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E3 has come and gone and with the convention came a whole lot of information for us gamers. Not only did we see and hear more information about the next generation of consoles, but we also learned the surprising fact that Elder Scrolls Online would be a cross-platform game. We know this stirred up a bunch of controversy but this isn’t the post for that. If you want our take on it, watch the video below:



Now that our sample sizes are getting larger, we can start seeing a real example of what we are going to see when the game actually launches and for that we thank you all for participating.

As of E3 2013, what game system are you mosted excited for?

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From the first poll, you can tell our demographic is mostly PC users, but look past that and you can see that PS4 is widely more popular than Xbox One which is no shock after the huge disappointment with the 24-hour “phone home” DRM and a 20-page policy on trading games with friends. Of course, things have changed and Microsoft has reversed a lot of what they previously told us no doubt due to the0 shameful pre-order numbers. Things will level out some between the console sales by the time they are released but it definitely seems like PS4 will be the better selling console this generation.


Besides all that though, the definite winner here on our poll is the PC. This will be the case for a long time to come because nothing is more versatile than the PC. You can upgrade it whenever you want usually without voiding warranties, get new peripherals to extend your gaming experience and with the launch of newer SmartTVs, we’ll soon see gaming PCs streaming games to your family room to play at the comfort of your couch.

What platform will you primarily play The Elder Scrolls Online on?

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No surprise here. PC is dominating our subscriber base when we ask what system they will be playing ESO on. MMOs have always be in the realm of the PC for many obvious reasons. It’s easier to communicate, more server stability, improved graphics and controls and of course the sheer size of MMOs, easily being over 50Gb. What we find amusing is the fact that more of you chose the joke response than Mac. It’s a good thing you Mac users can join the PC megaserver otherwise you may have found your server rather barren.


The PC still reigns supreme for obvious reasons and the new consoles are a step in the right direction since they are both using the x86-64 archetype. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more better ported games both to PC and consoles alike making the gaming experience as a whole much more enjoyable.



  1. Wodanaz June 26, 2013 6:59 pm 

    PC MasterRace!!!!!

  2. David June 26, 2013 8:22 pm 

    It seems that Microsoft completely missed the whole idea of “Gaming Console” and opted for yet another TV Remote. I’m so sad that they cannot get it. Without backward compatibility they pretty much wasted their time. Luckily I still have my PC.

  3. Richard Nix June 27, 2013 4:43 am 

    PC all the way, that is where I will meet like minded people for the play style in which I have come to love. Josh and Kyle, I love the work the time you two have put into all your videos to entertain us all! Its a great retreat from real life which we all need every once in a while, so thank you both for taking your time to lighten up my life.

  4. Dean Valentine June 27, 2013 7:17 pm 

    P.C. Will always be superior to consoles

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