Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – 500+ HOURS Later… ESO’s Single-Player

A collection of interviews reveals that the Elder Scrolls Online rivals it’s single-player predecessors in hours of solo content. More details on that, and much more in this week’s episode of ESO Weekly!

3 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – 500+ HOURS Later… ESO’s Single-Player

  • ben

    you guys didnt answer the question of the week correctly! (june 28 2013) the question was “there are two chests. one is locked, one is NOT!!! what do you expect/want to find in the UNLOCKED chest.” the question is asking basicly, what do you want from a chest that you dont need to be good at lockpicking to open. my answer would be “a small amount of money, stuff like health potions, lockpicks, weaker weapons and armor for either selling if im experienced, or for use if im just starting out because thats the point for it being unlocked, and other things that are useful for the creation skills like smithing/enchanting.” you guys answered the question more like, what do you want from chests PERIOD.

  • Rollman Pierce

    i was wondering do y’all know anything about the nightblade class yet, they have discussed its roll but they have not said any of the abilities or synergies it could do if yall know I would to hear about it.

  • Mark "Salladin" Dixon

    Another great episode guys. May Akatosh bless you. Oh wait i’m Akatosh lol. Anyway great job

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