VLOG: THANK YOU! Now Ask Us Anything!

‘Ask Us Anything’ in celebration of hitting 50,000 subscribers! ShoddyCast, do you like pina coladas? Getting caught with a rein? You know, questions like that…

14 thoughts on “VLOG: THANK YOU! Now Ask Us Anything!

  • Duane Pacheco

    ‘Ask us anything’
    I would love to see a random effect for crafters where once they have maxed out a skill they have a chance to learn a technique that allows them to improve an attribute of specific items beyond normal limits. For example, a blacksmith learns a technique where he can craft ebony items 10 – 20% lighter or maybe a 5 – 10% greater armor rating. Since names are going to be associated with crafted items, other players could seek out these crafters. The bonus skill should rarely occur with only a tiny chance of discovery, otherwise the bonus becomes too commonplace, negating any real benefits.
    Your thoughts? Maybe some variation of this?

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