffing your system up or purchasing a new system for ESO, we recommend waiting for the Christmas sales in late November and December. Tiger Direct, Newegg and Amazon all usually have good sales on top of the sales they already have going so if parts are what you need, check them out. If a complete gaming rig is what you desire, check out CyberPowerPC. They make great custom-built rigs and during special holiday sales, they usually offer several free upgrades that are definitely worth waiting for. There’s plenty of options out there and if you have some, please leave them in the comments.


A quick thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s polls. Hope you’ll continue to do so and keep it Shoddy!



  1. Arctorius August 4, 2013 9:11 pm 

    I’ve spent most of my MMO career as a healer and it’s not usually very exciting. It takes a certain personality to enjoy it.

  2. We know August 4, 2013 9:41 pm 

    Well I enjoy both healer and tank and count them as most useful characters types in MMO games so my choice is hybrid healer/tank and I think it will be valuable. If we look on LFG message in almost all games, most of them is “LFG tank/LFG heal”. So in some dungeons I will go as tank, in some as healer. Only for now I’m worry will all classes be as effective in healing as templar? Hope no but the templar is so effective in bow using – the weapon of nightblade. More information needed.

  3. Kedrik August 4, 2013 11:30 pm 

    I think I may rock a healer is ESO for a while to try out a true healing character in the Elder Scrolls world. If you think about it – this will be the first Elder Scrolls title where being a dedicated healer would actually make sense. I want to experience this.

  4. Aaron August 5, 2013 5:42 am 

    Trust me, you’ll enjoy being a Templar healer in ESO. 😉

  5. Talsik August 5, 2013 4:44 pm 

    I know this is a little off topic, but you brought it up. Will you guys be making computer recommendations for those of us that have to upgrade to play ESO? Something like what is the best baseline system for us poor folks and what is the best top of the line system? I think I will be a Templar healer.

  6. We know August 5, 2013 5:59 pm 

    Stop templar healers) And for PC i think if you able to run skyrim u can run ESO

  7. Kedrik August 5, 2013 9:04 pm 

    @Talsik For top level enjoyment though I would recommend at least a GTX 660 2G GPU or a radeon 6850 2G. This isn’t exactly needed to play the game but in my opinion would make it more enjoyable. I personally have 2 GTX 660 SC 2G in SLI on a 25″ 1080p monitor for as much visual enjoyment as my budget can handle. But a newer pre built computer will be able to support ESO comfortably with on board graphics as well. And yes – if you can play Skyrim then you’re good with what you have unless you just want to upgrade.

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