StoryTime – The Elder Scrolls: Arena Plot Summary

Here is a story of political intrigue and treason. A story of how one man deceived an Empire, while the other restored it. To get to the heart of this story, we’ll have to go back to the beginning.

Emperor Uriel Septim VII, the twenty-first ruler of the Empire in Tamriel, is summoned by his advisor, Imperial Battle Mage, Jagar Tharn. At this time, rumors of treachery are abound in the Empire, and Emperor Uriel is cautious, but unbeknownst to him, it is his trusted advisor who seeks his demise.  Jagar Tharn, sworn to serve and protect, turns renegade, and uses ancient magic to ensnare his Emperor. Uriel Septim is transported to another dimension, the most powerful man in the nine provinces is gone, and in his place, Jagar Tharn accedes to the throne by cloaking himself in foul magic. You see, to all mortal eyes, Tharn appears as Emperor Uriel. By stealing the Emperor’s identity Jagar Tharn managed to fool the Emperor’s loyal servants, but not everyone would so easily fall for his charde.

Elder Scrolls Uriel Septim

In efforts to quickly consolidate his power, Tharn sends the head of the royal guard, Talin, into the Imperial Dungeons to die. A man like that could present certain- obstacles to his longevity as Emperor. After all, why trust the shifting loyalties of Man, when Tharn could have mindless minions to do his binding? Jagar Tharn summons Daedric abominations and disguises them as members of the Emperor’s Guard. Finally, without anyone to dispute him, Tharn’s power is made manifest. Jagar Tharn now rules the Nine Province of Tamriel, and the line of Septim’s is broken, but not lost.Elder Scrolls Art

Tharn’s apprentice, a woman by the name of Ria Silmane, witnessed this treachery on the day Tharn seized the Ruby Throne. Horrified by her master’s betrayal, Ria tried to reach the Elder Council to warn them of Tharn’s deceit. Sadly, she never made it to the Council chamber, and Tharn destroyed her with the same weapon he used to fool an Empire, the Staff of Chaos.

Jagar Tharn crushed resistance at every turn using the power of this ancient staff, but as quickly as it helped him achieve his goals, it could be his demise. The Staff contains his lifeforce, and Tharn knows that if the staff were to fall into the wrong hands, it would mean certain death.  For this powerful mage death was unacceptable, and so it was, Tharn shattered the staff, scattering it across Tamriel. From High Rock to Hammerfell, from Skyrim to Morrowind.

Now sitting comfortably on the Ruby Throne, Jagar Tharn knew he had won. The Empire and all it’s subjects are now his to command. Yet, from beyond the grave, something is stirring. Although her body was destroyed before it’s time, Ria Silmane’s spirit endures. Though hindered by death, Ria finds a way to a prisoner’s cell, Talin’s cell. Using what powers she has left, Ria fashions a key for his escape, and teleports Talin to another province.

Now far away from the dangers at the White Gold Tower, Ria Silmane tells Talin he is the only one who can stop the dark corruption now festering at the heart of the Empire. She tells Talin about the Staff of Chaos. How it’s the only way to break Tharn’s control over the Emperor and his subjects. 8 pieces of the staff have been scattered across Tamriel, and Talin’s quest is to assemble every last shard of it.

Determined to save the Empire he had served for years, the former prisoner disembarks on a quest that would take him to the darkest recesses of Tamriel.  The journey will be perilous and fraught with danger. Our hero sets off on his journey, a journey to restore an Empire, now lost to corruption.

Elder Scrolls Arena Story Plot Line

It has been a decade since Jagar Tharn took the Ruby Throne, and the Empire is bleeding. As the former Imperial Battlemage, Tharn is well studied in the intricacies of magic, but he knows nothing about ruling Nine Provinces, each with their own cultures and problems. Imperial authority is on the decline, and the provinces are in disarray. Blood has been spilled on Tharn’s account, but he would soon be brought to answer for his crimes. His former prisoner has almost reassembled the staff.

After years of wandering, Talin needs only one final fragment that has eluded him for over 10 years. The jewel that sits atop the staff. Unfortunately for him, this jewel is housed at the heart of Tharn’s influence, the Imperial Palace. Seeing no other options, Talin valiantly fights his way through the Palace, only to stand face to face with the man he despised more than anyone. Jagar Tharn and his former prisoner do battle, and although Tharn’s magic is strong, the ancient magic contained in the Staff of Chaos proves stronger. The moment Talin touches the staff fragments to the missing jewel, the scepter formes instantly. Tharn’s greatest fear in this world has been realized, and the reassembled staff melts him where he stands.

Elder Scrolls Jagar Tharn Battle

Just as Tharn departs the world of the living, a magical portal ripples into exsitence, and the true Emperor Uriel Septim steps back into the world he had been absent from for over a decade, and his majesty doesn’t look a single day older.

Emperor Uriel thanks the former prisoner for his selfless service to the Empire, and rewards him with the highest honor befitting his station. The once Royal Protector, then prisoner, is christened- Eternal Champion.

Now with their Empire restored, Tamriel can once again rest easy. For as long her citizens are steadfast in their determination to protect her, the Empire will endure.

~ Credits ~

Game: The Elder Scrolls: Arena by Bethesda
Script & Narration: Josh
Editor: Josh
Art & Animation: Thomas Hanch



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    You should go in sequential order starting with Morrowind and ending with ESO

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    But what about DaggerFall?

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    Daggerfall next, should be interesting since there is now way I’ll be going back to play those games, they’re just too old.

  4. The Human Floyd July 22, 2013 9:46 am 

    I’d love to see Daggerfall, considering how complex the Dragon Break is. But I think Redguard or Battlespire would be even better since they aren’t very well known.

    Awesome video guys! The art style is really cool. Looking forward to more!

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