Ask Us Anything – Recent Questions from the Shoddience #3


Hello everyone! As before, here is a selection of questions from you guys and gals about Elder Scrolls Online that we attempt to answer to the best of our abilities. We will attempt to do this every Monday. Have questions yourself? The best places to ask are on our facebook and Twitter accounts. You may find them featured here on the next Ask Us Anything.


I have played a few games including WoW since BC, but i am a mouse player i click all the action buttons on the screen and use the mouse to drive my character as well. the only time i used the keyboard was in dungeons really when i used healbot to heal.(u know shift left or right click, ctrl left or right and so on) when i played oblivion it was on the xbox. am i going to be in trouble playing ESO ? i havn’t ever really played a game that was all keyboarding.     by Dawn Werner

 We used to make fun of clickers like you in my youth. Haha. No offense. It was just obvious when someone was clicking abilities instead of using keys as their movements were sluggish and spell response time was poor. But that’s the past and this is now. Being a reticle-based MMO, you will need to get used to your mouse moving your viewpoint without the need of holding right-click. That and when you want to move a spell or click on a quest for details, you will move the mouse and then remember it won’t work. Luckily, pushing “.” I think it is by default, will bring up a cursor to click on things or hit Tab to bring up menus. I’d definitely suggest playing Skyrim or Oblivion with keyboard and mouse as the controls are nearly identical and it will become intuitive for you when ESO comes out. You’ve still got quite a while to do this so no rush. -Kyle


Hey shoddycast, I was thinking about mounts in ESO and was wondering how likely do you thing mounts other then horses will be? For example all Kahjiit players will be Suthay-raht, will they be able to ride other subspecies such as the Senche and Sanche-raht? Or will Bosmer be able to ride elk? (and be BA like Tharundil in the hobbit: AUJ)     by Devin Everaert

We only know of horse mounts at this time. The AD areas hasn’t even been tested yet so we have no insight as to what’s instore there. We think it’s safe to say that we will see other subspecies of Khjiiti since there’s plenty of other mer species around as well. As for other mounts, I wouldn’t bet on it. -Kyle


I wonder if there will be any diference between a Nightblade wielding a 2-H sw and a Dragonknight. I m having this idea of spliting 2-h into strengh users and agility users. For example a warr class would hit slower but with higher dmg and rogue class would hit faster with lower dmg.     by Lukas Müller

There will be differences due to the 3 different skill lines. There’s no agility or strength so damage is based purely on the weapon’s stats while speed is based on the weapon type i.e. 2H weapons swing slower than a 1H ones. -Kyle


Will mages be pretty useless at sneaking due to the lack of stamina they’ll probably have compared to other races, or will there be invisibility for them to use?     by Adam Zabam Tyk

Other “classes” I assume you mean. All stats increase as you level though the one you put points into will increase more. The Nightblade makes a great mage with it’s Illusion and Alteration type spells but it has a nack that makes it good at stealth since it can go Invisible for a short time during combat. We have a feeling there will be spells like this within the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild as well but cannot be confirmed of course. 

Keep in mind that sneak does not burn stamina unless moving. So you may need to move slower if you haven’t invested in stamina but consider the fact that as a mage, you may not depend on stamina to attack a foe so you can burn it more freely than a class that needs stamina to attack.

There’s a lot to consider when using sneak as a part of combat or the avoidance of combat. To more definitively answer your question though, no, a mage is not useless at sneak because it hasn’t invested in stamina. -Kyle


would there be a way i can use bow an weld 2 swords an use a healing staff as my second for healing     by David Piazza

The short answer is no, but only if you’re referring to weapon swapping. At level 15 you can swap weapons during combat. So you can switch from a bow to 2 swords when they get close to you. Or you can switch from a bow to a resto staff should you need healing, but you cannot do both as you only have one swap. What you can do is change it up outside of combat depending on your needs. So if you know you’ll need heals, keep the resto in the swap slot. If you’ll need the extra melee DPS, keep the 2 swords there. -Kyle


In Oblivion you could craft spells but will this be an option in ESO?     by Alex Plenty

Yes and no. Spells that you have equipped will gain experience and as they level, they can be evolved into better versions with more uses. You’ll be able to actively choose how they evolve. So in that sense you can craft spells but not exactly from the ground up like Morrowind and such. -Kyle


We’ve all heard the rumor of “friendship rings” or what have you, but do you think there will be anything two people could do alone? (duos) My brother and I are often ill fit for most large groups and rarely get along with guilds/leagues, so having the option of doing things together would be nice.     by Grant Crisp

It’s not a rumor. Paul Sage talked about it during E3. It boosts your XP gain while grouped with a friend with your matching rings. If you’re asking what you can do in end-game as a duo, there’s Cyrodiil PvP, quests and public dungeons, there’s public dungeons within PvE all over the place to explore in all territories and Adventure Zones should offer stuff as well. -Kyle


can you make a video an eplain how the guild store works among pvp … also i like to go invisible to pickpocket r to steal stuff an pick lock peopel homes but also like something like a battle mage that can use magic an a sword with heavey armor while useing invisible spells, heal spells would i be able to do this or not thanks     by David Piazza

There’s no info to speak of about the guild store. They haven’t implemented it, just hinted at it. There’s no pickpocketing in ESO. Lock picking is based on your player level I believe. It levels as you do. You’re better off sneaking then using invisibility spells as those only last a few seconds. Sneaking doesn’t burn stamina when standing still so you can pick and get outta there. This game wants you to play how you want so go for a battle mage, but currently, the only invisibility we know of is in the Nightblade skill line which means if you want to heal, you’ll need a resto staff equipped. This may change as skill lines are announced. -Kyle


Love the series guys, keep up the good work!
But I do have a quick question..

Do you plan on doing any videos about the lore behind “Chim”
The Towers and the supposed “true” plot of the Thalmor?
As well as a lot of the more obscure lore, like the Love Letter from the Fifth Era, or Nu Hatta Intercept?
And of course, the true fate of the Dwemer?     by Devon Harder

Season 2 of the lore series will be about major characters and events that happened in Tamriel. More than that, I cannot say. -Kyle



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    Drem Yol Lok ShoddyCast. Ever since my days of playing WoW I have always been drawn to druid type classes. A class that uses the power of nature to smite their enemies of heal their friends. My question is what class/race combo would make the best lore friendly druid in ESO?

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